Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Since Kitsune are beings who are famous for their shape shifting abilities, the Kitsune MC will of course possess such powers as well. For example, you will be able to turn yourself into a actual fox or (with lots of training) maybe even get the option to temporarily change your whole appearance.

Dragon’s were once able to change between their Dragon- and their Human-Form. Sadly, this ability has been more or less vanished throughout the millenia and the only (known) Dragon’s who still possess this ability are the eight elder Dragon’s. However, since the Dragon MC is a descendant of one of the eight there might be a chance that they inherited this ability as well.

The Grey Wolfs possess no shape shifting abilites. However, they are able to change into a state called “Beast Mode”, in which they let their beastly and feral nature take over their body and which turns them into deadly and ferocious beasts, who rely on the unpredictable movements of wild wolfs to tear their enemies apart.


Which elder dragon are we a descendant from? Sorry if you have already answered this question.



Petition to make Kitsune!MC adopt a dog so that they can chase each other’s tails



Lyra, Elder Dragon of the element Light.


Will only our mother have a role in the story or our father will appear as well ? (would be funny if he is like Keichi from Ah! My Goddess / Aa! Megami-sama! since you said you wanted to put anime stuff into the game)


Sadly, no. I believe I mentioned that before, but the father of the MC isn’t alive anymore. He died before the MC was born.


The Grey Wolf “Beast Mode”, what does that look like? Modern versions of werewolves, wolf shape or like muscles and veins bulging out?


How do we gain corruption in this story.


By using dark magic, you have to learn it first, though.


Now thats a awesome idea. To be honest, I may have already thought about the idea of giving you the chance to get a pet somewhere in the future, but I didn’t know if you like such a option. Well, looks like my worries have been unfounded.

Also, even without adopting a pet you would still get the chance to experience the scenario you just described with Maria, one of the ROs. You see, as a Nekomata Maria possesses the ability to turn into a cat and since she is known for her playful side I’m quite sure that she would love to play around with the Kitsune MC in their Fox-Form while being in her Cat-Form.


Hey so guess who I’m gonna romance


This is wonderful, thank you author :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh, I think I can guess who you mean.

But for real, Maria is a great choice. I mean, who wouldn’t like to romance a playful cat girl with a love for things like video games, anime and cosplay.

You’re welcome! :grin:

Also, I love these short clips you use. They are absolutely adorable.


To be honest, there are almost no visible changes when Grey Wolfs change into their “Beast Mode”, except for their eyes, which take on a deep red glowing color, and that their whole posture and demeanor changes (partly) to that of a wild wolf.

Basically, this is how the “Beast Mode” of the Grey Wolfs would look like:


Actually kinda cute, if you ask me that is


Would be cool if the Kitsune MC can take a form like the Kyubi from Okami or use his illusion to make his fox form look like it


By the way, Lamias are snake-human creatures right?


Yep they are


Hey so guess who I’m gonna romance

I’m sorry Maria, but Selena wins this time


Yes, they are. Lamias are a monogendered (female) repitlian demi-human race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

Lastly if you are interested, here is the character profile of Lena (the Lamia in my story) which I posted a few months ago. I believe you don’t know her yet since you said its been a while since you’ve been here.


Selena Tadros
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: Lamia
Affiliation: D.S.R.
Occupation: Field Agent
Height: 173cm (height can vary depending on how high she stands on her tail)
Appearance: In her “human-form”, Lena has a curvy figure with fair skin, long bright red hair and amber eyes with slitted snake pupils. She also wears yellow ‘D’ hairclips on each side of her head. However, her appearance changes quite exentsive with her “real-form”. In her “real-form”, her ears are large, pointy and red, and she has fangs as well as a long tongue. She also has small red scales on her cheeks. Though, her most noticeable physical trait in her “real-form” is her long, red snake tail. Her full length is said to be 8 meters, suggesting that her tail is approximately 7 meters long.
Personality: Lena is a cheerful yet ditsy young woman, who sometimes even displays a certain naivety. She also has a quite optimistic nature and usually tries to see the positive things in even the most dire situations. However, as a member of a race most distinguished by its seductiveness and high sex drive, Lena possesses a very lascivious personality, which she displays on several occasions (mainly while being in the company of the MC). Lena can also be quite domineering and hot-tempered. Whenever she feels that her claim on the MC is threatened, she is quick to lash out at the person in question (sometimes even physically). However, even despite her sometimes arrogant and abrasive demeanor, Lena does have a softer side. It is save to say, that her feelings towards the MC are sincere and not the mere product of self-centered lust (as it is often the case by her kind). She is also very protective of them and would even put herself in harm’s way when she fears that their life is at risk. Also, despite viewing them as possible rivals for the MC’s affections, it is known that she cares deeply for her friends and fellow Agents.
Abilities: As a Lamia, Lena possesses elevated speed and agility as well as superhuman durability. She is also incredibly stealthy. This, combined with her great speed, allows her to move around incredibly fast and completely soundless. However, her most unique trait is her tail, which is a very strong and dexterous part of her body. It is strong enough to crush metal pipes, to lift up heavy objects or to completely immobilize enemies. She can also coil up her tail and use it as a spring to launch herself great distances. Also, thanks to her strong tail and the special scales on its lower side, Lena is able to easily climb up trees or to scale up entire buildings.

Lastly to finish things up, here are a few Pictures to give a idea for how Lena would look like:



Is beast mode basically a Berserker mode?