Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Is the next update gonna be a really huge one or will you put out small ones until you feel like it? :sweat_smile:
Ps: rly hyped for this since I can be a waifu fox with superpowers lol


Not that i care for rules that much but
Is it not against forum rules to ask for or about updates?



It only applies when asking when the update will be not the size of an update. I might be mistaken though.


The rule applies only if you ask for the when

Edit: I checked, it was planed to release the entire prologue, but there should be a teaser soon


Yes, there are various ways which allow you to refill and restore your Soul Energy. The most simple way would be, that you simply rest and let your energy reserves refill themself on their own. However, there are also other ways that could instantly restore at least a portion of your energy reserves such as Potions, certain Spells from the Field of Water, rare Artifacts or special Arctech Devices. There are also spells from the Field of Darkness which could allow you to refill your reserves by stealing the Soul Energy of other beings. Sadly, these spells often harm the target and might even cause permanent damage.


Yes, there will be a short teaser who I will post relatively soon for everyone and the actual Prolog will follow around Dezember. However as I mentioned before, I will first send the demo with the new Prolog to those who volunteered as a tester and once I fit their approval I will post the new Prolog here for everyone.

Edit: Also, from the point on where I post the demo I will try to update it on a regular basis with new content. My aspired goal is to add a new chapter every month.


Don’t push yourself


I would be more than happy if its work like that but dont work too much


Thank you for your worries, but I can assure you that I will try my utmost to pervent myself from suffering through overexhaustion. Also as I mentioned, it is my aspired goal to publish a new chapter every month. If I actually manage to achieve this goal is another story, but I will give my best to actually translate it into action.


Such a hard worker. I like it. But make sure you don’t burn yourself out bud.


Good Luck! We’re all here to support you. ≧ω≦


Can i beta test?


So, I have one last thing about the Prolog for you, which might be especially important for all of my testers.

Once I post the Prolog or send it to you personally, you will in fact not get the whole Prolog but rather part of it. You see, the Prolog will be rather long since it consists of two parts which will both play in the past several years before the actual storyrelevant events of my story and which is the reason why I decided to split it into two halfs and to released each of them in a certain interval, mainly because it will make things easier for me and because it might also make the job of the beta testers a little bit more easier. But back to the Topic. The first part of the Prolog (which plays during the schooldays of the MC when they were about sixteen years old) will be released in early december, while the second Part (which will play a few years after the events of the first part during the first months of MCs training to become a Agent of the D.S.R.) will be released somewhere in late december or early january.




Great (20 excited characters)


Can’t wait. I loved the demo since I first discovered it. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!



Thank you. :blush: I will try my best to not let you down.

Oh and by the way, I have actually still something else which I wanted to share with you. It is actually something which I found a while back, while looking for concepts for one of my more popular characters Selena. So this might be especially interesting for those of you who are interested in her. But back to the important part. You see, similar to Chris and Mia the MC met Lena also during their childhood. To be more precisely in Elementary School when they were both about nine years old.

Now, I found the following picture which is a good example for how Selena would have looked like when she and the MC met for the first time. I hope you like it:

Side Note: At a certain point in the story there will be a part where you will experience the First meeting between Lena and the MC in form of a Flashback, which will let you experience all the important (and partly even sad) moments which build the foundation of a great friendship between these two and ultimately even the moment in which Lena fell in love with the MC.


so cute


Given how cute Lena is I am sure that the flashback will be an overdose sugar


It’s prologue not prolog btw