Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



This is the first WIP that makes me interested.


Wow, Thanks. I honestly didn’t expect someone to say that, especially with all the great WIP’s that can be found here.


The other WIPs aren’t nearly as good as this one…


Wow. Again I didn’t expect to hear something like that. Thank you.

If you don’t mind the question, what exactly is it that makes my story so special to you? I noticed that a lot of you seemed to see my story as their personal favourite and I wanted to know why that is so.


I think people are intrigued because of your unique ideas and characters. I don’t think any text-based game has ever given someone the opportunity to pursue a snake lady coughlenacough. And then there are the different subplots to each species. Your ideas haven’t been done before and people are expecting a lot. You’ve given us a lot of promises to implement our ideas into your game and I guess that pleases a lot of people.



Know the question isn’t aimed at me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for games that allow a player to become a living being that is something other than human. And when it’s clear that a lot of thought went on a creator’s end for the the kind of being’s culture and interaction in the world, that makes me enjoy the concept even more. Especially when the world is also given the same amount of treatment.

From what has been shared on this forum about the characters and the types of beings we can be, it’s clear that a lot of thought is going into all of these things. So I certainly am looking forward to see Ultima’s world and characters in action.


I just can not wait for the new link :slight_smile:


1- The lore is pretty interesting. Like the fact that non-humans live among humans in secret and played important roles in major historical events, or became prominent figures. I particulally like the way you describe the world, The are lots of races, segregationist?, magic, gods and a lot more things and still its does not feel over-the-top.

2-I love you character. they are diverse, have a past, have a mind of their own, they are likeable but most importantly( for me ) they have their own problem and their own way of dealing with them, they have emotion. More than appealing they are relatable, makes we sympathise with them.

3-then there is playable races, each with strenghs and drawbacks as well race specific thing ( dont want to go into detail) with add depth to the option and a lot of replayablity to the game. This part reminds me of Keeper sun and moon( something like this), a wip i liked a lot with different races, powers, etc.

4- i think there is more but i run out of whatever it is that fuels me sooo…



No pressure


your world is really interesting! i wish i could live in it! :star_struck:


This is my favourite WIP because of everything we already know about the world. It’s just one of the world with a great and interesting lore. It doesn’t seem like “Oh you are MC x and live in World Y, here is Problem Z… Deal with it.”
(I don’t say every single WIP in this Forum is bad. I really like some other WIPs, too.)
This is my favourite WIP because the world feels so alive. I like the premise of the supernatural and the way you
wrote/write it in the story. With all the races it probably will have a high replay value. Every Race has lore, too and a own story. The Chars are also a reason why I love this WIP. All of the Chars are interesting and I already like all of them. The all could be real persons (beside the Supernatural factor). The last thing I really like is that this WIP is a bit Anime like.

Because I’m not really good at writing I sum it up a bit

  1. A wonderful world which don’t just exist for the MC (or at least it feels like that) and it feels like this world has a real backstory and doesn’t just exist for the MCs life (again at least it feels like that)

  2. Interesting and unique Characters and ROs. They don’t feel like they’re just empty templates and represent just one characteristic or are just living to love the MC.

  3. I love animes

  4. You are a great Worldbuilder (did i mentioned that I love the world?)

  5. In this WiP are many thing which in my subjective opinion are just awesome.


And the fact that I get to be a kitsune :slight_smile:


true, but cat ears are the best


I really don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said about your great characters and your great world building. One of the few text-based game creator I would show to anyone who wants to improve on there works, you’re like in my top five greats creator :grin: it’s hard to get in my top five lol.


Ok, now I’m really speechless. Thank you. Thank you very much. :blush:

However, while I’m very grateful for the praise I honestly don’t think that I really deserve it. At least not until I managed to finally show you the actual results of my long work to (hopefully) prove the actual worth of my story.


Umm, I’m sorry but there is something I must tell you. Sadly, I can’t release the update as planned, because of some rather complicated problems. You see, while the actual Story part is done there is still one part which I more or less neglected during the last few months. The part which I’m Talking about is the Stats Screen, which is more or less still in the condition of my old Concept. I somehow underestimated the amount of work I need to adjust the Stats Screen to my new Concept, which is the reason why I sadly didn’t managed to finish it on time. To be honest, I’m still working on it. This doesn’t mean that the update is canceled, only that I might need a Little bit more time to finish it. To ease your worries, it (hopefully) won’t take much longer than a few days and I should be able to release the update somewhere in the midth of the next week. Again I’m very sorry that I let you wait once again and hope that you aren’t too upset or disappointed with me.



I don’t think you need to worry about disappointing anyone just because something didn’t go as planned. This is the WIP forums; I think a great deal of us are already in the mindset that the stories may take a while to get to certain points and that things will often not go as planned.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a little longer for a demo (especially one that went through a few changes of some kind).


I don’t really care when you post the update as long as I get to read it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s all good man.


Same here it’s all good, games like these get error and stuff a lot of times. :+1:


Never underestimate how basic stuff is important when coding stuff, you can end up with your whole project tumbling done because a single part of old code doesn’t work with the new stuff.