Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



How numerous or well armed are they to be able to be a threat against superpowered beings ?

and will they actualy have point or will they just like those guys in Gargoyles with the hammers ?


Are there supernatural groups like them?


PS what they think regarding supernatural who loook mostly human like soulmancers?


Their actual numbers are unknown, however rumours say that their numbers go into the thousands. They are also in the possesion of countless enhanced weapons and forbidden artifacts which gives them a great advantage over most non-humans and which is the reason for their high thread level.

Umm, sorry but I don’t get that reference. Could you maybe eloberate what you mean?

Not exactly like them, but there are a few supernatural groups and crime syndicates who exert a certain influence within the world of my story.

It doesn’t matter to them how human-like a non-human might look. For them, everything that isn’t pure human is seen as a possible thread.


Do they have a point about the supernatural being a potential threat and are just going at it the wrong way or are they just attacking the supernatural without any real reason and the whole ‘they are a danger’ is just an excuse ?

that’s basicaly what i meant


They have their reasons for why they see supernaturals as threats to mankind. The reason for their hatred towards non-humans is based on the countless catastrophic incidents from the past, which were caused by non-humans and which claimed the lifes of many different beings (mainly humans). The Guardians believe that all non-humans, no matter if they are a actual threat or not, are a possible danger for the well-being of mankind and they would do everything to enforce those beliefs (even if it would mean to eradicate whole non-human races in the process).


did they ?



Sadly, yes. To enforce their beliefs and to reach their goal of a perfect world ruled by the humans, the Guardians of Humanity brought several of the smaller races (such as the Lhoran) almost to the brink of extinction.


:C i want to play in the first run as a Lhoran. Means my MC even hates them more then before!


When will we meet him?


I don’t know yet for sure, but I would say somewhere around the third or fourth book. However, they might also be mentioned before that, but only incidentally.


Do Kitsune and Raiju have a fondness for alcohol like in the old myth ?

lots of japanese creature love alcohol (sake in particular) i noticed


You are not intending to challenge them to a drink duel, do you?

You will clearly loose it


I must concur with the human.


Who do you call human?


The primitive who I am conversing with.


Basically yourself


You speak to the Protector of the Mantle, your impudence will not be tolerated, you will show respect.


That’s what you said to yourself when you looked at the mirror this morning


That escalated quickly


Using the “No U” tactic is very effective.