Unfilled Niche: Sports Story?


I’d love like an illegal underground fighting game- y’know like the Kumite tournament in Bloodsport. Or if not illegal, something like Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Fighters from all around the globe gather for a tournament, different characters experts in different fighting disciplines.

You could have great rivalries, romances, a deeper plot behind all the fighting, a revenge saga etc. There’s great potential in this and I’d buy a well written game on something like this in a heartbeat.


THIS. I love it! Ugh now I have even more plot ideas!


I think the mechanics behind trying to write a story about a team sport would be very difficult. No one player in a team sport, even in basketball, can really determine the entire outcome of a given game. Games like (American) football and soccer/everywhere-else-football just have soooo many people involved. It would be hard to map out plays and strategy without diagrams of plays, etc.

I think a solo sport like boxing or ultimate fighting would be a lot easier to implement.

Also, I don’t want to paint with too broad of a brush, but I’m not sure how much overlap there is between “Huge Sports Fans” and “CoG’s Target Audience.”


Choose a fast moving metal object, be it planes be it cars or boats, plenty of thrill to be had.

A long distance race?
A demolition derby
stunt flying
street racing

that’s something that would be workable in my opinion, and you’re not completely solo BUT the majority relies on the pilot/driver so relationships rivalries fame fortune and failure are all possible too!

That’s just my two-cents. Personally I’d throw in a unreality ala Twisted metal/combat racing or Gladitorial dogfighting (air-to-air combat) but thats just me.


Of course we already have a racing game on Hosted Games of sorts: The Race!

I would love to see a well-written football game (English, not American) as that’s my passion. A good baseball alternative would work for America and also perhaps grab some of the Korean / Japanese market. I think those two would be the most lucrative sports. However without a lot of detail and careful planning it would be very hard to create something non-linear without extreme customisation.

I do have an idea for this but that’s in the future: too many games on my plate right now.


Never knew that :no_mouth: oops

didn’t see it on the list :frowning:


Is the link for The Race still working? Everytime I choose my partner and click Next, the game goes back to the beginning. It’s an endless loop.


To me in can be a good idea, sport simulation combine with RPG and life. Either a coach or a player could be interesting.
As a player deal with stress, teammates, choices for some actions during a match, etc.


Wow, that’s not good. I’ll look at it and sort out a patch to fix that.

Edit: it seems to reset to the start the first time you choose a player, then work the second time. I’ll get it fixed.

Edit2: I’ve found the error and corrected it. Now to submit it and wait for apple to approve…


Thanks Andy. I’ve tried playing it a few times but can never get past the player selection. Look forward to it.


Football (soccer) one would be brilliant.

There would have to be a fine balance between the on and off pitch exploits, on top of the time frame as well. I mean you’ve got from 13 years of age in the youth academies to 35+ if you were to really push it. That’s a lot of years to cover, a lot of stories that would need to be contained within the story if it was done as a yearly chapter…

My way is probably a bloated way though, but I wouldn’t be too comfortable with a story that skips stages or elements of a sporting career, unless it was extremely well written enough to make me forget that!


It could take time for the update to go through. In the meantime I’ll post an alternative link in The Race thread. Expect to see it in a few hours when I can get to a PC.

Edit: here’s a link to The Race thread and the game.


im working on a title right now, but the next one i have planned is a football (soccer) management game, management is the best for choice stories as you dont need so much math easier to code. Games like football manager have a big following and you could steal some customers from a place like steam with people looking for sport sim games ( i have been looking for a good one for a while hence were the game idea came from)


So, what the over all opinion is that a sports game that would be centered on story, not the actual sport, would be welcomed?


EDIT: just realized that this was 7 months ago… Sorry for reopening thread!


It’s okay to post on topics such as these which are discussions. Although, when doing so, it’s best to ensure that your post adds something to the discussion.


Actually kind of glad this floated back to the surface while I was browsing.

To answer the original inquiry, yeah I’d play a sports game. I watch a lot of different sports (football, NFL, NBA, some tennis etc) if not a lot of a single sport.

I think in any of those and more besides there’s a story to be told, willpower, self discipline, camaraderie, all that good stuff. I don’t think though that it necessarily needs to come at the expense of the game itself, even in a team game like basketball there’s decisions that need to be made by individuals, whether they play their role or maybe try to adjust their game for whatever reason and all of them have potential off court consequences if your team perhaps don’t feel you’re holding your end up.

I could go for anything in those first three examples, though to be totally honest I’d love to see a killer narrative centred around basketball if only to put that Spike Lee joint in NBA2K16 to shame.


Don’t remind me about NBA2K16 .They brought in a story but for the most part killed player choice present in previous games. I guess 2k has to find the right balance between story and player choice for their next release.


Does Slammed count as a sport’s story? But yeah I’d be interested in a sports based game.


Most people would say it’s borderline on account of the whole pro wrestling kayfabe thing (did I mention I used to be something of a smark?) but I’d say the spirit is more or less the same.


Ultimately you can make a good gane about almost anything. The closest to a sports setting I have seen would be Slammed, professional wrestling. I am not into the subkect but I loved the game. The biggest problem I would see with a sports oriented game would be the relatively low stakes. No end of the world if you lose a game (even if the BRONCOS FREAKING LOST TO THE FREAKING RAIDERS)