Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Thank you everyone. I’m really glad to hear that all the interest is still there and that you are still ready to help me.


No, you aren’t missing anything. There hasn’t been a new demo yet, due to several issues. However, as I mentioned yesterday this will going to change very soon.


Oh cool, thanks for the reply

I’m excited to play this since the demo had me
L u s t i n g
For more, since I do so enjoy a good modern fantasy.
Also, kitsune girls = best girls


I would like to help out if I can


I thought you still have the names of the beta testers so I didn’t mentioned I’m still interested but of cause I would be happy if I can be a beta tester.


y e s


I can only wholeheartly agree.

Also, in terms of Kitsune Girls I might have good news for you. You see, one of the potential future female ROs (which will be introduced somewhere in the second book) is actually a Kitsune, so there is definitely the chance for you to start a romance with a cute Kitsune Girl.

Well, I still have them but I wasn’t sure if all those who volunteered as testers back then were still interested.


I’m still interested in beta testing.


intersted to help out


Still interested in beta testing as well :blush:


If there’s still a spot I’m very interested in beta testing


Also would be interested in beta testing



I am now immensely excited for further releases, a world without cute fox girls is a dark dark place


@Fay I see you are a woman of culture my friend.


if i really must say it then yes i still am.



Though may i suggest you release a list with the names of everyone who applied asking them to like the post if they are still interested
or something like that
so the thread wont be floded with

"i m still interestd "



Why is the demo not updated? It seems cool, but it ends when leaving the door… how am I gonna be amazing if the game just ends after leaving your house??? :frowning: I feel super disappointed that I can’t continue… but oh well… just gotta live with it I guess.


Cause it has yet to be written, what you saw is the old demo


That’s actually a good idea. It would probably also make certain things a little easier in the future.

Well then, here is the list with the names of all the beta testers. It’s 26 names alltogether and a mixture of both volunteers from the old list and several from the newer list. Also, since 26 is quite a sufficient number I probably won’t add any new testers. I only hope that I haven’t listed anyone who had no actual interest.:

  • Noah
  • Hearts
  • Le_Uyen
  • Blueyanick
  • howlin_drak
  • Bizimo
  • Bravo
  • Fay
  • LordNanachi
  • Jacob_knisley
  • stsword
  • Nevantyr
  • VainCorsair
  • Bluewolf
  • Shareef_Clayton
  • Terrel_Williams
  • lokidemon007
  • Zaro1789
  • Conor_Mccann
  • Zeom
  • MrDuke
  • DontJudge
  • Vashnik
  • Hollows
  • Smol_Tatortot
  • Okami-Nora


I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, but there is one last thing I need to ask you. Since the upcoming update will basically be a new start for my project I wanted to ask you if I should create a new thread and close this one, or if I should keep this thread and simply update my first post so that it corresponds with the new reworked version of my story?


Start a new one :point_up:


I agree, I think starting a new thread with a link to this old thread for reference would be a good fresh start!