Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Don’t worry. We wait untill you are finished. Don’t rush


It’ll be worth the wait.


Just take all the time you need and don’t rush things


Thank you everyone for your understanding. I’m really glad that you don’t mind the additional delay and I promise that I will try my best to solve these last problems as soon and fast as I’m able to.


Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Hey Brach, I have a (in my opinion) interesting character concept. Would you like to see?


Would be cool if there was monkey people, are there monkey people ?

cause i’v been rewatching old sun wukong stuff and it’s just cool.


Sure, I’m all ears.


The world of my story features hundreds of different non-human and supernatural races (and even more sub-races) from various mythologies and legends. The Mihou (the race which Sun Wukong belongs to) would of course also be part of this enormous community.


Sweet. Give me a sec.


Alarak’ulan, The Paladin of Light

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Species: Human

Affiliation Aeon Order (formerly)/ D.S.R

Occupation: Paladin of Light

Height: 295 cm

Appearance: Nothing is known about what lies underneath the armor that Alarak adorns, as his armor prevents anything from being seen from within. All that is known is that his eyes glow a holy golden and that his armor projects “wings” made of pure light. His height is also nothing to overlook, as he towers over most beings, distilling fear in them, even when he doesn’t mean to.

Personality: Alarak is a highly experienced and powerful warrior, as a result of his career as a warrior of the Aeon Order. Alarak is seen as determined and inspirational figure to those around him. Though he usually expresses a stoic and calm persona, he can be quick to anger if provoked enough. Despite this, he is an extremely quiet figure, though when he speaks his voice demands respect and attention. As a result of the betrayal of his brother, Orakus, long ago, He has zero tolerance for lies, betrayal, and traitors, as he has personally experienced such acts. But Alarak also feels indebted to the dragons, more specifically, the First Dragons, as they freed him and the Aeon Order from the control of the Gods. And as a result of his enslavement, he has a fiery hatred for the Gods of the world.

Abilities: As a Paladin of the Aeon Order, Alarak’s abilities include teleportation, the ability to rend other species’ powers (with the exception of death) useless with a mere gesture, and has telekinesis. Alarak can also summon his spear, Solaris, at at moments notice. He can also unleash devastating waves of energy upon his enemies, but leaving his allies untouched. He also possess superhuman strength, durability, speed and reflexes.

A picture to give you an idea of what Alarak would look like:

Here is another picture, this one shows what it looked like in the fight between Alarak and his brother, Orakus:

“My loyalty lies with the people, the inhabitants of this world. Not with the Gods. Our purpose was once noble. Once abused. No longer. No longer are we bound to the Gods and their insatiable appetite for power, their lust for perfection. Our loyalty, our power, our strength, lies with you, First Ones.” — Alarak pledging his loyalty to the First Dragons


Uh… question. Why is your character so tall? Nearly 3 meters? I don’t know, this seems quite strange for a human.
That aside, he gives me the Darksiders vibe… Probably because I have been getting into the games lately… which isn’t necessary a bad thing, even the opposite.


You should totally add a Nephalem race (Angel/Demon hybrids).
I have been watching this discussion with interest for quite awhile but never commented on it. While I find your demo quite interesting (because it made me wanna continue reading), I have no idea what to expect from it, hence why I was wondering if I should comment or not.
More importantly, this game didn’t make my character feel “out of place” (because of their name or something) so to speak which most of games seems to give me that impression the first time I play them, so that’s a thumbs up from me.


Alarak’s height is just the result of his birth, just like how some people are naturally extremely tall.


So you want imperius in the story, he’s awesome and with the dialogue you managed to skirt around the copyright I like it


Yeah, Imperius was also an interesting character. Fighting for the good of world, yet his arrogance got the best of him. Which in the fight between diablo and him, he paid for it.


Wow, a really impressive concept. Thanks for sharing it with us. If it’s ok for you, I would like to add your concept to my notes and ideas. Maybe somewhere in the future I might use your concept (or at least parts of it) for one of my many characters. Also, if you got more ideas like this I would be more than happy to hear them.


Be my guest my freind. I do have other characters I will add in the future. (I need to improve upon their writing.) I’ve had an interest in writing.


Thank you.

Also, I’m eager to hear more about your characters in the future.


Also quick question, if you don’t mind me asking, who, or what is the largest entity in your story thus far?