Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I think it’s a bit sad to leave this thread but a fresh cut wolud be good


A fresh start would be great.


You might want to notify the moderators first if you want to start a new thread. Just to prevent confusion.


well the decision is yours, i hope I will find the new thread


I’ve honestly seen a good deal of authors do both, either just updating their current thread with the new demo or moving the new version of their story to a new thread altogether (tend to see this action more when the old thread itself is either close to ending or is noticeable long).

So it mostly depends on what your preference is.


Thank you for your replies. I think I will start over and create a new thread, which then hopefully will serve as the perfect foundation for my reworked story. Also, since several of my older concepts and ideas (which I posted here in this thread) have long since been scraped or changed, it might be not so bad to start over with a new thread. However, as @rosemary_and_sage suggested I will probably add a link to the old thread for references or insights on old discussions. I hope everyone is fine with this decision.


@BrachydiosX Not sure if this was asked before or not (too lazy to read through all those comments), but in your rewrite do you plan on keeping the original dream/nightmare prologue? I really thought it was pretty cool…


Sadly, no. The reworked story has a different opening scene, which will be set even farther back in the past then the Prolog and will be centered around the mother of the MC, Yukio and Seraphina. However, it is also important to note that I didn’t scraped the idea with the Dream/Nightmare sequences entirely. I just pushed them a little bit further back into the story.


I don’t think that’s a bad idea… I thinks it’s a terrible idea… an Idea I like nonetheless.


Will the title still be the same or will you change it??


I like the title, reminds me of FF Tactics


Yeah I like it too that’s why I’m asking. :blush:


The title will still stay the same. While I changed quite a lot from my original concept, that was one thing that I definitely wanted to keep (mainly because I still think that the title sounds quite cool).


Glad to hear it!


I’m so glad one thing in my life is constant at least: this WIP getting repeatedly reworked and edited before the prologue is even finished lol (no harm meant and I appreciate all the work you do, I just find it funny in a way :smiley:)


Ok, not really sure now if its sarcasm or not, but I can see your point. To be honest, I would probably be amused by all the amounts of delays and god knows what else as well.

However, there actually is a reason for all the delays and reworks. Its a little bit embarassing to admit this, but this can all be accounted to my probably biggest flaw in terms of writing. To be honest, I may or may not be a little bit over critical with my own work. You see, I have this certain concept in my head of a story and try to translate it into reality as accurate as possible. I actually managed to do so (well more or less) in the past and was even quite happy with the results. However, after a short while I always start to get doubts about my work and questions start to form in my head like: “Is it really good?”, “Are the readers going to like it?” or “Is this really the best I could do?”. In the end these doubts usually get the best of me and make me start to doubt my work, which usually ends with me rewriting entire parts of the story or scraping everything and start once again from the beginning. Honestly, by now I more or less lost count about the number of times I reworked this story and it slowly starts to get quite frustating. However, the worst thing for me personally are the imaginations for you might feel about the constant delays and that in the end when I’m actually done all of those who were once interested in my story have long since lost their said interest (to be honest, I would definitely understand if that might be the case for some). Still even with all these doubts and fears I will continue to give my best and turn this project into the story I imagine it to be, no matter how long it might take and hopefully along the way I might even get rid of some of my personal flaws. Until then, I hope that you might still be able to bear with me.

Sorry for the long post, but somehow this was something that I had get out in the open for quite some time.


don’t worry I will always be interested in this WIP. Even if I have to wait 50 years. A solution could be just to release it anyway and just wait for the readers’ feedback. Because if they like it and it don’t bother you to much you can just leave it like that


That’s a pretty normal thing for writers (god I’m BAD for this). ^^ And I’m fine following you through the rollercoaster, regardless.

Unsolicited Advice

The best take I found to fix this kinda habit was to “practice finishing projects”. Give yourself a small project, give yourself a time limit (an hour, a day, a weekend), and whatever you get done in that time limit, it’s done.

I do it with linearts and short stylized stories, little junky things that are meaningless but fun, and kinda meant to copy the sketch pages my sibling does as warmup when he’s working on a commission (incidentally, he has taken this advice with his own art, and makes money off the results so.)

It hasn’t completely broken my habits with projects, but it has helped me get a few big projects done that I’m incredibly proud of. And as a side benefit, I get a chance to try all the stupid little things I think would be fun, but wouldn’t work with [whatever my project is], without going off to something new.


Hey no matter what you write I and all your other fans, WILL continue to support you and I’d know i’ll read/play it so the time will be worth it in the end. Don’t you worry!


Self doubt has been a big issue I’m struggling with for my own WIP so I totally get how you feel.

And about interest - I’ll add that I found your demo on dashingdon long before I joined the forums and completely fell in love with it. My excitement for your story has not diminished in the least since then. You have such a unique and captivating concept, and your style of writing is wonderful as well!

Just write at your own pace, and remember to take breaks so you don’t exhaust yourself! I daresay you’ll have dedicated fans who’ll be with you through this journey no matter how long it may be :slight_smile: