Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I would like to pick kitsune. I think u said theyre charming and frail-bodied (is that a word? ).
So im willing to build something like an anti-social kitsune fighter which means they know how to use weapons and fight, and are more inclined to use this knowledge than its innate power( unless extremely needed).
Something like a fencer (the rpg class, a swift swordsman, not very Strong but very agile, dodges instead of blocking, “quality over quantity” few yet accurate strike, etc) or a fighter (like a martial artist).
I dont want to make something like a berserker out of them ( dont think its possible, plus berserkers are kinda dumb).

thats coz i like the contradiction, also i like foxes. Basically im an idiot.



Good choice. I think it is quite Matching for a Dragon to be strategic and calculated.

Honestly, I’m downright impressed by your character concept. Thanks for such a detailed answer.

Also, I like foxes as well, which is One of the reasons why I included the Kitsune as a playable race. So, there is definetely no need to feel like a idiot.


Raena’s scales are blue.


Say, is there a meaning behind the names Godric and Reena, or did you simply choose these names because you like them? If you don’t mind the question.


I’m probably going to end up making two or three characters. A kitsune, a raiju and a soulmancer gunslinger. Most likely going to name the kitsune Rosinante, the raiju Aegon and the gunslinger Michael as I usually go by one of those three names in a story.


I’m probably going with the Male Gunslinger, name would probably be Kane. He would be a cold calculating person on the job, but a little kinder when off-duty. He would not be afraid of breaking the rules even if that gets him into some hot water with the D.S.R., he just wants to get the job done. Dabbling in the forbidden arts to gain power always goes great for people so why not do that as well(I have a bad feeling about this but lets see what happens) As for the RO, it’s always hard to choice so off the top of my head it would probably be Christina.


Raena has a slightly Targaryen esque sound to it. Thought it would be good for a half dragon.

I really like the name Godric. Have for years. I have a character who’s a werewolf with that name.


I got a new idea for a character:
I want to make a black cat Raiju and call her Luna (always wanted to have a cat with this name lol). Also I want to learn shadow and moon/stars magic on this character so it would fit the name. By the way could characters who are not half dragons learn moon magic?

She would be sneaky and mysterious and would use her speed and stealth in battle to get close to enemies and then strike them with her claws and electricity. She’d learn dark magic but only the shadow type and not the evil/corrupting type.
Her ultimate power would be a stream of dark purple lightning that turns everything it touches to ash and leave no trace of them (something like the Lightning Storm spell in Skyrim)

In terms of personality, she would usually be withdrawn and not open up to others easily.
But when she gets close to someone she’d act in a cute way and want to play and cuddle with them (like a cat would).
She would also pretend not to care about her friends but miss them when they leave and get really happy when they return (also like cats lol). She would probably romance Maria cause she’s a cat too, or maybe Tara.


Wow. I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed by your new idea. Hats off to your great character concept.

Of Course they can, though that might be a Little bit harder than learning any of the other Magic types. To be honest, the only person who can actually teach you Star/Moon Magic is Aurelia. The same applies for Mana and Abyss Magic.
However, I can ensure you that this problem is actually quite easy to solve. All you have to do is trying to befriend Aurelia and Mana once you meet them, if you want to learn some of their arts and powers. If you are succesful with befriending the twins both of the them would be more than willing to teach you the principles of their powers.

Well, “Zen shōmetsu”, the Ultimata of the Raiju, already has this effect so I think this won’t be a Problem. However, your lightnings are supposed to have a light blue color. Though maybe I could give you the option to influence and choose the color of your lightnings, so you might actually be able to give your lightnings a dark purple color.


I’m also working up a Gunslinger character.


Oh, cool. I would really like to hear what kind of character you came up with. Of course only once you are done and if you don’t mind to share your idea.


Would Lyra get mad if you learn dark magic and not be your friend?
Also I think Moon magic could be something like controlling a little part of the moon gravity field or controlling moonlight to create reflections/distractions and to be used as a weapon (as a concentrated light).

The moonlight part would be weak at day time and not really do much but could be very powerful at full moon nights. You could use the moonlight as an energy source as well to enhance your electricity powers (similar to how solar panels work)


She would be rather dissapointed about you, if you would pratice and commence Darius forbidden arts. Though, this would only affect those arts which might corrupt you, like Necromancy, Blood Magic or Deadly Curses. The harmless arts, like Shadow Manipulation or non-lethal curses, are accepted by Lyra and won’t weaken her relation to you.

Your suggestion is quite interesting. Sadly, Star Magic doesn’t work that way. You see, Aurelia’s powers are based on the manipulation of the physical laws and the control of the ancient forces of the stars. For example, she can freely manipulate gravity, create Blackholes and Supernovas and can even forge small Stars. Once you manage to befriend her, you might as well be able to learn some of these arts (of course high magical Knowledge might be recommendable).
Your idea for Moon-based Magic is extremly interesting, but sadly would only partial match with Aurelia’s arts. However, that doesn’t mean that ýou can’t have some of your suggestions. For example, the part with creating reflections/distractions by manipulating the light around you can actually be achieved if you learn “Light Manipulation”.

Interesting enough, one of my playable races already possesses Moon- and Nightbased powers, which will vary based on the moonphases.


Is it the gray wolf with the moon powers?


Sadly no, even though it would quite matching for a Wolf to have moon-based powers. However, the Duelist is the one with the moon-based powers.
If you want to know the reason for this, I would recommend to take a look at the various ancestors again.


Henrietta doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the moon


The character is male. I will be creating a character for each available species.


Actually she has, you just have to look at her title. Henriette bears her title “Prinzessin der Nacht” (Princess of the Night) for a reason.

To be honest, the titles of all the ancestors have a deeper meaning to them.


Draws a line and more curves on my S rank to make a B rank Nothing to see here



My Gunslinger is named Clint.