Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Who in their right mind would want to be a descendant of Zeus?

Some people from tumblr interpreted the rape version as athena helping medusa.

Basically poseidon raped her, athena felt bad and turned her into a gorgon so that no man could hurt her ever again. Imo it doesnt make sense at all but there are a lot of creative minds…


We are talking about the guy who reign even above the gods and can do pretty much anything he want and has the power to basicaly take whatever he want, in a world where your neighbor can just decide to genocide your people, it’s kinda important to ‘have’ that kind of backing


True. We shouldnt swarm this topic.

Let’s go back to what we talked about before

:sparkles: Lena :sparkles:

Does she shed skin like an actual snake? I mean… She has a 7 meter long snake tail.


The medusa myth I read, medusa was a priestess of Athena, Poseidon raped her in the temple of the goddes and Athena became furious of the desecration of her temple, but unable to take revenge on Poseidon, she cursed medusa, then Poseidon continued to visit her and later Pegasus was born. Man, the gods are assholes.


I mean she should be able, at least the parts covered with scales, and Felicia should molt her exoskeleton too otherwise, the answer is magic.


Silver lining: Now we have flying horses.


Doesn’t shedding happen because the snake grows ? unless she is still getting bigger, she shouldn’t shed then


Oh my god.

Imagine being her roommate and the floor is covered with scales. Is it the same thing as having long hair? I mean… She has to wash it, keep it healthy and clean and moisturized… and it sheds. Yup, sounds like taking care of long hair.


Im not a snake expert so im gonna take your word for it. At least now we know


As long as she doesn’t go all yandere on us and wants us to keep her shed skin everything should be alright, I would be willing to even help her with it.

They still need to do it even if they are fully grown already, just not as much as those that are still growing.


I checked and i can confirm, unless she is still growing or has parasyte on her scales, she shouldn’t shed, at least if Lamia tails work like actual snakes

though if they work like actual snakes, she should be constantly growing through her lifetime so shedding should happen



Wow, how long lamias live? Did the autor mentioned the lifespan of the RO races? :thinking:


Maybe, i wouldn’t know, that thread is way too big to check what was said and what wasn’t IMO, we should ask him


So, an immortal lamia would be even worse than Jormungandr given enough time.


If they work like real snakes, yes, you’d end up with Super Shenron after a few eons


I’d be okey with that, just need to learn some shapeshifting spells and grow bigger lol.


Were the puns worth it? :joy:

We both know that Sirius never had a chance with Lena.

Currently Larence/Laura has caught my eye.

As for Sirius’ type, I’d have to go with someone he gets along with who hasn’t tried to harm his family in any sort of way and has good taste in cars. :grin:

I just went with the default name Riku for the time because I’m a huge game nerd and that name istantly made me think Kingdom Hearts.

How to even begin describing that dream (other than unusually detailed)? :sweat_smile:



I’m practically sacrificing my heterosexuality for Selena.

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