Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Her cuteness will be the death of me.


Oh no , she’s too cute … MUST… SUPPERSS THE HNNGGG… me breathes in me breathes out me final breathes in HHHHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!:hugs:


I wish could agree with you, but sadly I can’t. You see, Lena had it quite hard as a child. Back then she was often bullied by her classmates and other kids her age, because of the bad reputation which her race has within the non-human community and the countless prejudices that are reputed to the Lamia’s (even though most of them are nothing more than exaggerations). During her whole childhood Lena never had any real friends (outside her village) and usually was left out by the other kids. Some kids have even gone a little bit too far with their bullying. It partly even got so bad, that even someone as optimistic as Lena lost most hope of ever finding and having any real friends. Luckily, everything changed for her to the better when she met Mia, Chris and of course the MC.


Then she needs definitely infinite hugs, from the mc


That’s so sad :frowning: I don’t even like women but I think I’ll make a playthrough to romance Lena. Poor girl.


My sentence was worded weird, I don’t like that


Just point the direction where these heretics reside and I shall burn them for the sin that is bullying Lena.


Literally me sacrificing my heterosexuality for Lena. I’d kill anyone who would try to hurt her tbh.


Obviously, I like women. I mean, I’m one lol. What I meant to say is that I don’t like women romantically as in I’m not attracted to them.

But Lena is so cute and precious I’ll have to make an MC just for her. She’s so lonely :cry:


Yeah, forget that comment. It was one of those “you’re in idiot” moments for me. But I agree with you 100%


Kill them all.:frowning:


Question @BrachydiosX : who she met first? under what circumstances ? in the case its spoiler will there be a flashback or something in the book ? if you going for the flashback thing, are there flashbacks for chris and mia aswell?


Lena met the MC first and he/she introduced her then to both Chris and Mia, who of course welcomed her with open arms. Well, Chris at least. Mia needed about a week to gather enough resolve to even say “hello” to Lena.

The MC and Chris protected Lena from several of their classmates who went a little bit too far with their bullying. The reason why they did this and how they did this can later be choosen by you.

Yes, there will be a flashback for how the MC met Lena in a later part of the first book.

Yes, there are. There will also be flashbacks for both Chris and Mia, which will show you how they both met the MC for the first time. The Flashbacks of these two will also occur at a later part of the first book.


What would be a possible choice?
Something like she is cute and tgey won’t watch while a cute girl gets bullied?


Sorry, but I can’t say too much About this yet, since I don’t want to spoil the actual Flashback for you.

However, there is one thing that I can tell you. You are already very close with your idea.


How often do we have flashback and will it be mostly of the MC or are friend and the MC.


There will be several flashbacks during the course of the Story, which will bring you back to important events within the life of the MC (like how they met certain characters, the reason why they decided to join the D.S.R. or their first encounter with the infamous “Guardians of Humanity”). However, my story will also feature a few flashbacks which will be told from the perspective of other important characters, like the mother of the MC for example.


Guardians of Humanity? I wonder how much conflict will happen with this bunch considering their name. Sounds like the MC’s gonna have to kick more than Jake’s teeth.



Which organization does Robert work for?


A lot. I believe it should be enough when I say, that these guys will be one of the mayor antagonists within my Story.

Maybe a little bit of intel on them would also help. The Guadians of Humanity are a group of human extremists, who are aware of the existence of non-humans and supernatural beings. They see themself as the true protectors of all humans and would eliminate everything that might even pose the smallest thread to mankind (in their point of view). Their goal is to subjugate all non-human beings to the will of the humans and to show the superiority of the human race. The Guardians of Humanity are, without a doubt, one of most menacing threads for all of non-humankind. The Guardians are even so dangerous, that they are ranked as a S-Class thread by the various governments.

Robert is a member of the Hunters, a secret organizations who deal with the most dangerous and menancing threads (of both human and non-human origin) within our world.


Their presence is unacceptable. These extremists are a threat to supernatural beings, and shall be dealt with accordingly.