Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I would like to test it though i wasnt one of the previous who volunteered some time ago, though I must ask please if I could have the privilege


@BrachydiosX I’m still interested in beta testing


I’d like to test the game if you’ll accept me.


Definitely still interested in beta testing the game.


I’m still interested.


I’m interested in testing the game.


You can still count on me


@BrachydiosX I am still interested in beta testing.


I’m interested in helping test


I’m interested in testing the game.


Im still interested in testing it aswell


Thank you everyone for your help. I’m really grateful for all the offered assistance and hope that you will enjoy my story once I send you the demo.
Also one last thing. This whole testing phase is actually a long term plan. You see, once I finally post the demo, my plan is to update it on a regular basis with new chapters. However, before I add the new chapters to the official link I would first send them to you, so that you could test them beforehand and maybe give me some feedback. Basically, you will always be the ones who get the chance to read every new content before I actually add it to the official demo. This whole procedure will continue until I reach the point where I want the demo to end. From that point on I will continue to work in private. However, once I’m done with the private part I would need your help once again as testers for the whole first book. So if you would like to stay till the end and don’t mind some future waiting periods I would be more than happy to note you down as the first future beta testers for the whole first book.


Absolutely still interested


End one or the very end?
I’d like to stay 'til thr very end


If you give me the chance I’m interested


Sure, I’d like to help as much as I can in the future too.


I would still like to test it


I’d like to help


Both actually if you don’t mind. I would be more than happy to have a few testers who would stay with me through the whole story and all future books.


I’d be happy to help test things!