United We Stand - Political WIP

I will run away with the redhead gal, no way around it.

I am really glad to have two heroes willing to give their lives to save thousands of moravians while I enjoy my new found love for capitalism in a sunny beach, honestly.

I like that, unless you add the clause “even when germans come knocking down our door”.

Even of the capitalist and fascist traitors? My MC would empty them…directly to Russia :imp:

I knew it!!! We have a traitor in our party!!!

Now you are just making me write a bigger report to Stalin… No need for that, I already have enough evidence.

Well, Moravia would probably be more similar to Portuguese reality, but you have a point.


The New Order shall prevail even with the Germany invasion. We will fight them and by the end of war, we shall take Moravia to the path of growth and prosperity!
To Victory!


You’re from sunny Portugal, home of the Port wines, right? If so you don’t come from a country whose greatest war-crime of the modern era was leaving the detailed census, criminal records and basically every other government record completely intact for an invader, as repressive, regressive and barbaric as they ever came to find intact.
We used to have a very large (relative to our total population of course) population of Jews pre-war and a gay scene in Amsterdam second only to Weimar Berlin, nearly all of those people as well as many of your junior officers who were ordered to surrender without resisting further were brutally killed or “dissapeared” and I consider our government at the time to be an accessory to all of this particularly since they did have some advance warning of what the new German regime was like and chose to disregard it.
So it is basically a chance for my fictional character to prevent his fictional country from making the same error and showing the alternate Netherlands in this universe how it is done. All of that makes it a very appealing course of action to me.


Yes indeed. Glad to know that something of ours is apreciated in northern europe :grin:

I completely get that. I was trying to inject some mindless role-playing humor into the end-game senario of United We Stand, I wasn’t trying to diminish the heroism and necessity of such an act. Sorry if it seemed like I was making fun of the WW2 reality or something like that.

All our countries (or their regimes) are somehow partially guilty of the WW2 nazi crimes. We had one diplomatic officer that saved hundreds, if not more, jews, only to be removed by our fascist regime and their supporters in the capitalist class that were growing richer with Portuguese-German war trade.

We all have our phantoms runningaroundin our history books. And we also have the opposition blood spilled by the fascist regime, the declaration of national mourning day when Hitler killed himself, war in Africa, etc. And we all, as citizens, get to share a bit of guilt feeling for the crimes of our ancestors, even in coutries where the regime didn’t necessarily represented the national will, such as Portugal.

Fortunately for our jews, they were few. And our regime, for all its negatives, didn’t had racial overtones, only xenophobic ones (so as long the jewish population was portuguese, they were fine). I don’t know much about the gay scene or population in Portugal, but it ought to be highly reduced and very low-key, given the ultraconservative and ultratraditionalist nature of the regime and of much of the society at the time.

Southern Europe, especially a country like Portugal, was very different from the central and northern europe.


Ah, but that was because Portugal scared off most of its Jews to the Netherlands, where we eventually let them get killed anyway. Not a tale with a very happy ending. :disappointed:


Indeed. Portugal and Spain kicked them out, and suffered the economic consequences for it back in the XVI century (not that we needed to worryabout money back then, well spain was on its way to constant bsnkrupcy, but we were fine, and the iberian peninsula had really big incomes).


Just to let you know, I haven’t been able to finish the New Order chapter this week due to actual real world work. Hopefully should be released by next weekend though.
I have done a brief update today correcting a few errors, making the final task of each chapter more explicit and also adding the achievements that will be in the game (although none of them can be earned yet)


If you mind me asking what is the civilian and or military path

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I understand, the New Order path is way more awesome than the commies, and because of that is way harder to write than the other path :stuck_out_tongue:.


There will come a point later in the game where there is an uprising that can develop into a civil war. Having over the course of the game taken on both paramilitary roles (ie chapter 2) and political ones (chapter 3) the game will basically ask to choose between the two. It will also effect who spend more time with because certain characters choose military roles, others political

What I would term a revisionist interpretation

Also, bonus points for anyone who can spot the pattern/theme in the achievement names…


You bankarrupcy several centuries before. :wink: I am Galega so I am half Portuguese lol. Still I think we should federate somehow spain and Portugal. Without totally become one. Some kind of middle ground.

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But we still kicked some Spanish ass every time you guys tried to invade this little strip of poor land. :grin:

But now you got me curious, when did we bankrupt? I honestly didn’t knew that. :blush:

And besides, even despite bankrupting itself quite frequently, Spain was always (and still is) the superior country, the is besides discussion.

I don’t know. The double of wages and et cetera seems like a really good thing :slight_smile:, but Spain has monarchy. There is no way Portugal would live with that. We have been a republic for 116 years :persevere:. Our monarchy feel because the so called monarchists weren’t really monarchists. As matter of fact, two years before the revolution we killed our king and his heir. The republicans got the blame, but the Queen did said that she had greeted the true assassins many times (which puts the blame on the monarchist parties’ leaders). :upside_down:

That and the fact that we got out of our fascism dictatorship through a revolution (bloodless, but still), to the point of the US thinking about invading us if we went too socialist for their taste. We have Mário Soares to thank for keeping the fascist and communist menace at bay (if we had a father of our democracy, he would be it). Still, your democratic transition process did had great consequences, a quite moderate communist party (I really admire Santiago Carrilo and his eurocommunism), the lack of intense economic consequences such the ones that we did had, etc.

That being said, in a perfect world, I would indeed support some kind of Federation or Confederation between Portugal and Spain, but the power difference would be problematic (even if we got Catalonia, the Basque country and some other more independence wanting regions as full independent members of the Iberian Federation), given that Portugal would hardly abdicate its independence (we might be poor and not that bright, but we are stubborn, for our bad, usually).

Maybe in the future we can find some sort of way to create some kind of Iberian Federation / Confederation, maybe when the European Union crumbles under the weight of its own undemocratic structure and highly national biased policies. It would be good. I would support that. And our Galego brothers and sisters would finally get back on the fold. It was a political accident that you end up having a language closer to Spanish than to Portuguese, given that it was kinda derived from the same basis of Portuguese, and not from Spanish. :grin:

Damn, that seems really great. By the way, @AlexClifford1994, did you created some background history for Anhalten? Something like, were they ever independent? Do they share any cultural/ethnic/linguistic trait with some foreign country? Et cetera.


To be honest, I thought they’d have a bigger role in the game when I first devised it but with so much else going on I honestly can’t be bothered to give the anhaltians more than a background role. There might be the odd event or character that throws up some more detail but little else. I could just answer your questions though… no they have never been independant. Whether they are ethnically different is a moot point, some of them might argue yes, most Moravians would say no. Their dialect is quite distinct from Moravian but almost all are also fluent in the national language. Sort of similar to the Catalans in Spain (really hope I haven’t stepped on some nationalist toes there)

Anyway, no one worked out the achievement title theme yet?


I am terrible with achievements and names so I hardly could be helpful. I will love have sarcastic, easter eggs inside I didn’t look at them . I am terrible tester.

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No fibs allowed.

@AlexClifford1994 - Right now, if you play the New Order the game ends on Chapter 2 and if you play the leftists, the story continues into chapter 3? I’m just a bit confused as always.

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I usually don’t pay attention to achievements :blush:. But after checking them, no, I can’t seem to find a specific pattern in their names, still, it might be some cultural deficit on my side.

Thanks for the info on them, I really like to know more and more about a given setting (despite the fact that I am seemingly the less interested person in the geographical location of Moravia on this thread. It makes total sense, from the pov of the story’s objective - letting the player live the domestic political conflicts of the 30s - to never give the player a real location of Moravia, besides the “Central Europe” part).

Yep. Alex is working on New Order’s third chapter.


Thank you for your answer - now my confusion can be a bit less.


No problem. :wink:

Ok, so the 20 characters limit doesn’t want to allow me to be polite :smirk:


So does this mean that Civil War can be avoidable?

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What I really miss Alex is a character profile with a text expressing like my party profile with a small description of my choices and how other characters see me. Like You seem violent and aggressive or You are considered cunning. I think could add immersion and a sense of advance on story.