Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Well, thats the height of a normal fox. I thought that you don’t have to be that huge in your fox form.

But I can see what you mean. How about a height of 135 cm for a female Kitsune and 152 cm for a male Kitsune? Would that be better?


Can you have another color instead of white? Like this


Maybe later, once you mastered this skill, you might be able to change the color of your fur as well. However, at first you will have to stay with white fur.


Is that from floor to top of the head? Cause I think that’s too big. Maybe 3 or 3.5 feet would be best. I’m like 5’10 so like about half my height or slightly more would be ideal.


Ok, how about 3.0 feet for a female Kitsune and 3.5 feet for a male Kitsune? Is that good?


Maybe get the option to be like 50 cm and have only 1 tail so it would look like a real fox


Maybe I give you the option to vary the size of your fox form at a later point.


Would you be able to turn into a fox in public? Like in an outdoor/forest environment where you could interact with normal foxes and other animals. Also you could find human hunters and burn them with your fire abilities.
By the way how would you cast spells with that form? Would you do it with your mind or have to move your tail or something?


You can turn into a fox wherever you want. However, it might be recommendable, to not turn into a fox at a too crowded public place, at least if you want to avoid attracting unwanted attention. I think it might be a little unsettling for some people, to see how a young man/woman suddenly turns into fox.
Of course you can freely change into your fox form at more secluded areas like a forest, the D.S.R. Headquarter or simply if you are at home.

Also, if you are in your fox form you can also freely interact and talk with other animals.

If you want to. Maybe I will include a scenario, where you could protect another animal (maybe even fox) from human hunters, who tried to kill him/her/it, by using the enhanced abilities of your fox form.

You can still talk normally as a fox, which is why you would simply use your voice to cast the spells. However, you can use your tails as a Catalyst to enhance your spells and strengthen their effects.


This scene could be so epic, you could get captured on purpose as a fox and get into a fur farm then use illusions as a distraction while rescuing the other animals. Then you would talk and the humans there will be all shocked, and before they do anything you’d burn the whole place down including everyone inside. There will be no evidence of what you did too as the whole place is burnt down and it will look like an accidental forest fire of some sort.

And it would look a bit weird to be a fox in a city area, even if nobody saw you transforming. If you were a cat or a dog it would be quite natural though cause there are stray cats everywhere.

By the way when you transform back from fox to human would you be naked?


Maybe I could create an entire Sub-Story only for the Kitsune, which will center around a scenario like that. A possible plot could be, that while practicing to control your fox form in a forest you would meet a injured fox, who is pursued by hunters. You would save the fox from these hunters and would mend his/her wounds, After you helped the fox he/she would tell you, that these hunters captured all of his/her friends and that they want to kill them for their fur (or something around that). Thereafter you could decide, if you want to help the fox with saving his/her friends, or if you ignore the problem. If you decide to help him/her the story might proceed just the same way as you described it, with you saving the other animals from the humans.

Throughout this sub-story you could build up friendships with other animals, especially with the fox you saved in the beginning. Maybe after the story you could even get the chance to offer the fox to accompany you back home and to stay with you (a little bit like adopting a pet).

Your clothes would transform with you. As I said in the old Prolog, the clothes of the MC are made out of a special enchanted fabric, which has the ability to adjust itself to the body of it’s wearer. This effect would also work if you turn into a fox. Your clothes would simply dissapear when you change into your fox form and would reappear once you change back to your human form.


I love the idea of a sub-story about the fox it sounds really cool to be a fox and go on a animal adventure. But I gotta stop reading this thread it’s getting me too hyped


Do foxes and animals know you are a kitsune or they think you’re a regular fox when in fox form? What about other non-humans? Do they know about you?
@Blank Yeah I hope it won’t be too difficult to write all the ideas and stuff. Like there was this game called A Witch’s Path that also had lots of ideas and the author didn’t even post a demo after more than a year (I think he didn’t even write one at all o.o)


They would think that you are just a normal Fox with a few unusual features, like your nine tails.

Other non-humans would know that you are a Kitsune.

Don’t worry, it won’t be too difficult. Ok, maybe a little but I will give my best to make all of this ideas as good as I imagine them.

Also, these ideas are still quite easy to implement. To be honest, I have an entire Notebook filled with concepts and ideas which I haven’t mentioned here and which are much more complicated to implement, but as I said I will give my best to implement them as good as possible.

Also, I am doing my best to finish the last parts of the new demo, so that I can post it by the end of the week or at the beginning of the next.


@BrachydiosX how about setting up a poll with the options and see what people like? Leave it for a couple of days and see what people like and what you personally want and take all that into consideration when deciding. This way you your input, the players input and can make a better decision rather than just go off the whims of one commenter.


Do you still mean the height of your Fox form?


Yes. Since there’s so many varying options, why not make a poll to see what people think?


Hey everyone. If it’s ok I would really like to know, which of the following options for the Fox form of the Kitsune MC would be more appealing for you.

Body Height of the Fox form of the Kitsune MC

  • Female Kitsune: 45 cm / Male Kitsune: 55 cm
  • Female Kitsune: 92 cm / Male Kitsune: 102 cm
  • Female Kitsune: 138 cm / Male Kitsune: 150 cm

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Maybe at some later part in the story, once you managed to fully control your fox form, you might get the ability to freely change your size as well as your fur color. However, this won’t happen all too soon.


What about dealing with wolf hunters when you’re a grey wolf?


But the Grey Wolf can’t change to a full wolf form.