Undertale: My new all time favorite game


I recently finished playing this game, and I loved it so much that I had to share it somewhere. Anyone who hasn’t played this game is definitely missing out. I would honestly say this is the first game I’ve played that impacted me so much that it will most likely still be my favorite game years from now.

It is also the only game I have ever played that I listen to the soundtrack of outside of playing said game.

For those who don’t know but are interested, Undertale is a pixelated Indie game in which you play as a gender ambiguous child who has fallen down a hole to the Underground, a series of caverns in which monsters live deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It is honestly better if I leave it at that and you play it yourself without knowing anything else; the less you know beforehand, the better. If you haven’t played this game already, I highly recommend it.


Gender ambiguous child? Life must be stressful for him or her.


The game is amazing, I can’t recommend it enough. That said, avoid spoilers like the Plague.


Eh, i was an ambiguous looking kid. You get used to it. Now I have a beard so its aight.

More on the topic though. I know undertale got a pretty large fandom now (lots of homestucks stick to it like glue. God I hate my fandom) and I’m actualy very curious about it. I alway see those two skulls around and everything. I ask, put as a spoiler if you wanna, what exactly is this game? Story and gameplay.


I was also an ambiguous looking child. You really do get used to it. Now I still get confused for a male, but that’s probably because at least 30% of all men I’ve ever met have bigger breasts than me. And the next 25% have the same size. XD.

But anyhoo.

For us nosy rosies who would like a wee better peek into the game I would suggest putting a tiny (like three sentences) description with spoiler tags. I mean it’s like you gave me just enough to be interested but not enough to actually do anything about it. So yeah. A little touch of spoiler never hurts anyone who wants it.

I’d also like to hear a bit more about the gameplay in general. Which you can talk about without being spoiler-y… usually. Also what would you classify it as? Like is it a good old dungeon crawl? Or is it like an adventure mystery? Or somewhere in-between? Or am I completely off base? Pixel indie game where you fall into the Underground is kind of open to interpretation in that aspect.

Also am I the only one who read the Underground and instantly thought of David Bowie/The Goblin King/Labyrinth?


Well, put simply Undertale is a game where you are a human who falls into a cave on a mountain after a war between humans and monsters, thats pretty much as far as I can go in story without spoilers.
its a comedic indie-ish game thats more story based than gameplay oriented (or at least it seemed that way to me). it’s very charming, and many claim that it’s like Earthbound, however I have never played Earthbound so I don’t know about that part.

one main gameplay feature, is that theres battles with monsters that usually include the choice to spare monsters, and, well I would include more on that, but I don’t want to effect how anybody plays. (plus I don’t know how to do the spoiler blurry text thingy)

I should also mention that lots of the game is either hilarious, or its tear wrenching, and even after beating the game you still receive a sad choice and a new perspective of the game as a whole.


See? That was great and you didn’t even have to use [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ].
Obviously you take out the spaces in the brackets to make it work. Example: Waffles!
… I don’t know why that was my word. My brain is weird.

But yeah. Being vague is great, but I think you were just a tad too vague to start. Now I think I might actually take a look at it. ^^.


The game focuses mostly on story,and plays as more of an RPG maker game. The battle system itself is unique, and challenging while also fun. You play as your soul, manifested as a heart, and must dodge the attacks of the enemies, which are also unique to each enemy. The game provokes sadness, happiness, tears, joy, it was an emotional rollercoaster for me, which is impressive, considering I am usually not even close to be an emotional person. I can’t actually put any more story here than DragonWarrior, as spoilers with this game are the absolute worst. It only costs $10, and the replayability of the game is off the charts.

By ambiguous, I only meant that the gender of the main character is up to you. By appearance the character itself could be male or female, and it is up to the player to decide, although there is no actual decision. Its mainly just how you think of them in your head.

Still, can’t stress enough how great this game is. I may seem like I am gushing. I guess that is because I am (Oh god, I’ve been converted into a gushing fangirl somehow).


I have to add to the recommendation. Undertale has overtaken Witcher 3 as my favorite game of the year, and may actually overtake Mass Effect 2 as my favorite game ever.

If you want a feel for the game (Which I, like Katarina, will not spoil. You HAVE to play the game blind, I can’t stress that enough, the experience will be a million times better if you know nothing), I’m linking the demo here so that way you can try it out.

I think the game is only $10 on Steam, so if you have the money to spare and enjoy the demo, it’s worth the buy.



Ok but I said I dont care about the spoilers. I probably wont even play because its not really my genre. I’m just curious about the story and the characters. Like those dang skeletons.


You should totally play it. To try and illustrate, some of the game is aimed at ‘you’ the player, not the character. Annnnnd that’s all I’ll say, promise.

It wasn’t my ‘genre’ either, but it’s kinda fun when you get used to it.

@cyanide kind of a mixed blessing having the Homestuck fandom around isn’t it? There’s some great fanworks but some terrible rubbish too.


I hate you guys. I guess I wont have much of a choice then. I will try to get my hand on it when I can. And yeah the homestuck fandom is populated both by amazing peoples and horrible childrens. I heard the fandom could be annoying at cons too.


If you really don’t wanna play it I’d say just watch a let’s play of it or read the wiki. But be warned it will ruin any chance of game play by removing the blind element of playing from it, so I would very much recommend buying it.
put simply, spoilers aren’t like spoilers in anything else, they just mess up the whole first experience (which by the way is probly the best one(, or at least in my opinion)).


I am going to try the game. I’ve been hearing really amazing things, and if something is that universally loved, it must be worth a try.


Is this game THAT good? I feel like it’s been way too hyped up for me to enjoy it as much as I should.


It might be too hyped up for many people, but it was honestly my favorite game this year as far as story, characters and music go, and the gameplay was still enjoyable.

@Lotus put a link to the free demo earlier in the topic, which you should play if you’re wondering whether you’ll enjoy it. Keep in mind that the demo is like 3 years old though, and is a little bit different than the finished product, and less polished.

If you’re not up for that, I think watching someone play through the first area wouldn’t be too spoilery, that’s what I did since I didn’t know about the demo.


To those who are on the fence and don’t know anything about the game, I’d say if you’re (like me) the kind of person that just wouldn’t play it at all no matter how good you hear it is for whatever reason, then watch an LP (and if you start to think it’s got a pretty solid premise after starting an LP, stop before the first boss battle and play it yourself), but if you’re kinda on the fence, and maybe might play it, then just play it. It is definitely worth the $10, and it is so much better to go in blind than with even that first bit after the first boss battle revealed.

If you’ve ever considered yourself an RPG-gamer and you’ve ever loved stories in games, this is a must play. There are so many things in this game that would normally make me stop caring or hate it if it were in any other game (child protagonist, the combat system, the this or that general linearity of the story, but take this one with a grain of salt because the story is still so worth it), but Undertale is just so perfectly crafted that I can’t bring myself to dislike anything about it.

As for playing the game, it’s 8-10 hours per play through (unless you have a bad time, because having a bad time may take a while), and it’s generally going to get 2 or 3 play through to get the most out of the game (I can’t imagine more than three being necessary unless you screw up getting one of the endings). So in total it’s probably going to run you at close to 20hrs of play if you do the two normal play throughs, but if you have enough determination to see everything, it’ll give you at least 30 hours + a bad time. (Oh, and if the in-speak gets you interested in looking up more, don’t, just go and play it.)


@SteampunkNinja Thanks, I played the demo and it seems pretty interesting so far, so I guess I’ll end up buying it. And I didn’t even now that it was a turn-based rpg, and I love those (like persona 3, 4 and chrono trigger) so I’m more eager to play it. Plus, I read in a review that in some routes, there can be lesbians… Aaaand that’s never a bad thing.

@Lotus Really!? Even better than ME 2!?
Huh, well, you ain’t giving me much choice.


I was wondering when a topic about this game that consumed a whole month of my life was going to spawn in the CoG forums.

Kinda late to the party here, but I feel like Undertale is going to change the way many people here write their choices in games. It shows that mercy can be rewarding, and the Player Character doesn’t have to be a sociopathic, homicidal maniac to complete his/her quest.

I really like how every single little choice you make changes something, even if it is just flavor text.
Here is a bonus: The game was made (mostly) by a single guy, including the soundtrack, proving that anyone can make a good game if they are determined enough.


You mean Sans and The Great Papyrus?