Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I wanted to be wrong. Do we have to get mom drunk to talk about dad?


I know how you feel.

No, you don’t have to get her drunk so that she talks about your dad. There will be a point within the story, where she will tell you what exactly happened to him. However, this conversation would be extremly hard and emotional for her, because she blames herself for what happened to your father.

Spoiler: You see, the reason for why your dad was killed is connected to the past of your mother.


Excuse for when people notice: Im made of rubber.


In regards to that spoiler, it’s fascinating!


Hey everyone, if have a little bit of new informations for you, only if you are interested. This time it regards the special agencies and institutions, like the D.S.R. or the Hunters, within the world of my game. You see, the threats that are handled by those special agencies are categorized according to their natural abilities, supernaturl powers, number of potential victims or state of mind. With all these informations in account, the specific being in question will be assigned to a so-called “Threat Class”. The “Threat Class” determines which agency should have to deal with the specific threat.

Here is a overview about the “Threat Classes”:

E-Class: The “least dangerous” of the six classes. Threats of this class are normally of human-origin and will be left to the authorities of the Humans to handle. The agencies only intervene, if non-humans or supernatural powers are involved.

D-Class: Appearance of a being or a Group of supernatural origin, that might pose a threat for the human and non-human community. Threats of this class can easily be dealed with by the agencies of the corresponding country.

C-Class: A threat of supernatural origin, which endangers the lives of a great number of people. Threats of this class can still be dealed with by the agencies of the corresponding country, though they should be handed to and dealed with by more experienced agents.

B-Class: A threat of supernatural origin, which endangers a whole city or its infrastructure. Threats of this class must only be handed to the most experienced agents of the corresponding agency, to avoid severe losses. Support of the Hunter Forces is recommended.

A-Class: A threat of supernatural origin, which endangers multiple cities, entire regions or whole countries. Threats of this class must be handed to the Special Response Units of the Hunter Forces, to avoid heavy losses.

S-Class: A threat of supernatual origin with global reach and unimaginable effects, which might even endanger the survival of all humanity and non-humanity. Threats of this class must only be handed to and dealt with by “Lyra’s Choosen”, the Elite Units of the Hunter Forces, to avoid creating a global crisis. In the worst possible case, the support of the First Dragon’s is recommended.

(This overview will also be availabe in the lore page of the stats screen)


Will we see a villain rise through these ranks, like Cell from dbz? Can someone grow through these ranks at all?


Fascinating! I loved all this!


Yes, non-humans and other beings can rise in their threat rank through various ways, like getting corrupted by the powers of the forbidden arts.


Could the mc enter those ranks?


Is Lyra’s chosen led by Lyra the dragon herself or it’s just a name
Also what is the threat class of the human extremist group that you said non-humans fear? Is it A?


Theoretically, yes. Though you have to pose a serious threat and commit severe crimes if you want to enter these ranks.

Yes, “Lyra’s Choosen” are carefully selected an led by Lyra, the Goddess of Light herself. These four elite Units are only subordinated to Lyra, which gives them a wide freedom of action, since they aren’t bound to the regulations of the various countries and governments. The elite Units can act almost entirely freely, as Long as their actions don’t harm innocent bystanders or create severe colleteral damage.

The four elite Units consist of the most experienced and renowned supernatural and non-human fighters from around the globe and each Unit is led by a extremly powerful non-human, who were considered worthy by Lyra to take on such responsibility. The leaders of each Unit are quite equal in terms of powers.

Unit Alpha
Leader: Laurence/Laura Redfield (Species: Soulhunter)
Number of Members: Six

Unit Beta
Leader: Alexander Brandt (Species: Nachtkrapp)
Number of Members: Five

Unit Gamma
Leader: Haruna Akiyama (Species: Yuki-onna)
Number of Members: Seven

Unit Delta
Leader: Lucas Acosta (Species: Boitatá)
Number of Members: Six

The “Guardians of Humanity” are a A-Class threat.


Why is your mom not a unit leader if she’s stronger than Laurence? Or any of the ancestors.
Also what would you need to do to be classified as an S-Class threat? Is it something like how Darius tried to destroy the world with his plagues?


Actually, the Hunters offered your mom and her team to be part of the Elite Units. However, she and her team always refused and prefered to stay at the D.S.R. . The reason for this will be explained during the Story.

Also, there is as well a reason, why most of the ancestors aren’t part of the Hunters or any other large scaled agency. The reason for this will as well be explained during the individual story of your choosen species.

To be classified as a S-Class threat, you have to pose a global threat, which might endanger the life of millions of People. What Darius tried to accomplish with his plagues is a good example for a S-Class threat.


Would the hunters do something about a global war? it would be a global threat but you said non-humans didn’t care about human wars and just lived in their own places


It depends on the involved beings. If the reason for the global war is of supernatural origin or if it might endanger the life of all humanity and nonhumanity, the Hunters would send their elite Forces, to defuse the situation before it escalates.


He is a boitatá? Lol, a giant serpent on fire doesn’t seems to be the best specimen to lead a unit.


Why not? He is extremly strong and also still has his human-form. I don’t see why he shouldn’t be a Unit Leader.


Never heard of a boitatá with shaped shifting abilities.
I think it makes more sense now that I know he had a human form.


Almost all non-humans have the ability to change from their unnatural form into a more human-looking form, to be able to walk amongst the humans without attracting any kind of attention.

Also, there is nothing to fear about Lucas, since he is a quite gentle and peaceful non-human. Boitatá are good entities in general, who normally kill only those who violate the forests or who openly provoke them.


Is the MC in one of the Lyra’s chosen units?