Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Sadly, not for the Kitsune. However there will be a similar sub-plot which involves around Odin, Freya, Loki and the Grey Wolf MC.

I believe this part from my earlier post will answer your question:


Thank you for answering. I just wasn’t sure if that meant just base interaction(enmity, words and such) or actual fighting.


For the dragon mc can we turn invisible by bending light around our body?


The Dragon MC will be able to learn most of Lyra’s light-manipulative powers, including the ability to create indestructible light barries, the power to teleport almost anywhere with the speed of light, the ability to rapitly fire lighting fast light projectiles towards your opponents and yes, even the ability to bend the light around you to make yourself invisible. Of course it will need lots of training and exercise until you actually manage to fully master these powers.


Is the dragon MC stronger than the other races or they are all about equal?


The different MC’s are all more or less equal in terms of powers.


To be sure

All the MCs can learn it or that changed and now it’s the dragon’s exclusive


No, I was only talking about Lyra’s specific powers. The other MC’s can still learn light-based magic, but these spells won’t have the same scope as the inherited powers of the Dragon MC.


Wait does the dragon mc chooses who they’re descended of or is it set?


Its preset.


Yep, it is already pre set. The ancestor of the Dragon MC will always be Lyra.


So umm, there is one last thing I would like to ask you. A few months ago I ask you if some you might be willing to test the new demo and get the chance to read it before I officialy post it here in the forum. On this way I had hoped to get a little bit feedback and maybe even change a few things before everyone gets the chance to read it. Now, its been quite a while since I asked this question and I only wanted to make sure if those of you who already expressed their interest for being a tester back then still are interested or not? To be honest, I would understand if you might have lost interest.


I would like to beta test, please?!


I would Love To test this game


I was one of those showing interest in testing a few months back, though I’m very busy at the moment, so I wouldn’t be able to give feedback in a timely manner. But I’m still really excited to see your hard work when you do release the demo. (: Hope that you find good testers and well wishes for the writing process in general.


Sign me up because I adore this game. Haven’t you noticed? I don’t think anyone has lost interest. After all, the ROs are very unique and unusual. I think it’s worth the wait.


As i’v said before, i prefer to not ruin the surprise and there is probably already enough people interested so i’ll pass


I would absolutely love to test this game, there is so much potential. “So much” is an understatement but you know what I mean


To test this game would be an honor, it is beyond my expectations.


so i gotta ask since all the elder dragons are siblings and if i understand it right dosent that mean that all dragons are related and wouldn’t that make it so if im dating a dragon i’m actually dating my family even tho it might be a far away family member? or maybe its not weird for dragons to have relations with family?ofcourse this could be irrelevant depending on how old a dragon can get since if they dont live to long then it would kinda be seen as we human since we are all related but way back.