Unknown (WIP), Please Assist!



Is there a save in the game


Do me you upload it with dashingdon cause I can’t get into it


Thanks so much! I am trying to make what’s happening in the story not too obvious, and up to the mind of the reader.

Also, thanks for the input about the brother! I’ll add some more scenes (especially in the beginning) to add to the development of his character.

Since it’s just a demo right now, nothing is really explained, but it will be later! This was a very good comment that you made, and thank you so much for your feedback!


@Jackpot1776 @N1GHTMAR3 @pandaboi

Have officially uploaded a file through Dashingdon! I look forward to your feedback!


It was pretty good so far.


You’ve got a pretty good start, here! The stats screen option results in an infinite loading bar, though. (:


It’s a little short to give a true feel for the game, but I’m definitely interested.


Thanks! I’ve fixed that up- the stats screen is now WORKING!

@Jackpot1776 I’m glad that you’re interested! I do agree, the aspects of actual gameplay haven’t been integrated yet- I’m still trying to work on how to get a smooth transition!


What got you to make this game


Really just wanted to have a long, interactive story that I myself would enjoy if I was a reader.

I want a lot of character development in my stories, choices that don’t result in the same ending overall, choices that aren’t easily distinguished as “good answer, bad answer, neutral answer,” and so forth.

As far as the idea behind the story, it just came randomly!


I hope we get update to me this story has good story with it