Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with all of them, especially Robert!


Oki doki, i can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:


Oh, one last thing that I forgot to mentions. Some time ago I asked you if some of you might be interested in being testers for all the new additions and updates of my story before I officially post them here. I only wanted to say, that I haven’t forgotten this offer and that I will continue with my plan once I release the new demo link, which means that I will send every new additions and update to those who offered their help as testers in the hope to get rid of any remaining errors or grammar mistakes that might still be left before I officially release it for everyone to read. I really hope that those of you who offered their help back then are still interested (of course, I would understand if thats not the case anymore for some of you).


I for one am still interested in beta testing for this


I’m still interested in beta testing as well.


I’m still interested in beta testing.


I’m still interested if you’ll have me.


I still wish to help with beta testing.


I’m interested


Still interested


I’m interested too!


Still interested. Will always be.


I’m interested


Still interested.


Might be lurking most of the time, but yeah I’m still interested, your work calls for a masterpiece and I wouldn’t dream of not testing it


If memory serves I didn’t make the first cut, but I’d be happy to offer my services if anyone dropped out, or if you decide you’d rather err on the side of caution when it comes to having too many or too few beta testers.


You can still count on me


:raised_hands: I’m in on it :raised_hands:


I’m still interested


Yo guys just wondering but is there like a closed beta to this game or something? Since it seems like their are a lot of RO descriptions and comments for a game which only has a demo about 5 minutes long, and has seemingly been that way for two years. So am I missing something or was I dropped on my head one too many times as a child to notice the obvious link to a new demo.