Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Umm, I’m sorry but I don’t really understand your question. Could you clarify what you mean by “largest entity”.


If you mean ‘strongest’, i think it’s Death IIRC, because, and i quote, ‘YOU DON’T FUCK WITH DEATH’ (Thanos is really sad now)

So there are rabbits people, fox people, wolf people and monkey people, sound like U9 from DBS to me.


Sorry. I mean largest as in height:





The Mihou the author just mentionned above.


Hmm, to be honest its not quite easy to answer this question. You see, there are many races, gods and mythological creature who are distinguished by their impressive height. There are even some races who can alter their height. However, if I must name a example for some of the larger beings, I would say the eight elder Dragon’s in their Dragon Forms are quite close to the top.


I see


Here is another character concept that I have come up with:

Crosilak, The Betrayer

Gender: Male

Age: 358

Species: Dal’kura

Affiliation: Lords of Pestilence (formerly)/ D.S.R

Occupation: Plague Lord (formerly) Chemical Agents and Weapons Specialist

Height: 175 cm

Appearance: He has a fairly muscular build, which is uncommon among his kind. His fur is brown, clean, and matted and he has a beard beneath his snout which is colored grey. His eyes glow a bright green, and he has long whiskers and a long tail.

Personality: Crosilak is very quiet, yet he is always knowledgeable of what’s happening around him. His age has gifted him immense knowledge and wisdom. He is fully aware that his kind is hated by almost every race in the world, as he is partly responsible for this hatred. Being the creator of many terrible plagues and diseases that has brought ruin to many species. When questioned about his past, he never indulges, even those close to him. Secretly, Crosilak is lonely and deeply ashamed of his actions in the past, wanting to atone for them by helping to ensure the safety of the world. He speaks with a much clearer, deeper, yet softer tone than the rest of his kind. He often carries around a staff that he uses to help him walk. Crosilak is also extremely intelligent, as he was the most intelligent member of his kind before his desertion. When working, his attention is devoted solely to the task at hand, he will ignore anything or anyone that he deems a distraction, as a result, he is left alone when working on important, or even smaller tasks. Crosilak is also a fearless individual, not taking heed to any threats made against him. He has a strong dislike of bright areas and sunlight, and thus wears goggles when in bright areas and he works in pitch-black conditions.

Abilities: Crosilak is a master in the fields of chemicals, chemical weapons, and various forms of energy. He is able to concoct various potions and elixirs in a very short amount of time, while being immune to their effects should they be used against him. His knowledge in the fields of engineering is also nearly unrivaled. He is also quiet strong and agile, able to climb onto walls and scale buildings with relative ease. It is also known that anything he creates only works in his hands, Lest he modified them otherwise. He is also naturally resistant to all forms of sickness and plague. His sense of smell is also extremely good, and he is capable of seeing perfectly in the dark. Crosilak also has access to a suit of armor that he wears if he is needed in combat. This armor has built-in lighting cannon on the left arm, has a field of energy that surrounds his armor, making him more resilient to damage.

A picture of Crosilak is his armor after his desertion:

A picture of Crosilak in a more armored variation of his armor before his desertion:


That’s basicaly a Warhammer Skaven.


This is the last character concept that I have come up with:

Salakur, The Eternal

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Species: Khealishii

Affiliation: D.S.R

Occupation: Expert for espionage and intelligence

Height: Avatar: 184 cm / True form: 13,500 cm

Appearance: When controlling his “Avatar”, Salakur has fair skin, he wears a black leather bodysuit and has black glasses, black gloves, black shoes, and a trench coat. In his “true form”, Salakur resembles that of the rest of his kind, a massive construct. His body is mainly crimson colored, with grey outlining his body.

Personality: Salakur is a friendly, if very cold and professional individual. He never speaks unless spoken to, is always watching everything and everyone around him, and he knows a lot more than he lets usually lets on. When he does speak, he speaks in a deep, yet kind voice. He can be always found collecting and cataloging information. Though, underneath this facade, Salakur is a broken and tortured being, as a result of his imprisonment, and his mind being damaged by the Gods. He sometimes talks in a cryptic manner with a much deeper, and distorted voice than is normal for him, this is a result of uncontrollable outbursts from his old personality. Said personality being the merciless and dreaded being from a time long ago. Salakur has tried to find many ways to cure his broken mind, but has met no success. He has however found ways to temporarily suppress these outbursts, as he fears one day he will lose control of himself and arise from his tomb, and exact his vengeance upon humanity. He also masks his outbursts as a medical condition, doesn’t want anybody knowing why he truly experiences them. He is also extremely close friends with Crosilak, with the latter trying to find a solution to heal his mind.

Abilities: Being a Khealishii, Salakur has an incredible pool of energy at his disposal. While controlling his avatar, he has hyper-accelerated reflexes and speed, immense strength, rapid healing, and near-invulnerability. He is capable of creating a blade made out of his own energy. Though his power In his true form, Salakur is the most powerful of his kind, possessing near unrivaled power and durability. Salakur is able to break through even the most secure of encryptions with ease. With the use of his fragments, Salakur is able to keep an eye on many things without him being needed to be personally. Salakur, being a Khealishii, is almost impossible to truly kill, for as long as his core remains, he will never die.

This is what Salakur would more or less resemble when controlling his avatar:

And this is what he would truly look like:

Here is a little snipet of information of Salakur back during the “Twilight War.”
Caution: Really long post: I hope you all have a merry holiday as well.

The battlefield was quiet, with the gentle patter of the rain being the only source of sound.

Darkness reigned over the land. The countless, mangled bodies of the brave and fearless warriors who perished against their onslaught. But there, among them, were the broken forms of the ones responsible. Of those wretched machines, those afronts to life. The Khealishii.

He walked, quietly through the devastation, once a vibrant land filled with life a plethora of life. The music of the animals filled the air, weaving between the vegetation and trees that gave them life and protection. Raw power rippled within these lands, a place where creation thrived and equilibrium was found.

But there was none of that here now, replaced by the silent moans of the trees as the wind passes through their limbs, the misty fog that has engulfed the land, and the stench of carrion, as small insects and critters take what they can from this desolate land. He stopped and kneeled beside a warrior, one of the Aeon Order.

“You died fighting protecting the world. And for that you have my thanks,” he whispered, closing the eyelids of the fallen warrior. His gaze doesn’t moved from the warrior, one that remembers honor, glory, and brotherhood. Moments, that felt so distant in the current darkness.

“You couldn’t save them, even if you tried, brother.” A soft, yet powerful voice speaks to him. A voice belonging to his sister, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. His gaze still on the warrior, as he balls his hands into fists.

He did not look back at her, his eyes now upon the horizon.

“What is it?” She asks.

He gets up and unsheathes his sword. He looks back at his sister, and behind her, her army. He sensed something, someone. He eyes scanning the fog around them. No, it’s nothing. As he prepares to put away his sword, a great bowl pierces the air light the coldest winter. That howl that Ares has many times before. That dreaded howl that has been the herald of death for so many of his soldiers, of so many innocents.

Salakur. Salakur, The Eternal.

His eyes now look up into the sky, and in it, the bright glowing “eyes” of a massive silhouetted. form of the greatest enemy that he has ever known, pierces the fog. He turns to his sister, her spear in hand, and her warriors ready. But are they truly?

They do not know him like he does. The power he can bring forth. The devastation he can bring. He knows what this thing can do. He was there…. When they had gained their sentience…. when they began their slaughter…. When the Twilight War began. He saw what what it did to those cities, the bodies…. the sea of bodies,

They do not know. But he does.

From his form, his “fragments”. These fragments, holding more of their kin beneath their weight. “Get ready,” he tells his warriors. His sword lights up, and he prepares for the coming onslaught. Ares suddenly keels over, his head in his hands, as a myriad of voices radiate inside his mind. “The Son of Zeus. Your efforts only delay your inevitable defeat. You will continue to fight, and will continue to lose, until there’s nothing left to protect. My grasp is eternal, my power, unrivaled, my fragments, limitless.”

Ares’s mind feels like a fire is burning bright inside of it. He has fought this being before, but never once has he spoken. If his voice is enough to cause him pain, what is he truly capable of? But regardless, he will never yield today on this day, nor will he ever. Ares struggles to get up, but he cannot find the strength to do so.

Ares then feels himself being lifted up, he turns his heads and is met with his sister. “We can do this. As we have done before.” Athena says.

But before Ares could respond, a massive explosion knocks him off his feet. Ares looks around him, his vision is blurry. The the screams and yells of his soldiers fill his ears as they are torn apart by the weapons of the fragments. By HIS fragments. Ares looks around and sees his sister, being surrounded, he stumbles up and prepares to bring forth his power against them, but she yells at him to go, to finish this.

He cannot leave her, but he must, it’s what she would’ve done. Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies.

“Come forth, Son of Zeus, you shall share the same fate as all who have gone against me.” The words of Salakur once again taunting him, now speaking with the force of a thousand voices. Ares, with a thunderous roar that shook the heavens themselves, launches himself as his target. Towards the one who has caused him so much pain, so much grief, towards the one who has ended the lives of countless innocents. Towards Salakur.


I’m envious of your creativity.


I only have one word to describe this wip “meticulous”.
You create a great fiction world who looks really living, something who is really hard
I have great expectations in this Wip.
I have a question,you know El Pombero?
It’s a popular legend in Argentina and Paraguay,it’s a troublemaker creature know for steal things,eat your food and throw rocks to the people
you can ask him favors,but you need to do offerings to him for a month
It’s know to be a perv creature too


Thank you very much. :blush:

I hope I can meet your expectations once the new update goes live. Luckily, I can assure you that it won’t be that much longer. Especially since I have the next weeks of from school, which means that its finally writing/coding time.

Sadly, no. I’m not that familiar with south american mythology. My knowledge is more centered around european and japanese mythology.

Hmm, that’s very interesting indeed. I might even look into this a little bit further. Who knows, maybe that could even help me with the concept of a future character. Wouldn’t be so bad either. Until now I have only one other mythological creature from South America in my cast of future characters.

Thanks for mentioning this.


I wonder if maybe is La llorona i think she is the most know here in South America


Do you have any french mythological creature in the cast ?

Also there are a lot of creature to choose from in south america if you want more of them.


Umm, sorry but no. The character which I was talking about (his name is Lucas by the way) is a Boitatá, a brazilian forest spirit which takes on the form of a giant snake with bull horns and enormous fiery eyes.

No, at least not until now.

I know, but I still need to make a few inquiries in this area, since I’m not that well informed about south american mythology (as I mentioned before).


Technicaly, there could have been Kitsune in france and other european country, given how widespread the ‘Renart’ folk tales became in medieval europe.

same with Nekomata with ‘matagot’ legend in southern france.




You don’t need to include every culture’s mythology in your game. If you do plan on writing a second book then maybe you can implement more diverse myths in that game. Focus on your strengths, not on the quantity of different mythological creatures you can fit into one game.


You know what, you are right. I should really try to focus more on my strengths to turn this project of mine in the story I want it to be. Also, I have to apologize for my eagerness. More than often than I would prefer (espcially when it comes to new ideas and concept) my eagerness and creativity might go a little bit aboard.