Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



You mean like Nyx’s heterosexuality which is as straight as a noodle?

I’m not sue if they went through a name change (though honestly, I do kind of think that maybe Lawrence/Laura should have one, gender neutral name so that you know the two are pretty much the same person), but they are certainly the one that fascinates me the most of the ROs due to their situation. Could potentially be the one of the ROs that I feel like Sirius could develop romantic feelings for.

That said though, I’m going to wait a little before I fully claim who Sirius would like; need to see some character interactions to see who would click with his personality in some way (and if the click is one that has a possible romantic trigger).

I’m not joking @Fay; it’s ridiculously detailed for a dream. And the only reason it stopped was because my brother woke me up. :sweat_smile:



No, no, It’s just that i cant remember all the ROs, that’s all.

Lmao I havent even met selena and i’ve already decided to marry her

Well, you better start writing then because i still wanna read it.


Im going for lena anyways, Now she has a cul-… Fanclub. That’s interesting


I’m still partial to the harem and the trap personaly, even if the harem isn’t an option, you can always play with the flags or headcanon it


Oh, another Lena stan. Welcome to the cult club! :sparkles:


Wow, so many new post and question. Oh well, time to answer them.

You are at the right place then. To be honest, I kind of always likes the more unusual and unique characters in stories and games, which is why I tried to fill my story with as many unique and unusual characters/ROs as possible. I mean besides Lena we’ve also got a shy Succubus, a energetic Zombie, a sadistic Spider and a mischievous Trickster (just to name a few).

Well, I might have good news for you. You see, as I mentioned some time ago you will meet quite a few unique characters during the course of the Story, including several gods (such as Odin, Amaterasu and Zeus), famous historical personalities (such as Arthur Pendragon, Charlemagne and Abraham van Hellsing) and even some legendary mythological creatures (such as Fenrir, Yamata no Orochi and yes even Medusa and her Sisters), which you will be able to interact with. Now, while most of the interactions with these characters are more or less quite basic and limited, there are also those (especially around the mythological creatures) who will be a lot more detailed to the point where you might even be able to build a actual friendship to these characters (and if you play your cards right maybe even something more personal :wink:).

Yes she does. At certain periods in her life, like a normal snake, Lena will shed the skin on her tail. However, this whole process is extremly embarrassing for her and she usually tries to avoid being seen by others (especially the MC) during these periods, because for her being seen like this is more embarrassing than being seen naked. However, it is important to note that, while she sheds the skin of her tail just like a normal snake, she still keeps her normal size. So don’t worry, Lena won’t be constantly growing through her Lifetime.

Lamia’s can get up to seven hundred years old and even older if they take good care of themself.

Well, I would suggest Chris even though she’s more the motorcycle type.


Can we antagonize them? I doubt we can do something really meaningful against them, but if we are able to at the very least make their life more difficult the time they met us (mostly zeus) I’ll be very happy with it.



Awww ye babey


This demo is a literal goldmine THANK YOU


Can you juggle so many characters, though? It can be pretty stressful for one person to handle so much writing and developing.

This actually brings more questions about lamias.

  1. Do they give birth or lay eggs?
  2. Do they have periods like regular human females?
  3. What do they think of actual snakes, do they think it’s a holy animal or something like that?
  4. You once stated that they were monogendered, how do they reproduce? Is it with magic or something else?
  5. How do they feel about snake puns?
  6. How do they keep their tails clean and healthy? Does it require a lot of body products?
  7. Can they communicate with normal snakes?
  8. Are they immune to snake poision?

Thank god. I wouldnt want a Snakezilla as a wife. Pretty sure I would’ve been crushed lmao.

Imagine having to remember your most embarrassing and cringy moments for 700 years. R.I.P.

By the way, is it possible that they’ll lose old memories due to living so long and experiencing so many things?




Fay over here with the real questions that need answers, now I’m wondering similar things about the others ROs, like Felicia and Chris.


It might be quite challenging, but if it makes the story more enjoyable for you I’m more than willing to take the extra effort. Also, I won’t introduce all these characters at once. As I said before, I would really like to turn my story into a series consisting of several books.

Lamias, just like Dragons and Harpys, lay eggs even despite their partly human-like anatomy.

No, they don’t. However Lamia’s (as well as other demi-human races) have something which is similar to the estrus cycle of mammals and which only occurs during a full moon. You see, the Full Moon has a powerful effect on female demi-humans, which makes their carnal desires more pronounced and reduces their self-control.

Side Note: Kitsune, Grey Wolfs, Raijus, Dragons and Lhoran are also demi-human races.

They love them and see them as some kind of distant relatives. Many Lamia’s even keep them as pets.

Due to being a female-only race Lamias normally have to look for a potential partner and mate outside of their communities. Once they found someone who piqued their interest, they usually won’t rest until they managed to win over their heart and to claim them for themself. This is also the reason for Lena’s unique demeanor and behaviour towards the MC. She sees in the MC the perfect partner and wants nothing more than to win over their heart and to spend the rest of her life with them. Also, it doesn’t matter if the MC is female or not. Thanks to a special alchemic procedure (which the Lamias are famous for) Lamias are able to reproduce even with partners of the same sex.

Every Lamia thinks different about them. In case of Lena she doesn’t mind them as long as they aren’t to cringy.

Lamias keep their tails clean through the use of special creams and lotions which are specially made for them. Also, they usually spend several hours a day with the care of their tails.

Basically, this is how this whole procedure would look like for Lena:

Yes, they can and quite good actually. If they wanted to they could even make actual conversations with them.

Yes, they are. However they aren’t only immune against snake poison. Lamias have a full immunity against every type of poison.

Non-Humans often forget some of their memories during the course of their lifes, but in the same extent as we do with our memories (or do you remember everything from your childhood?).


Sure, just ask the questions you would like to know and I try to answer them as best as I can.

  1. Do arachnes lay eggs? one or more than one?
  2. Are undeads able to reproduce?(I’m assuming no, but it wouldn’t be the first time where I see they actually can)
  3. Do arachnes molt? Do they stop to when they reach maturity?
  4. Are undead immortal unless killed? (again I’m assuming yes but I’ve seen otherwise)
  5. How long can arachnes normally live?
  6. Can arachnes control spiders?
  7. Can an undead “evolve”? (from ghoul to vampire or average undead to lich for example)
  8. Can any of the supernatural races get human sickness or any at all?
  9. Will Fenrir say something extra to you if you are a grey wolf? and what about Arthur if you are a dragon?
  10. Will we meet Mordred? and if posibble side with him/her against Arthur?
  11. How do undeads deal with decomposition if at all?

I think those are all my doubts for now.


Ohhh, so this is turning into a series? And you should also do what you like and find interesting. After all, every single one of your readers are different and they’ll want to have different things included in the story. You should also think for yourself and decide wether or not it is a good idea to implement those elements in your game. But I’m super thankful that you’re so open-minded and up for suggestions!

Oh, I see.

For some reason I find it quite taboo, but lamias probably feel the same way about giving birth.

My kitsune MC, ready to get freaky every Full Moon:


Keeping your relatives as pets (-:

But do they dress them up? :eyes:

Like this?



Ahhh that’s actually… so wholesome and sweet.

Another reason to why lamias are literally the best next to kitsunes

My kitsune MC, ready to crack the cringiest snake puns while being fully aware that Lena will hate them:

time to make Lena hiss-terical with overused reptile puns

Oh, lamias taking care of their tails is basically me taking care of my hair everyday; special creams and lotions and spending several hours a day to care for it. We aren’t so different after all.

W…what language does snakes think in?

do they think in hisses? Do they have a secret serpent language?

Dang it, so our MC would eventually forget their Club Penguin passwords as time passes. R.I.P


Actual (dont take it the wrong way) this WIP is to good to be truth. Everything sound perfect and I love all of the Char before even talking to them. Emilia and Selena are my favourite (cant decide after reading all those things :C). PLEASE show me im wrong. If it’s just 10% as good as you wrote here it may be my favourite of alltime. Good luck with this WIP.


Positively fascinating!


Oh believe me, thats usually the most important part for me. Also, believe it or not but many of the ideas and suggestions which you posted here were actually things which I already thought about before and some of them (like the Part with Medusa as a RO) were already on my list with things I would like to put into my story way before you actually mentioned them.

Umm, pets might have been the wrong term. I think companions would be more matching.

Some of them maybe.

Snakes (at least in my Story) have their own unique language in which they communicate with each other through their hisses and while normally only other snakes are able to understand this language, Lamias also possess the ability to understand it.


Yes they do and they can lay between 1 to 4 eggs.

Zombies are able to reproduce. The reason for this (and this might sound a little strange) is that Zombies aren’t actually undead or at least not in the way we imagine them. You see, Zombies are a rather unusual non-human race, because they posses characteristics you usually see on corpses, such as having no noticebale pulse, having corpse-like Skin or the fact that their bodies can go into a state of rigor mortis if they stand still for a prolonged amount of time. This combined with their inability to feel any kind of pain and their ridiculous high regenerative abilities granted them the reputation of being undead, even though they still count as living beings (in a way at least).

Yes they do. Countless times actually during the course of their lifes. Young arachnes have to molt every few months or so. However the older a Arachne gets, the bigger the gaps between the molting periods will become. For example, Felicia has to molt every two years.

To be honest there are almost no ways to kill a Zombie. They count as unkillable. As I mentioned before, Zombies are unable to feel pain and possess ridiculous high regenerative abilities and no matter what you throw at them they would always recover from their injuries (even if it might take some time in certain situations). For example, you could shoot a Zombie in the head and they wouldn’t even blink or you could throw them off a building and they would simply get back up after they hit the ground (well, after they managed to heal their broken bones).

The Norm would be 600-800 years. However, as I said before, they live mich longer if they good care of themselfs.

No, but they can commumicate with them.

Well, there are certain rituals which could turn beings into Lichs or Spirits, but that’s basically all there is. There is no way for, lets say a Ghoul or a Zombie, to evolve into another undead race.

Yep, but they wouldn’t be as extensive, dangerous or fatal as they are for humans. Besides that, there are also several supernatural diseases.

Yes, but I will leave it at that since I don’t want to spoil the story of the Grey Wolf.

Umm, why would Arthur comment about us if we are a Dragon? He was a Soulmancer and not a Dragon.

Ah, now we get to interesting part. Yes you will meet them and you will also be able to interact with them (maybe even on a more personal level if you play your cards right and if you meet the needed requirements and their father, but since I don’t want to give everything away for now I will leave it at that. However there is still one thing I can give you. Let’s just say that you might experiences some unique events and interactions involing Mordred and Arthur if you stay close to her.

They don’t. As I said before, Zombies aren’t really undead so there is no reason why they should fear decomposition.


We get to meet Arthur ? cool, i love arthurian legend, what will be the major difference with the original myth ? or are you going fall Fate on them ?


I’m surprised that nobody asks for Merlin:
is dead, will appear in the game, what is your species and Camelot still exists?
There is the possibility of a harem or cheat my RO with another RO.
could you tell us how the ROs would react if the MC died on a mission having these a relationship of boyfriends or girlfriends
I do not get tired of saying it I love the information you give and thanks for the WIP