Unnatural Competition #2

After a succesful run with my last competition here is the official announcement for my second attempt at an Unnatural competition.

Unnatural Competition #2

Tier One:

Entry type:- Fan Art

Draw your own protagonist - can be showing off their power or just looking cool with their gun or dagger, you can draw them by themselves or with your favourite partner.

Prizes for top 3 entries will be cameos in Season Two as well as the opportunity to suggest a “new” power for the Azure/Shade to discover.

Tier Two:

Entry Type:- Fan Fiction

Write a short story with one of your possible partners in Season One [Anthony, Ashley, Austin, Craig/Sarah, Lakota, Scarlet or Victor) the story must take place BEFORE the player meets them.

Prizes for top 3 entries will be that story converted by myself into background info about that person which players can learn about in Season Two.

So everyone are you up for this new challenge?


Writing sucks. Art sucks. I won’t be competing ;c

Fan fiction you say? Sounds intriguing. Where are submissions sent @Nocturnal_Stillness ?

you can post links to them here (same for fan art entries)

Fan fiction? I couldn’t join last time because I suck at drawing…however now I have a chance! Away to writing!

Should we submit it in a Docs?
EDIT: nevermind, I’m blind.

Hope that’s cool.

That’s fine. I read through it and I liked it. It was very Victor :smile:

Thank you, I myself find all of my writing to be flawed in the extreme, but I’ve been told that I’m a perfectionist.
I find it quite funny that it’s quite in the mindset of victor, I drew upon some of my own experiences for his sociopathy. XD

Trust me every writer is their own worst critic. I’ve always been of the belief there is no such thing as bad writing only diamonds in the rough. Its why feedback is always so important. :slight_smile:

Quick question, is this still on going?

I have an idea of one which could give incredibly tragic detail to one of my favourites, do I write it out on here or is there a place to submit?

EDIT: if this does win, could this only be revealed to the MC if they in the romance phase?

Sorry everyone this competition kind of got lost in the paths of life and /i’d completely forgotten about it :frowning:

for entries you can post here or via pm if you want it to be a secret

Have we a deadline or is it just until you have enough entries? And I think I pm’d you mine last night, but being a newb I have no idea if I did it right :’)

Until I have enough new entries.

How many Art entries do you have? I’d say I’m a decent artist but I cannot do digital

Hi the competiiton never really took off this time. I’ve been planning on restarting it again but just haven’t had the time to get around to it sadly. Been busy with work lately.


Ah, I see. Well I’ll work on my character anyways and submit/upload it when the competitions start again. I look forward to Season 2 of Unnatural, by the way… take care!

If you don’t consider yourself an amazing digital artist… I would suggest trying this out. http://www.heromachine.com/heromachine-3-lab/

It’s what I use at least.

Looks like it’ll come in handy! Thanks man