UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

No problem, take your time, it does not really bugs me though. I prefer to think of it as some easter egg

@Nocturnal_Stillness could you tell me how can I kill the M.R.U. leader? I could do it once, but now I cant do it again.

You need a gun. Head to the armoury to grab one and then you have the opportunity to shoot him.

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Hey guys, have you managed to up your relationship stat with someone to the ‘significant other’? I had the romance route with Lakota and I can only get it up to 75%.

I… don’t think you can? Not yet, at least. (Maybe in season 2?) Though of course it’s up to @Nocturnal_Stillness to give the final verdict on that.

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Oh I see. :smile: I hope it can continue at the second season. Thank you!

I once glitched Scarlet’s RS to 91% but that was before the relationships patch. Maximum RS is 70ish for the first game.

Yeah SO will be achieved in Season 2


Recently i’ve had a few e-mails asking for new game plus passwords they readers have gotten before but forgot. So it got me thinking of ways to record it in the app and it occured to me I could use the achievements for it and achievements iirc are saved so once you get one you can see you have it in other playthroughs.

I’m thinking something like this

Choice of Games - you’ve played another awesome game; now you can use code Hosted Games to unlock new ones.

So when you get the relevant achievement you still see the achievement name, the text but also the relevant ngp code.

It’d be easy enough to change to. Question is do you think its a good idea?


The first time i played i got him as a the guide, then later i accidently shot him so then i restarted so i could go back and shot the other werewolf, but i would pick the same stuff and always get Marcus, help me plz

You’ll need Awareness 1. When you encounter the werewolves on the first Alpha mission, stop the kid by shooting him, and shoot to wound. Jack will help you on the Tooth and Claw mission.

For future reference, there’s no need to double-post, either. Click the handy-dandy edit button (which looks like a pencil) and add your comments to your previous post.

Hope that helps.


i wounded jack but i still got marcus, don’t know if i had 1 awareness tho

You have to have Awareness 1 in order to take the shot. Otherwise Victor kills him.

I just ran back through it- confirmed that wounding Jack was all it took to get to assist with the case.

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just got to the case, Jack is here, thanks, even tho the other time i shot jack (wounding him) and still got marcus, probably did some decision that changed it, still thanks, this game gets better the more i learn about it, i’ve restarted so many times to correct mistakes i can probably write the game from scratch haha

So, here i am again, just finished the game like 30 minutes ago, and it’s definately a MUST PLAY on “Hosted Games”, i’m playing trough it again now, but i need help with one thing, in the test you get on the beggining of the game, the maximum you can get is 13, i did the test with the help of The Google God, and i always get 11, is there any trick questions ( except for the riddle with i’ve read that the answer is 2802 don’t know if it’s right) do i have to do something different to get 13? also, some tips on the game would be welcome :smile:

The riddle is answered as ‘One’.


Here are all the codes i’ve been able to discover in the game so far

Hosted Games

i also heard something about a code with lets you use the Desert Eagle, can’t seem to find it tho

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Perhaps you should go play Zombie Exodus? :slight_smile:

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i did, got pretty fair in it but never finished, the game didn’t catch my attention much, i liked the characters but they seemed to get out-shadowed by the missions and non character related stuff, gonna try finishing it now so i can get the code, thanks BK you’ve been really helpful

Sure thing. Happy to lend a hand.