Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)




Ah, a matching name for a Gunslinger.

But one more question. Will his surname be Eastwood?


No, but I will be picking a surname that’s in the western genre. Or the surname of an actor who was in westerns. Or even some historic personages from the Old West.


Why not go with Earp? Or at least Wayne? Lol


Earp is a potential surname for my gunslinger.


Do you have capacious or generous hips or shoulders?


Umm, I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Could you please rephrase your question?


I think they are asking if the mc have that “hmm hmm hmm yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” factor going for them…or is asking you in particular


It was a joke on Wyatt Earp
Wide Earp obviously has capacious hips
:grin::sweat_smile: nvm bad joke. :cry:

Maybe that too in a lateral joke question


I’m thinking the surname for my Gunslinger will be one of these: Earp, Hopkins, Wayne, Coburn, Martin, Quaid, Holliday, or Garner.


Hey everyone, I have some new piece of Information, which I just recently worked out. It regards the non-human races within my game.

You see, a lot of the non-human races, especially from the demi-human races, possess extremly sensitive bodyparts and weakpoints due to their partly inhuman anatomy. Your character will as well have such weakpoints, which will vary based on your choosen race (with the exception of the Soulmancer). For example, the sensitive weakpoints of the Kitsune, Raiju and Grey Wolf are their animlistic ears and tails. These are extremly sensitive body parts for these races and they might actually attack those who touch their sensitive weakpoints out of instinct (sometimes even kill them).
For the Half Dragon however is it a little bit different. Their sensitive weakpoint isn’t their tail or their ears, instead most Half Dragon’s have a scale somewhere on their bodies that grows in the reverse direction then the others, and they hate it when people touch it, to the point where they would go as far as kill the toucher. The scale is an extremely sensitive/private issue as the sensation of it being touched temporarily renders them docile and limp. As a result they may attack once they regain their composure out of a feeling of being violated. Of course, the Half Dragon MC will have as well such a reverse scale somewhere on their body.


That sounds fascinating! Will we get to pick the reverse scale area or will it be randomized?


You can actually choose the area where your reverse scale will be placed. You can choose to either place it on your lower back (just above the base of your tail), the midth of your back (up to your shoulderblades), the nape of your neck, your stomach or on your chest (in this case the female MC would have their reverse scale either above or below their breasts).


Interesting. My half dragon MC is female.


Well, where would you like to place your reverse scale? If you allow the question.


Nape of her neck is where I’d put it.


I’ve also decided on the surname for my gunslinger.


Oh cool. And what did you came up with?


His name is going to be Clint Holliday. Is alright if I picture Lawbringer as a Colt Peacemaker?


It’s perfect, since Lawbringer is actually supposed to go in the direction of a Colt Peacemaker or a Colt Navy in terms of design.


Does Lawbringer look like a normal gun or it’s more transparent and ghostly looking due to being a soul weapon?