Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



That’s a Qilin though, isn’t it?


While Raiju’s might be Beasts in the japanese mythology they don’t possess shape shifting abilities like a Kitsune. So, since Raiju aren’t able to alter their form, you won’t get this ability either. Also, the only reason why the Raijus have a human-like appearance in my game, is because I used a little bit creative freedome and turned the Raiju’s from beasts to a demihuman race.


I like Emilia best of the female ROs!


Hey everyone, I have another question for you, if you don’t mind. You see, what I really would like to know is, what kind of character you would like to create. Basically how your MC would be appearance-, personality- and powerwise.
You know, things like the name, gender, race and maybe what kind of personality you want to give future character. For example will your character be Kind or Aloof; Impulsive or Calculating; Serious or Sarcastic; Compassionated or Cruel; Lewd or Decent etc. . Then maybe how your character will act as a D.S.R. Agent. Would you be a responsible Agent who always follows the rules or would you rather prefer to bend the rules for your benefit?
Lastly in terms of power, what kind of magic wpuld you like to learn? Maybe you prefer chaos and destruction and go for Pyromancy and Explosion Magic, or maybe you prefer to heal and help others and go for Healing and Recovery Magic, or maybe you want to concentrade on the more complicated arts and go for light based Magic, or if you don’t mind corruption maybe you will go for the forbidden arts of the field of darkness.

Of course, these are a lot of questions and you don’t have to answer all of them. It might be also Not quite easy to answer since I have given you nothing more than pure Information until now. But still, if you already have a vague idea of how your character will be I would really like to hear it.


Hmm I think you need to actually play the game to see how your character goes, kinda hard to judge what you want to be based on descriptions alone.


You are right, I should probably rather ask this question once the demo is out. Sorry, didn’t thought about that.


If you want I could still answer the question I an obessed with it and already created my character


Ok, if you already know how your character would be, I would really like to hear what you came up with.


I’m going for a male kitsune who hates his fire heritage(due to feng being all about destruction)
He would be a kind soul due to following kagury and Lyra paths. He would often be impulsive when seeing someone needing help but in fights he would carefully calculate each move. He would always be serious with people taking ever situation as life and death. As a D.S.R agent he would always follow the rules in fear of losing the agency however he would reluctantly break rules to help someone if it wasn’t a major violation.The romance is kinda tricky with him due to his conflicting feelings for the sweet and innocent (idk her mom might change that) Mia while laura with her power and richeisous(assumed from Lyra picking her) would be something he was equally interested in. In terms of favorite magic type he definitely hates the fire and dark arts and would never be tempted by them.he would try and learn as much water elemental magic as possible and earth when he reached the appropriate water elemental spells.(as well as some electromancy and weather manipulation to mix things up). :slightly_smiling_face: sorry for the long post


I think I’d be either Gunslinger or Kitsune and romance Mia/Laurence but you really need to play first to see who is your favorite RO.
As for powers Darkness seems interesting as long as it doesn’t corrupt you and I’d probably learn water cause the water dragon seems nice, or light cause it’s interesting to have both light and darkness.

No idea about the personality but I don’t like the whole thing about having to hide your power from the world so I’d probably be against the D.S.R rules.
My characters tend to be kind/compassionate usually but cruel against bad people

But yeah most of these things are kinda hard to judge without playing


I’m not very good with writing stuff but here is my main character description


Name:Daichi Inukai

Appearance:He is pretty short around 162 cm and a bit chubby with green eyes and black hair,
he always wear a flannel hoodie with a t-shirt under it and a black khaki pant,he also wear a black rectangular glassess…

Personality:He is a shy person and always nervous when talking with someone because of that he is always thinking before doing anything and prefer to be alone,he will do anything for the agency without question and he can be pretty ruthless when dealing with his enemy,he doesn’t understand joke and pretty innocent…

He have interest in forbidden magic,healing and water based magic
He have a crush on Laurence


@Blank Don’t worry about the Long post, but I have to say that I’m really impressed by all your details. You really thought this through. Thank you for sharing this.

I know it’s not that easy to judge or answer, but still thanks for sharing your ideas.

Well, you descriped your character quite good. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


I have no idea…probably I will go for a female wolf and romance all the guys I can :laughing:
Jokes aside, I’m not much into create flirty characters, but I create different girls to romance different guys.
As a character, my favourite to play is the serious professional who try to stik to the rules, but tryng to keep her friends safe (that’s probably why I favourite more mature but grumpy/jokers RO, to balance the seriousness of my character. Plus I like tsundere/ice king guys.)
I’d probably go with a fighting class, or support, depending on the wim of the moment.

It’s hard for me thinking of wich guy I’d like to romance first, because we know little about them.


I have a male Grey Wolf named Godric and a female half dragon named Raena.


Cool. I really like the names that you choose for your characters. :+1:


My usual MC (when possible) is someone
Mostly stoic/ Serious
and loyal (cares for its friends, enough to bend its ruthless nature)
prfer to bend the rules( not for personal gains, just to speed things up) If we where talking about superheros, my MC would be something like a vigilante, maybe an anti-hero.

As for power
My MCs mostly focus on stealth, speed, agility and brains. They like efficiency over flashyness and like to be as independente as possible, which means they like to end things swiftly and have some knowledge of healing.
Mc a good fighter. However, since it focus on stealth and swiftness, it doenst have the stamina nor the strength to endure a lengthy fight, and a stronger foe( directly).



Wow, thats also pretty detailed. Good Job. :+1:

Also, I can ensure you, that most of your mentioned character traits will be available, so you can basically create your usual MC without much trouble.
Though, you didn’t mentioned which race you would like to choose. Would you be so kind and maybe mention that as well, or do you don’t know yet which race you want to pick?


I don’t have the rest of their personalities figured out.


It’s ok. To be honest, it’s not an easy question to answer and it will be probably much more easier to answer, once you actually played the game


Raena is more strategic than Godric.