Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Off the information given. There is no new demo released yet. Based off of his earlier posts, it was planned to be released either by the end of last week or the beginning of this week. Since that’s not the case, maybe some bugs cropped up and he’s squashing those out before release, or last minute changes, etc?


I’m really sorry that it takes so long, but some Problems have arised and I had not the needed time to finish the demo. But right now I try to work at full speed to finish everything. I also have to make some last changes about the animalistic options of the Raiju. I will cut out one of the options and will exchange it with a new animalistic option.

Again, I’m really sorry but also extremly thankful for your Patience.


Nah don’t be just take your time, i am sure it wil be awesome


For anyone who is interested (especially those who would like to Play as a Raiju), the Option which will be cut out from the animalistic options for the Raiju is the “Red Panda” and the Option “Rabbit” will take it’s place. So if you pick the Raiju as your species you will be able to give your character the distinct features (ears and tail) of a Rabbit. I hope you like this change and aren’t to dissapointed.


No wolves? :disappointed:

But Panda seems cool too!


Umm, sorry but as I said, I will cut the Red Panda out of the Options for the Raiju.

So, now the Options for the Raiju are: Dog, Cat, Tiger, Cheetah and Rabbit.

Also, at first I actually planned for including Wolf as an Option for the Raiju, but in the end decided against it, since I already have a race with wolf-like features.


Oh sorry misinterpreted it :persevere:


Robert and Nick are my favorite options at the moment. For the male ROs.


Jayce and Nick for now feel really interesting for me.


And from the female ROs, if you don’t mind the question?


Just off the information given.


Laura (20 convincing characters)


Err…I’m not very interested in female RO in general… I guess Sophia is interesting, but I would not care much about the romance path, more for the friendship.


Good choice :+1: (twenty approving characters)


I think I like Mia the most from the females and Laurence from the males (don’t know if he is considered male though)


Probably male, with a female alter ego


Yep, that would be the matching description for Laurence.


No weasel option for Raiju?


Nope, it will be only those five options.


Shouldn’t Raijus be able to fully shape shift? In mythology they weren’t even humans but some thunder beats that look something like this