UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

Looked through the code and quick question what happened in Unit Alpha when you dealt with the werewolf pack? Did David survive the encounter? if not that would cause the achievement not to trigger

edit: Same for Alice’s fiance Jim in the “Cure”

David survived, but died to Stephanie’s Vampire in S.O.S.
And my character didn’t do the Cure mission.
The only char who died was Víctor at the ending, but he wasnt promoted and it seems impossible to save him.

The achievement should have triggered then. I’ll look into it.

Can someone pm me the new game plus codes I used to know some of them but kinda forgot :slight_smile:

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You can only use 3 of them.


Bonus one if you complete Zombie Exodus :wink:

I completed Zombie Exodus but I didn’t received any code.

I think it’s in the game recommendations when you complete it. It doesn’t give you any stat boosts but you get to use a desert eagle :wink:

I got it now. But what I gain with the Desert Eagle?

The code is living with the dead

@Nocturnal_Stillness I remembered something, I recruited Sergei but didn’t used him in any mission, and he didn’t appear at the ending. Maybe he died?

Yeah it’s just the eagle you get.

That’s a good question, I always wondered where Sergei was.

Play through and try to recruit him with Lakota as your partner. The end result is similar to what happens only with fewer people watching lol

When I chose to turn down Scarlet when she was drunk, I never had another chance to romance her. After that, I never got another chance during any other play through either.

Did you pick the second choice and not the third? If you pick the third choice it ends all chances of a romance with her for that playthrough.

I chose the second one and it worked, so thank you.

i found a glitch on the cure mission i finished it but it keep on repeating

Does it loop or can you just keep choosing the case?

I’ve had the same problem. I choose cure case first, once I finish it, it’s still there, after I complete it again it vanishes. It always happens when I romance or team up with Denise.

I’ll have to look into that.

I can confirm on the loop bug, and using the said bug it is possible to increase my relationship with Denise and Alice by repeating the mission. Also I could increase my Angelus Stat by repeatingly selecting to use Angelus bow when I encountered the pack

I still am having little luck finding the cause of the loop