UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

This I’m unsure of. The way I saved everyone was promoting Craig/Sarah, romancing Scar and going into the gym first, then the gamma common room and wherever I like the third time. When I interviewed Samuel I said Marie is innocent and she appeared. After that everybody in gamma lived.

There is a hidden survival stat for each team member. Taking them on cases increases their stat. Also choosing who to warn about the bomb increases the stat of whoever you pick.

Choosing to go after your brother also has a negative affect as you get back later unless you can use the Shimmer ability (Azure exclusive ability)

How can I unlock Shimmer?

As an Azure I have only Angelus, Letvir Vatra and Venetor.

Absorb at least one soul before going after your brother. It should unlock just before facing the guys behind the barricade.


Do someone knows where Victor is at the ending? He is the only one I cant save.

Armoury, remember to duck.

Everyone was dead at the armory, maybe its because he wasnt promoted?

Ah you didn’t promote him? Anybody you didn’t promote die no matter what (apart from Craig/Sarah sometimes for some reason), you get the achievement for saving all the gammas

I saved Ashley, Scarlet, Austin, Lakota, Marie and Craig (who wasnt promoted), but the achievement didn’t popped.

Knowing the one who wasnt promoted dies makes me feel sad, I cant let Ashley die :frowning:

I never liked Ashley so I’m all good with that :wink: Hmm, normally it should pop up. @Nocturnal_Stillness is this an error?

I’ll have to look that up. Double check it.

She has the most boring background when you compare with the other 2 romances (swordswomam who is descendent of Dracula and the lycanthrope).
I played the other 2 first and found them a little bland (with Scarlet being better than Denise). I was expecting the same thing of Ashley’s romance, but when I played it I found her very cute, now I cant romance the others.
Its even difficult to even play the Beta path, knowing there is no way to save her.

Scar’s my favourite romance. it’s when she accepts you for who you are when you tell you’re an unnatural which sold me.

The Denise romance was sweet but you feel a little pushed into it, I had the intentions of visiting her as a friend who understands her situation and we ended up kissing :smile: But apart from that she has the second best romance.

Ashley just irritated me with how shallow and, diplomatically speaking, useless she was on a case. I’m surprised my MC didn’t facepalm everytime he asked her about unnatural lore.

hardest moment for me was on the last chapter when I went into the gym and found Scar dead, that REALLY hit me in the feels.

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That moment against the gargoyles made me like her.
She is a simple human against 5 unnaturals without weapons, she broke down. But when the PC told her that he need her, she snapped out and thrown herself against a gargoyle to save him. That act took courage and after that she grown up and become useful as any other member of Gamma Team.

I liked her romance better because it was more organic, there is the hospital scene, the date at the bar, the fight against the gargoyles, etc.
Scarlet problem is that her romance only happen at the very ending, it doesn’t have time to grow like Ashley’ Romance.

Changing the subject, what Venetor does? The only time I used it was to save Marie and the scene didn’t described what it did.

I do agree with you there, Scarlet’s romance did start pretty late, but you get a few extra scenes if you choose the option that you like her but don’t want to take a advantage of her being drunk.

Venetor is either a healing ability or enhances your endurance against damage and pain, it’s hinted it was your mother’s favourite ability.

Why someone would pick Venetor as favorite if the Azures have the “I win button” called Letvir Vatra?
Werewolves? Letvir Vatra.
Vampires? Letvir Vatra.
Golems? Letvir Vatra.
Gargoyles? Letvir Vatra.
Humans? Letvir Vatra.

Letvir Vatra is the solution for everything!

Well, perhaps when you’re a naive little thing like me and are actively trying not to burn everyone you encounter to a crisp. Just sayin’.

Mostly because it’s scary. If you saw an Azure where you throw everything at her and she keeps coming as strong as ever I’d poop my pants.

Letvir always seemed a little overkill for me. Angelus in bow form is my favourite.

@Cecilia_Rosewood ironically I managed to spare more people with the sinister shade abilities than I did with the Azure abilities.

But where is the fun in not burning those unnaturals? Or any other enemies who try to kill you?

If they can reasoned like Sergei, they don’t burn.

@Nathan_Faxon Thats why its fun! There is no better kill than an overkill!

I always like to fight with style so Angelus was for me.

Come to think of it I always wanted to spar with Scarlet and just pull out the angelus blade xD