Unknown Games


Okay, so I’ve been a gamer all my life, and one thing I’ve always loved is how just about anyone can make their own game with enough dedication. Therefore, we get games off all kinds. The unfortunate side is that with so many ‘big name’ games, a lot of great indie games never get really seen. So, I wanted to see if anyone had any games that they really loved, that they don’t think a lot of other people had seen.

Here are a couple I’ve been looking around at:

  1. Fate of the World (http://fateoftheworld.net/) This one is a bit of an edutainment game, but it’s still very fun and interesting. It’s also a touch scary when you realize it’s based on real science. Accidentally burning the world is less funny and more important when you realize that’s (possibly) what humanity is actually doing.

  2. Cart Life (http://richardhofmeier.com/cartlife/) A retail simulator. That’s what the maker calls the game. It’s also a lie. This is art. It’s (like Fate of the World) also an important subject. Being free doesn’t hurt it either.

  3. Analogue: A Hate Story (http://ahatestory.com/ - http://vndb.org/v9680) Christine Love’s sequel to Digital: A Love Story. Love’s other works have of course been mentioned here a number of time (particularly Don’t Take it Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story) with good reason, and Analogue is her most ambitious Visual Novel so far.

  4. Adrift (http://www.indiedb.com/games/adrift-vn - http://vndb.org/v9190) It’s short, but worth a few plays (and you’ll probably need a few play throughs to get the better endings, or at least I did). Free too, and that’s always a bonus.

So, anyone else have a game or two they haven’t heard a lot about that they want to bring out for other people to look at?


I kinda skimmed, in a hurry, but the ONE not-mega-blockbuster-hit-actions-and-guns&boobs-game I KNOW I want has GOT to be Journey.


I just bought/played Analogue last night (although I’ll point out, it isn’t really a sequel. It just shares some common factors, the *AI etc). It, don’t take it personally babe and Digital are brilliant, I love them all. There’s not many interactive stories I’d pay £7-£10 for but I didn’t think twice about handing over the cash for Analogue, I’d have payed for the other two as well.

I can’t think of many more indie titles (sad I know).
That ‘Sanctum’ is supposed to be really good, and oh I guess ‘Bastion’ intrigued me, it had a very interesting take on story telling - I only played the demo/trial though.

If I could name a mod? It’s essentially its own game: Movie Battles II for Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Pure Brilliance.

There’s a game in production over at moddb called ‘Overgrowth’ - It’s hardly unheard of but it is indie and damn, it’s looking better than the majority of AAA titles in its alpha stage.


@MrYoungzman Journey looked cool, but being a PSN exclusive is the only thing really limiting it. However it did, remind me of Way (http://www.makeourway.com/). Conceptually similar in that player’s interact without knowing each other. This LP of it made me cry a little at the end of the second video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwJxfEsqVPs

@CJW Yea, it wasn’t a direct sequel. The only real reason it’s called a sequel at all is because it’s set in the same universe. (In fact, Don’t Take it Personally is also set in the same universe, although the topic of AIs doesn’t come up at all. Pay attention to the name Rook if you don’t see the connection.)

And name whatever you want. Mostly I’m looking to see if someone has something I’ve never heard of before. Not just ‘indie’, as there are a lot of huge ‘indie’ games out there (Dwarf Fortress anyone?), but more of the things that you really have to dive for. Like Vertigo (http://www.wildebeestgames.com/vertigo.htm), although vertigo is still pre-release.


It really isn’t better at it’s current stage. No content. It’s fun to mess around with though.

Well let’s see.

There’s Dwarf Fortress, the unbelievably awesomely complex and detailed inspiration for casual blockbuster Minecraft.

Blockade Runner, which is an in development game that’s like Minecraft in space.

Starfarer, which is a top down space fleet combat game that has a lot of similarities in premise to Mount and Blade.

I suppose most of the games Paradox Interactive publishes are unheard of and yet quite awesome. Crusader Kings 2 has you take on the role of the head of a medieval dynasty and work to make it the most powerful in Christiandom through successive generations and exploitation of diplomacy, politics, war, and most importantly, lines of succession.

I dunno if ARMA2 is unknown, especially after DayZ mod has apparently inspired it’s sales to double, but I’m sure a lot of people haven’t heard of it. It’s a highly detailed military sim game with infantry and vehicle combat. Think Battlefield 3 but with some attempt at realism. Multiplayer is awesome as you really have to work together and it’s also heavily modifiable. There’s this one mod that combines with Teamspeak to let you have directional audio from other players in the game so that when they talk into their mic it actually comes from their character.

Speaking of realistic first person shooters there’s Red Orchestra 2 which is sort of midway between arcadey games like CoD and BF3 and more really realistic ones like ARMA2. It’s a WW2 game set on the eastern front and focusses on using realism to enhance the gameplay with all sorts of cool things most games don’t bother with. Like using the iron sights on a sniper rifle for close quarters. It’s also got an awesome first person cover and penetration system, and the best way of identifying friend from foe without using HUD elements that I’ve seen in any game. Germans sprint with their weapon in their right hand, Russians sprint with it in both.

E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy: A weird ass FPS/RPG/Puzzle/WTF… Seriously, it’s weird. It’s a source engine game, and it’s got this weird weird gothic cyberpunk setting. It’s weird, but interesting.

Hammerfight: Not about homeless people fighting in gladiatorial combat. It’s actually this cool indie game that used to have a much less silly sounding title until they realized someone else owned the rights to it. It’s a 2d melee combat game with airships wielding over sized weaponry and this odd middle eastern vibe to the world.

Culpa Innata: It’s this odd graphic adventure game set in a weird world where a one world government has taken over that is neither apparently perfect on the surface nor clearly pure evil once you get under it. The interesting thing is that the game is about investigating a murder so you spend a lot of time interviewing witnesses for clues instead of combining random objects to make other random objects to solve contrived puzzles. Not that adventure games are generally like that.

Men of War: A World War 2 tactical strategy game where you control individual soldiers with their won inventories and each vehicle requires a crew to be operated allowing you to damage an enemy tank, then repair and hijack it for all sorts of awesome hijinks. The maps are also usually completely destructible, and aside from cones of fine basically all the balistics are simulated rather than abstracted like say, Company of Heroes. Also, you can take direct control of soldiers to increase their efficiency. The game is all about coming up with creative solutions to problems of overwhelming odds on the fly. Utilizing your limited manpower resources with a very versatile set of options. A key example is sneaking up behind a tiger tank your AP rounds can’t even scratch from the front and lighting it’s engine on fire with a well placed AT grenade from an infantry man causing the crew to abandon the flaming deathtrap.

I’ve got tons more in mind, but my fingers are getting tired of typing.


For some feudal Japan and strategy lovers i can present you (not the Shogun 2, even if it’s good) the Sengoku. It’s made by Paradox Interactive and well… It’s not your every day strategy game. It’s way more character driven. It isn’t the cheapest one, but it sure is worth all the money.

There are more, but i just will sum them up here, because everyone can use google to find more about it.
Tiny and Big - http://www.tinyandbig.com/
The Dream Machine - http://www.thedreammachine.se/
Stealth Bastard - http://www.stealthbastard.com/
Gemini Rue - http://wadjeteyegames.com/gemini-rue.html - as well the other games made by them

And that would be it for my unknown games knowledge :slight_smile: .


@Reaperoa - I noticed Rook in both Digital and Don’t take it personally, but I didn’t see him mentioned in Analogue.


Crusader Kings 2 By Paradox Interactive.
Easy to Understand and great to play. This game was at E3 2011, yet not a lot of people seemed to notice it. It’s great but pricey: 40 bucks by itself, a couple more for DLC…for now i have to settle for the demo which you can download online.


Since when is 40 bucks pricey? New games usually go for fifty, unless you want to play on a console then they jack it up to sixty. Heck, the big name publishers sometimes do it on their PC releases too if they think they can get away with it.


http://youtu.be/3lkdbQB6ZkU Deep Sea, “the gasmask game”
I would really, really like to play this game. *U*

An actual playable game: http://www.mousechief.com/dhsg/ Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! I just love the style of the game board and conversation in this game, though the gameplay itself isn’t the most interesting in the world. (Note: this game needs a trigger warning tag for attempted rape, though it’s handled very carefully.)


Hey Man, I know what Pricey is, but I usually get Games On PS3 but now I’ve started playing PC games, and That used to be my version of Pricey, but it’s not anymore. Also it’s Pricey cuz i don’t have any money. :frowning:


Thanks a lot, guys. Now, including Minecraft, I have about 7 games to play. Thanks for turning me into a bum.


Oh yeah, Metro 2033 is really awesome. It’s a linear First Person Shooter with the twist that the game is just as much about immersing you in the world as it is about shooting things in the face. This makes things take a much more deliberate pace because you really have to take your time and look around your world to get the most out of it. On the other hand the stealth mechanics are wonky as hell. hiding in shadows and avoiding lights is pretty cool, but the problem is that if any single enemy ever sees you then the entire level automatically knows exactly where you are.

I really liked the fact that there’s a choice between two endings and they’re both “good” depending on your perspective, and how you played the game. And they don’t outright tell you. “Choose your ending!” You have to figure it out for yourself.


Really? Liked the game, never realized it had multiple endings, will have to dig it out. Thanks man :slight_smile:


Yeah, unless someone tells you how to get the so called “good” ending it sort of has to hit you as an epiphany. The same way it does the character you’re playing.