Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Can we have something like a rival?


Umm, do you mean like a nemesis or more as some kind of friendly rivalry?


Freindly rivalry


what if my save doesn’t show up when i come back to the game


Well, if its such a rivalry you are looking for I would suggest that you should stay close to Christina, since Chris can be quite competitve in certain areas (such as Martial Arts for example) and would without a doubt greatly enjoy to have someone who might pose a challenge for her or someone against whom she can go all out (of course only on a friendly basis).


Umm, what “save” are you talking about?


has the demo been updated?


No, and I’m sorry about that.


No need to apologise, it’s all your work after all and it takes time to create good work like this


I really like the idea of this wip, and I hope everything goes wonderful. I might be a little biased since this was my first wip I read through on this site, but I still think it’s awesome.


it all good I was checking…I the concept is interesting and was curious how it would develop?


@BrachydiosX no like in general lol


Maybe? I have no idea if CoG/HG work similarly to video games but in some cases, you do have to make a new game and start over after the game has been updated (“Oxygen Not Included” comes to my mind).
Besides, from what I read in the discussion, the creator plans on adding in more options regarding the character creation itself, so there would be some changes the prologue part.


The prologue will be rewritten completely.

About the safe system, as long as the file where you saved and tgose before is unchanged you can reload it without trouble, many use one file per chapter others only one over all.
If the start up file is modified a new begin is strongly recommended


It’s been quiet here. I hope it’s ok to ask whether you are still working on this demo?


Don’t worry about asking, I can understand why you would like to know about the progress of my story. So to answer your question, yes I’m still working on the story and I’m also still determined on finishing it, so there is no need to worry. I just had to make a few more or less larger changes, like reworking some of ROs for example, which took a Little bit more time than I had expected. Also, there was this one part that haunted me for almost a year now, which is the beginning of my story. No matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t find a good opening for my story, but thankfully I could finally create a opening which I hope will be a good entrance into the large world of my story. However I’m still not quite sure if the opening is completely perfect, so my plan is to release a short demo somewhere next week which contains said opening and a small part of the Prolog (mainly the new reworked character creation). Once I release it I would like to hear your opinion about the new opening, so that I could make some changes if you think it might need it. As soon as that is also out of the way I would add the rest of the Prolog in a row of updates during the following weeks.


Good luck. I’m happy that you are still working on it. Which ROs did you changed?


I made some changes to Christina, Emilia, Robert, Laurence/Laura, Jayce and Maria.


sorry to ask but where is the new demo ?
Yeah as you can see i’m kind of new here XD


Sadly, it isn’t released yet due to several issues. However, as I mentioned in the post above, next week will finally follow a link to the first part of the demo (even if its just a small section for now).