Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



So, uh, what will happen if our soul weapons get destroyed by an overwhelmingly powerful attack? Can they be destroyed? Or do they just revert to soul stuff and get reabsorbed?


Yes they can be destroyed through powerful attacks. But if thats the case, the used soul energy will be simply reabsorbed into the Users Body.


…Does that mean that they die if broken/destroyed?


I believe you have misunderstood something. Ultimatas aren’t weapons, they are powerful techniques or skills.


No. They will only be weakened for a certain amount of time.


Oh yh i forgot, sorry. So can i guess that Zen Shometsu has something to do with electricity.


Yes. Zen Shometsu is like a extremly powerful electric discharge. The released electrical energy will eradicate everything in its effective radius.


Perfect. Perfect. Commence evil plan


Hmmm, if our soul can change color when we commit sins, or getting tainted as you say, can our soul change color when we fall in love? Or in game terms, when getting an RO? :thinking:


Sorry, but no. The color of your Soul won’t change if you fall in love with someone.


Oh well.

The dark side awaits :smiling_imp:


Forgot to ask this (sorry), but do virtuous acts - like standing up to a boss-class monster to save someone’s life, turning down power in exchange for peace, etc. - change our MC’s soul color? Make it brighter or something?


Yes. If you would do very virtuous or noble acts, the color of your soul would brighten up. Beings with the purest souls, for example, have a white soul color.


paints my soul white


Little summary of how the six playable species would look like.

Kitsune: You will have fox ears and a white fox tail.

Half Dragon: Your forearms and a part of your legs will be completely covered with scales. A few single scales are also spread over the rest of your body. You will also sport a dragon tail.

Grey Wolf: You will have wolf ears and a wolf tail. Your forearms and a part of your legs will be covered with fur.

Raiju: Since your character will be in the beginning of the adult phase of the Raiju life cycle, your character will have a long tail, thin markings on their face and lightly pointed fur covered ears.

Gunslinger/Duelist: You will be constantly surrounded by a barely visible aura. The aura will be mostly centered and only visible around your arms. This gives them a glowing, almost ghostly look. The aura will also have a little effect on the hair of your character. This effect will be, that a few strands of your hair will lightly float in the air.


Like those descriptions!


I’m sorry to say this, but I need a little bit more time to finish the demo. I will try my best, so that I can release the demo during the next few weeks. Again i’m really sorry and I do hope that this won’t pose a problem.


No need to rush, all of us will wait patiently, so take your time :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry. Most of us at here update our game around a week or two, while the others are monthly.

And as a gamer, there’s a saying, “better delay than buggy release.”


So if not this, I have to worry that my partner is scaly/furry?

Hey, I need those errors to elevate my sense of self worth! :blush: