Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Lawbringer looks like a normal Revolver with a few unique details.


Then could you actually use it in public? Nobody would suspect anything if it looks normal and having a gun won’t be so weird when you’re in America. By the way can other people touch/use the gun or only you can operate it


Yes you could. The same would also apply for Lichtblick.
Thats also the reason why the Duelist has no need for a Combat Weapon and the Gunslinger has no need for a Firearm in their Basic Equipment as a D.S.R. Agent, since they can use their weapons in public.

Only you can use and operate your soul weapon. If you would hand your weapon to someone else (even another Soulmancer) it would simply dissolve.


I’m glad I got it right. I could see a Gunslinger scene where they’re showing off doing gun tricks.


Hehe, that might be a good scene for when you meet Jack. I mean just think about it. You could both show off with some cool gun tricks and maybe determine which one of you has the better tricks up their sleve.


That would be fun to see. I’m working on my kitsune character name now.


Cool. Again I’m eager to see what you come up with.


I’ve had the most fun with creating the Gunslinger.


Oh, I know what you mean. It’s pretty cool to imagine your character as a gun-wielding hero, like one of these Gunslingers from those old Western Movies.


One of my favorite Westerns is Rio Bravo.


Thinking about a gunslinger character, I can’t help but wanting to make a Meryl Stryfe character.


I’m sorry, but it seems that I forgot to tell you one important Piece of information about the magical arts within my game. As far as you know there are eight fields of Magic, which are all based on the natural powers of one of the eight elder Dragons. However, there is actually a ninth field of Magic, which suprisingly isn’t connected to the eight elder Dragons.

The ninth field of Magic consists mainly of more practical arts, which were discovered and developed by countless non-humas during the course of history. The arts of this field don’t require soul energy or extensive magical powers. You just need lots of practice and patience, if you want to master the arts of this field.

The most prominent examples for the ninth field of Magic would be Alchemy (including the brewing of potions) and the Creation of Charms (mainly focused on the creation of Runic Charms and Ofuda Charms). While some of these arts might not be as powerful as certain arts from the other fields of Magic, they are still extremly useful and could be quite handy in situations where you might run low on soul energy or where you are unable to cast spells.


What does the Finesse stat mean? Like what’s the difference between finesse and pure speed


Finesse represents your intelligence and skill. It basically influences your tactical expertise, cunning traits and overall skillfulness.


Can we still learn them from celiac and are there any races that make it more difficult to learn


Yes, if you want to learn Alchemy or Charm Making you have to consult Celica. She is a skilled Alchemist and renowned Herbalist and would be more than willingly to teach you the principles of those arts if you might be interested in them. She may even teach you some of her own personal techniques.

And don’t worry, each of the five playable races can learn the arts of the ninth field of Magic without much trouble, since the arts of this field don’t have “actual” requirements, like some arts from the other fields.


Can humans learn Alchemy too


Yes, since neither Alchemy nor Charm Making require actual magical abilties or powers they could (theoretically) even be learned and practiced by ordinary humans.


I only wanted to inform you, that I made a few changes for the skills of the playable non-human races. The probably most obvious Change is, that I cut out the skill “Shape Shifting” from the demihuman races. The reason for this is, that all the distinguish features of these races, like the wings of the Half Dragon or the fangs and claws of the Grey Wolf, are simply part of their natural anatomy. Normally these features are hidden but you can expose them at will or if the situation calls for it. Also, non of those races have actual shape shifting abilities, except for the Kitsune. As a Kitsune you might possess possible shape shifting abilities, but since you won’t acquire them any time soon I also (temporarily) cut out this skill from the Skillset of the Kitsune.
But don’t worry. I gave each of the demihuman races a new unique skill, which I hope will compensate for the loss of the Shape Shifting skill. I also gave the Soulmancer a new additional skill, which represents their Soul manipulative abilities.

Here is a overview about the new skillset of the playable races.


  • Fire Manipulation
  • Illusions
  • Telekinesis

Grey Wolf:

  • Ice Manipulation
  • Beast’s Strength
  • Sub-Zero

Half Dragon:

  • Dragon Skin
  • Wormhole Creation/Hand of the Puppeteer
  • Gravity Manipulation/Reality Manipulation


  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Thunderclap
  • Speed of Sound


  • Eye of the Duelist
  • Lunge
  • Riposte
  • Soul Creation


  • Soul Grenades
  • Ricochet Shot
  • Fan the Hammer
  • Soul Creation


Ooooo I now have telekinesis I love it :smile: