Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



The neko will definatly be adorable, my problem a fencer at heart but i am intriged to take the neko


The tiger girl from Killing Bites :smiley:


One last point regarding the Raiju. I don’t know if I already talked about that, but the choices for the appearance of your Raiju character will only, like the name suggests, influence your appearance. No matter which of the five Options you choose, you will Keep the normal Raiju skillset and the same attributes, with Agility as your highest attribute.
However, your appearance will still have a certain influence on the game. Based on your choosen animalistic appearance, you will get different interactions with some of the other characters, like different reactions or unique dialogs during the romances. For example, I have planned to create some unique interactions with Maria, if you choose Cat or Dog as your Raiju appearance.


I like all of the choices for the Raiju!


Half dragon named Kobayashi lol


Or you can think of it as Tohru and Kobayashi’s love child and name it Ruko/Toko/Kobato/Hiruko,etc for a girl or Toshi/Yato/Ayato,etc for a boy. How is that possible if they’re both female? Well, its anime, anything can happen and who said dragons need both genders to have offspring? :rofl:


Hmm. :thinking:

A great idea, but I think I could develop the reference a little bit more extensively. How about I would change the first name of the Half Dragon MCs mother from Alice to Tohru? That would make the overall reference much better.


Hey everyone, I’m really sorry but I could need your advice one more time.

I finally reached the part with the fight against the older classmates within the Prolog, but I also came up with a new question. It regards the end of the rampage path after the awakening of the MCs powers.

As you probably already know, once your powers have awakened, you can choose one of two paths. Either the Restraint Path, were you try to hold yourself back, or the Rampage path, were you go full rampage with your new powers and let the leader of the group suffer for hurting Emilia.
However, now comes my question. Would you like to be given the choice to kill the leader of the group, who tried to harm Emilia and probably even planned to do much worse things to her, at the end of the Rampage path?


Yes, definitely, revenge is awesome


Wouldnt really kill the guy perhaps option to maim him pretty good like loses arm leg gets not so sexy scar on face or well smiply pop him


Yes, so much yes. I would love to be able to kill the guy for what he did and planned to do to poor Mia.


Wait, is crippling him an option


No, not in the direct way. However, the Rampage path basically includes that you maim or cripple him (I mean, its called Rampage for a good reason). In the end, I would let you choose if you want to leave it at that or to end it once and for all.


Maim? Yes please. Ain’t no one gonna screw with my friends.


So the question was do we want the option to kill? As opposed to completely losing control in rampage mode?

Yes, options!!


Yes :fox_face:
Also, maybe it could a consequence. Like - MC goes berseck => shit happening => MC cools down => take a look around => "oh... he's dead." :sleepy::roll_eyes: or " ...i killed him?"


Wait I thought the prolog is removed? Cause you said you are now an agent and it wouldn’t make sense for an agent to have no powers. Unless it shows your childhood


No, I only removed the old Prolog. The new Prolog plays in the MCs childhood and serves as the character creation, as well as an introduction to the world the story takes place in.


Will there be consequences for going rampage and killing the leader? Will people have bad impression of you later on, and will Emilia herself get scared or she’ll be grateful and love you more? Or maybe going rampage will make you prone to losing control over your powers more often? Also what would a gunslinger do in rampage? Will you fill his whole body with bullets? Or even shoot flaming/explosive ones. Oh also did Chris and Emilia already awaken their powers at that point? And does the MC know they aren’t human and that Chris and Emilia aren’t humans either?


I agree grant us the choice to kill