Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Fair enough! :smiley:


Wow that’s very intresting


In there a newer link to the demo :stuck_out_tongue:


Patience, young one. The master will reveal to us the demo when he deems we are worthy.




Don’t worry, the long wait will soon be over. Next week will finally come the long awaited first update, with the beforementioned Teaser and the first part of the Demo.


Clapping intensifies


Let me just get the good wine, to celebrate it




pass out


Umm, I think passing out might be a little bit too much but I appreciate the thought. Also, I’m happy about your enthusiasm and to see how much my little project seemed to have fascinated you.


This is like the most interesting WIP I have ever read.


Wait. Really?


No doubt about that.



Definitely one of my favorites!


It’s definitely a very interesting and unique wip I’m sure it will get tons of love I know I will.


Yup it’s the “just take my money already” wip


Aww, thank you. :blush:

It really means a lot to me to hear that.


You deserve the praise, the work you do is admirable.


Very true :+1: