Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I do hope so. :grin:

I was really hoping that someone would get the reference.


Fire emblem awakening. It cant be anything other than that.


Yep. It’s from Fire Emblem.


if youre a duelist. grandfather has to be called chrom.


Wow. Thats an awesome idea. I might actually include something like that.


He taught MC how to focus their aura into a sword. For some reason the MC doesnt have a falchion like he does.


Actually, there is a specific reason for why the Duelist MC wields a Rapier as their soul weapon. Also, the mother of the MC taught them how to use and manifest their soul weapon.


Hence why the MC doesnt have a falchion







Yes. You are right with your suspicion.


Hmmm…What? No reason just wanted to Hmmmm.


Will we be able to interact with young Jayce? I find it is going to be hilarious. I want to tease the guy to death. :smirk:


Yes, you will be able to interact with the young Jayce. It would be a shame to not include a hilarious scene like this.

Also, think about the possible hilarious interactions between Robert and the young Jayce. I am pretty sure that Robert, with his humorous personality, can’t resist to tease the hell out of Jayce.


Another question. I probably should have asked that earlier, but should I include an additional option for the character creation that let you choose the length of your hair or is that not important for you?


i’d say add it if it isn’t too much trouble. i personally love character creation, it helps me grow more attached to the character we’re playing as if that makes any sense.


Little update: I included an option to let you choose the length of your hair during the character creation. Also your hair and eye color as well as the length of your hair, are now displayed in the stats screen.


Since there are still two Characters, which I have not talked about yet, I thought I could give you some informations about them. The characters i’m talking about are Celica and Edgar. Both of them will play an important roll in the story.

Celica Leighton
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Species: Witch
Appearance: She has a slim body with pale skin, long golden blonde hair and light green eyes.
Personality: Celica has a kind and caring personality. Most of the time she displays a wise and intelligent nature, but in some situations she tends to a more playful behaviour. Also, Celica is a hopeless romantic, who loves to read romantic stories and novels of all kind.
Celica and the mother of the MC are childhood friends and know each other for almost their whole life. She cares deeply for the MC and treats them with almost parental care. She even thaught them the basic principles and usage of magic.
Abilities: She possesses extraordinary magical abilities and high knowlege in almost all fields of magic. She can cast high tier spells without much effort and is even able to cast several spells at once. In fights she favors to use monstrous area-of-effect elemental magic that covers a lot of area to wipe off as many opponents as possible. She also has an arsenal of several magical artifacts and weapons at hand.

Edgar Neumann
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Species: Human
Rank: Leader of the S.R.C (Supernatural Research Commando)
Appearance: He has a skinny body with fair skin, short black greying hair and amber eyes.
Personality: Edgar is a intelligent and analytic minded man with an cold and deliberate personality. He despises unprofessionality and idiocy. He prefers to lead investigations and experiments all by himself and rarely relies on other people’s help. As the leader and head scientist of the S.R.C, he is respected and possesses great influence within the U.S. Goverment as well as the Hunter Organization.
Abilities: He possesses a high degree of intellect as well as high knowlege about magic, supernatural beings and unnatural powers. As the leader and head scientist of the S.R.C he has access to a large arsenal of high-tech weaponry, command over the internal task force of the S.R.C as well as access to laboratories with the most advanced technologies and equipment.


Poor Edgar. He could’ve been better.


Hey I’m looking for a detailed explanation of what exactly we can look like I’m not sure if it’s on here but so far I’m really liking the half dragon. All I can imagine is me flying around the Greatsword or machine gun. this is going to be


For the part of how you could look like. As a Half Dragon you will be able to turn your hands and feet into powerful claws. You will also be able to let dragon wings grow on your back, which will give you the ability to fly.

I hope this answers your question.