Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



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Well then, time to change that.

Stop it, this discussion is over.


i rarely used the popcorn gif as well as i did here


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Just when i though the show was over

oups, this one is bigger than i though, how can i like put it in spoiler ?


Ahhh yes the thread is active again! I love this demo even if it’s super short. Kitsunes rule the world, don’t @ me about this :fox_face: :heart:


This guys know what it’s about


This guy’s gr8 :joy:


Real question : Are the ROs disponible regardless of gender ? and can we pursue more than one ? (if not, it will be hard for me to creat a dynasty to take over the world and serve as final bosses in JRPG, especialy since i’m interested in the trap)

i know we are in the middle of a fight and it’s very important but i like to ask question when they pop in my head


Yes(real answer, the author stated that in a post)


reply? 'twas but a side comment, my dude :sunglasses:


Thanks for the answer ^^


Author knows what’s up.

Tbh I came here to discuss about kitsune MCs. I’ve always been soft for Japanese mythologies and foxes. I always pick kitsune when I have the option to. And a big part to why I love them is mainly because of the aesthetic. Fluffy ears and 9 tails? Wonderful, love it.



Rad my friend :+1:


Are some ROs going to break up with the MC if we have too high corruption?


Yeah, foxes are awesome. My buddy died from a fox bite, which saved the whole village because we ate him


why is that fox trying to eat bread ? does he know it’s not meat ?


Yes, lena will be the one to stay the longest, before she breakes up, the reason will mostly be because they can’t stand to watch their beloved being corrupted
Lena will basically endure the most


:sparkles: He’s a bread boi :sparkles:


By the way, it’s been quite some time since I visited this thread so I just wanna ask if Kitsune, Dragon and Grey Wolf MC can shapeshift?


[spoiler]insert image upload/link here[/spoiler]

Like this