Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I don’t know yet for sure. I’m trying to give my best to finish it as fast as possible, but I’m quite busy right now with college and don’t have as much free time as I would like. Still, I’m trying to finish everything as soon as possible and my aspired goal is to post the new demo with the reworked version of my story at the beginning of December.


If its just half as good as I think I wait till december 2019 for the Demo and would be happy


Well, there might be certain choices in the future which could allow you to stand up against some of the more cruel deities and gods (including Zeus) and while at first you probably won’t be able to do anything meaningful to them you can at least annoy them into oblivion.
Also, you would be suprised by the actual powers of the MC. You see, due to their inherited powers the MC has a great potential to become a unstoppable force which could even best some of the most powerful non-human beings in terms of strenght and prowess.

Also regarding Zeus. There will be actually some sub-plot which involves around Zeus and the Dragon MC. You see, Zeus feels extreme hatred towards the eight elder Dragon’s because of how his last fight with one of them ended. During the great war between Gods and Dragons Zeus fought against Feng, the elder Dragon of fire, and lost the fight by a large margain. Even with the help of Hades and Poseidon he didn’t even came close to defeating Feng. In the end Feng could have even killed him but instead decided against it with the reason that in his eyes, he (Zeus) wasn’t even worth killing. This defeat was the greatest humilation in Zeus’s existence which still haunts him to this day. It is also the reason for his undying hatred towards the eight elder Dragon’s and Dragons in general. And well, since the Dragon MC is a descendant of one of the eight Elders it should be no suprise that Zeus probably won’t be your biggest fan upon meeting him for the first time, but maybe its better this way.

Also who knows, maybe in the end you (as the Dragon MC) would even like to try to finish what your Uncle once started so many millenias ago.


So are they kinda like Hawks from My Hero Academy? ( very fast, can use feathers, can use them as blades etc)
Would they be able to fly and use the feathers to rescue people like him too?


Well, they could use their feathers to aid others in combat or other situations. However, they sadly aren’t able to fly since Lhoran only possess one single wing, which drapes down from either their left or their right shoulder like a cape.


Can you learn some magic that will make you fly? (maybe air magic or gravity manipulation)


Well, there is flight Magic but its sadly not as effective as you might imagine since its strongly affected by the weight of the user. However, if you would combine flight Magic with Gravity manipulation to alter your weight you might actually be able to fly almost completely freely.

Though, if you would really like to fly there is a much easier way, just pick the Dragon MC. The wings of the Dragon MC are strong enough to support their whole weight and allow them to fly without much trouble.


Meh, I don’t like him anyway, I’m up for making his life miserable.


Good I was planning to play as dragon mc since the beginning, now I feel even more reassured with that decision lol.


i don’t know if this question as been asked before but how powerful are the other MC ancestors compared to the dragon MC ancestor


They are all extremly powerful and belong all without a doubt to the strongest non-humans in history. However, even with their immense powers and abilities they still aren’t able to fully match Lyra’s powers, but honestly it shouldn’t be a suprise. I mean, there is a reason why the eight elder Dragon’s count as the strongest non-human beings.


Since a Dragon MC is a descendant are their any other descendents like us


Do you mean from the eight elder Dragon’s or in General?


The eight


May I ask why that is


Sorry, I just noticed something. I used my old notes with one of my old concepts to answer your former question and because of this I sadly gave you a wrong answer to your questions. Ok, lets try it again.

There are other descendants of the eight elder Dragons besides the Dragon MC, three of them to be more precisely. One of them is a descendant of Kaguya, the other one is a descendant of Tarik and the last one is a descendant of Feng.

Sorry again for this little confusion.


Epicfail moment


Yep. Well, happens even to the best of us.


Will there be something similar for the grey wolf or kitsune MC like how Zeus hates the dragons.


We will be able to fight a god as another race beside Dragon, unless the answer is too spoilerly.