Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Lena’s getting bullied because she is a lamia.

Are maria or mia getting bullied for similar reasons?
Or only because someones feels like it


That would’ve worked really well lmao


I honestly can’t tell if you are being serious. Please tell me you’re not, cause if you are then you can’t take a joke.


I’m not, I think? What are joke? The one with Noah? Nah, I was joking


if i remember correctly Mia is considered a failure by most of her family ( excluding her mother ), because she believes emotions are a special thing not supposed to be fed upon or something like that. And i forgot the rest of what i was going to say soo…





Do you remember who said that?


Fair enough


Yes, Kitsune and Raijus have (like most Yokai) a certain fondness for alcohol. Espcially Sake is extremly popular and highly regarded among the Yokai.

However, Yokai aren’t the only races who have Special preferences. Most non-human races have a certain fondness, which can the be traced back to the various myths from the past. For example, Dragon’s still tend to hord things they are especially interested in and I’m not talking solely about riches. From books and clothes to video games and electronical devices, as long as it caught the interest of a Dragon they will try to hord as much as possible of it and would guard their “treasure” with their life if they had to.


Umm, is there any chance you meant Chris instead of Maria or did you wanted to know if Maria was bullied as well when she was younger?


Now both




Alright then. Lets sart with Emilia. Back in school, Mia was (similar to Lena) often the victim of bullying and harassment through her classmates. The reason for this were (again similar to Lena) the various prejudices towards her kind. You see, Succubi haven’t the best reputation within the non-human community and are often labeled as treacherous sex-crazed fiends with extreme perverted tendicies and inclinations, even though not all Succubi correspond to these characteristics, which is the perfect case for Mia. Mia is without a doubt the most innocent minded and pure character in my whole cast. There are probably even Angels who have more perverted tendicies then her. Sadly, that didn’t protected her from the various prejudices or the harassment through her classmates, who think of Emilia as that type of girl thats easy to her only because of her race.
Chris on the other hand was a little bit different. She wasn’t actually bullied, but she still had her Problems with finding friends due to her being a Zombie. You see, even though Zombies are a quite common race, there are still many things unknown about them, which is the reason why many races are afraid of them. Many even try to compare Zombies to their depiction in different medias, such as fiction for example, which usually doesn’t have an all to positive effect. This is the reason why Christina had it extremly hard to find friends back when she was younger, because most kids her age were extremly afraid of her (even though there was no reason for that).
Lastly Maria. She had actually never any problems with bullying or harassment through her classmates. The reason for this is, that Maria’s race (or Catgirls in general) is quite popular within the non-human community and because of this she never had any problems with kids her age back when she was younger.


@BrachydiosX I apologise if this was asked but how do the other non-humans view the races we can play us (are they feared, hated…)




You don’t have to apologize. I am more than glad to answer all the questions you might have.

But back to your question. The playable races have certain reputations and standings within the non-human community. Most of them have a rather positive reputation within the non-human community and are partly even highly respected (Dragon and Soulmancer in particular) by the other races. However, their reputations aren’t completely untarnished. All of the playable races also have their so-called “negative sides”, flaws and peculiarities attributable to their nature or racial characteristics, like the mischieviousness of the Kitsune or the unpredictable nature of the Grey Wolfs caused by their Beast blood, which made other races afraid or at least wary of them.


Hey, so I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’ve been using “wolfs” when adressing them in plural. It’s supposed to be “wolves”. Just telling you so that in the future you can write your game without having to change so many grammar mistakes.


Oh, well this is awkward. I seriously didn’t noticed that mistake until now. Thanks for pointing it out.


Is there any chance Ikarus was a real person in your world? Maybe an acient preforming of the Lhoran or a completly different Race


I try to include most of the famous mythological figures within the world of my story (even if they would only appear by Name) and turn them into real persons that once existed or still do. So yes, Ikarus was a Person that actually existed countless centuries ago. However, he wasn’t a non-human. He was simply a human who died because he overestimated the capabilites of one the magical inventions of his father.