Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



That fox was always there


Actually, that’s a good idea. I would really like to create unique sub-stories for each of the six playable species and your suggestion sounds quite compelling. Maybe I could create a sub-story which will be a little similar to your idea.

However don’t forget that you can only change partly into a Wolf as a Grey Wolf, which means that would have to deal with those hunters in human form (well partly human). Though, you can still talk and interact with Wolfs and other animals as a Grey Wolf, which might create some interesting scenes and scenarios within this sub-story.


Quick question will we experience racism from other non humans based on old petty rivals or something like grey wolf’s being ice based thus hating fire based kitsunes


I’m aware that it’s only a partial transformation. And wow! I’m glad you like it.


As I said once, I’m open for all of your suggestions and ideas. If they are good I might even try to implement them in my game.


Will we be able to see a bit of the mc’s childhood and how they met their friends?


Yes, there will be situations, where you encounter hatred and racism from other non-humans because of your choosen species. There are several supernatural and non-human species, who hate or despise each other because of old conflicts, feuds, rivalry or even opposing elemental powers (like Ice and Fire).


The new Prolog is actually settled within the childhood of the MC (well not exactly childhood since the MC will be around sixteen years old). Regarding your question, throughout the game there will be short flashbacks for certain characters, which explain how you met them. Some of these flashbacks might even bring you back to your earlier childhood.


I like the sound of that!


i am just curious to know if the will be any mention of the MC father


um is there an updated demo link somewhere?


Old Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/brachydiosx/ultimata/mygame/index.php?cb=665623.8k


Do Kitsunes/Raijus/Wolves have an immunity to their element? For example if you go inside a fire as a Kitsune would you get burnt or not?


Yes, Kitsune, Raijus and Grey Wolfs have a complete immunity for their respective elements. For example, as a Kitsune you could stand within a raging fire without getting burned or harmed; as a Grey Wolf you would never freeze, not even at the lowest possible temperatures; and as a Raiju you could get hit by a lightning and it wouldn’t even budge you.


There will be some mentions about the father of the MC throughout the story. You will also find out what exactly happened to your Father at a later part in the story, though your mother would try to avoid this conversation.


There isn’t an updated link for the new demo yet. However, I will update the link with the new demo at the end of the week or the beginning of the next.


Dad got murdered? :cry:


He found a better woman and now he lives with his second family.


I would like to say no, but sadly, you are quite right with your assumption.


I wanted to be wrong. Do we have to get mom drunk to talk about dad?