Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



I’m guessing they don’t survive disintegration .-.
what are the ways to kill a zombie?


atomic bomb right next to the zombie


Yes you will. There will be a part in the story, probably in the third book, where a special case will lead you, your team mates and the members of unit alpha to the United Kingdom. There you will meet the different characters from the arthurian legend such as Merlin, Morgana, Mordred as well as the rest of the knights of the round table and of course Arthur himself.

Well, I’m big fan of the Fate Series so I will probably give my versions of Arthur and Co. a similar touch. I hope this will be ok for you.


Well, parts of it still exist but sadly most if its former grandeur and magnitude vanished during the past centuries.

While you won’t be able to cheat on your partner, I’m still thinking about including a actual harem option/path, which might allow you to romance several characters at once. However as I said, Im still Thinking about that and nothing is set yet.

While the ROs all have different personalities they would all be extremly devastated if something might happen to the MC during One of their Missions.


The only way to kill a Zombie is through the complete destruction of their cells.


So you need to go DBZ on their ass


Well, the dragon mc can fire a laser beam, soo…


I wonder why the weird race of monkey that Sun Wukong was the king of, is never used, it’s not like they don’t have their own special moveset


I asked because I read somewhere that Arthur was involved with dragons(besides the fate/type moon universe) so I had to know.


Will we get to meet any deities?


Yes, the author said we’ll meet a few


Excellent. :grin::grin::grin:


Could you tell us the Abilities of the Lhoran (If its not to spoilery) or didn’t you finished that?



As I already mentioned in their description Lhoran were skilled hunters who possessed incredible agility, swiftness and lightning fast reflexes which they could use to navigate even through the densest forests, as well as heighned senses which allowed them to track even the most tricky prey.They were also famous for their incredible aim and accuracy. There are even some rumours that the most experienced fighters among the Lhoran could hit their targets with their eyes closed. Then there are their natural talents, which lie in their high magical capabilities (which allows them to easily learn and master some of the more complicated magial arts) as well as their minor soul-manipulative powers (which allows them to enhance their bodies to a certain degree). Lastly the most unique characteristic of the Lhoran is their famous fighting style, for which they rely heavily on their soul-manipulative powers. While fighting, Lhoran pluck out several of their feathers from their wing and use their soul-manipulative powers to turn them from simple soft feathers into deadly dagger-like quills, which they then use as projectiles against their enemies. Thanks to their lightning fast reflexes and incredible high accuracy they rarely miss their targets. Also, since they use their own Soul Energy to enhance them, they can still control their feathers even after they already throw them and can, for example, alter their flight path so that their feathers would still hit their targets even if they might miss on the first try.


Eh sorry but i meant such things as their Ultimata. But thanks


Can the Dragon race use their gravity manipulation on themselves to make them lighter and in turn making them faster or is it only used to attack with?


Oh thats what you meant. Sorry, misunderstanding.

The strongest ability of the Lhoran MC is called Featherstorm, a powerful skill which belonged to one of the most skilled and renowned Hunter’s among the Lhoran. For this ability you will cover your whole wing (including all feathers) with your Soul Energy and then unleash all of your feathers with one graceful movement in a giant deadly storm of hundreds of homing razor sharp quills.


Sounds awesome


Gravity Manipulation can be used for more than just offense and on more people than just your opponents. You can also use it to manipulate Gravity for yourself, your allies and your entire environment.


Old demo? When is the extended one coming?