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Then I’m already corrupted :sweat_smile:


There was a Korean drama like that called Kill me, Heal me where the male lead had 7 personalities with some of them having different gender/age and a very different behavior. It only changed the personality and not the whole body though.
@BrachydiosX Can you modify your soul revolver to fire non-lethal bullets or be like a tranquilizer? Or maybe have a gun like in Psycho Pass that is used to paralyze but will switch to lethal mode if your target has a corrupted/evil soul of some sort.


Yes, you can swap between lethal and non-lethal ammo for Lawbringer. Non-lethal ammo would be stun bullets, tranquilizer ammunation or simply “rubber bullets”. Lethal ammo would be normal bullets, explosive bullets, armor-piercing ammunition or shotgun ammunation.


What would you do with the soul sword though, I don’t think you can make a sword non-lethal unless you make it blunt.
Raiju could use elecricity to stun, similar to a taser maybe.


Actually, you can do just that. Don’t Forget that Lichtblick isn’t a normal sword. You can cover the blade of Lichtblick with a thin layer of your Soul energy, to make it non-lethal. It would probably still extremly hurt if you get hit though.

Yes, the Raiju MC can use their electricity to stun opponents or to influence technical devices.


Ok, as I promised, I will post the background and the connection of Laurence and Laura. I don’t think that I Need to mark this post as a Spoiler though, since I practically told you already a little bit too much about this matter.

Well then, here we go.

Warning: Extremly long post

As a lot of you probably already noticed, Laurence and Laura aren’t two different persons. They are actually one and the same Person, just with very opposing appearances and different personalities. To explain how it actually came to this situation I have to go a few years back within the history of my game.

Everything started in the year 2012 with the “Soul Hunter Programm”. The Researches of Hunter Organization just finished their latest improvement of the Soul Enhancement Process. With the help of the Arkus Corporation, as well as Arkus himself, they were able to create a new S.E.P. device, which could create much stronger “Soul-Burst” than the former device, as well the new experimental “X-Serum”. The Serum however was the greatest of the two new invention. It was a entirely new and advanced version of the old Serum. First, it had a entirely new combination of advanced magical chemicals, which would boost the Transformation caused through the “Soul-Bursts”. Second, it contained so-called liquified Equipment, weaponry and armor that are based on the genetical informations of the Soulmancers. The liquified Equipment would fuse with the subjects Body, given them the ability to call upon their Equipment whenever they want. Similar to the Soulmancer they can easily make their Equipment appear and disappear at will. Lastly and the probably most unique part of the new Serum was that it was partly induced with the blood of one of the first Dragons. This induced blood would incredibly boost the future magical abilities of the human subject, in the associated elemental field of the specifc Dragon.

The Researchers had all the technical components for the “Soul Hunter Programm”. However they still needed test subjects. They searched for a long time, but found no one who was compatible for the new process. Though this changed on a certain day. The Researchers heard about a young man named Laurence Redfield, a renowned and repeatly rewarded soldier, who just left the U.S. Army because of a incident during a field Mission in Iraq. They did a back-up check about this young man and discovered that he was the perfect candidate for the “Soul Hunter Programm”. He was physically perfectly fit, possessed the needed mentally resistance to survive the new process and most importantly, had a extremly strong affinity for supernatural powers. To top everything, Laurence was even aware of the existence of non-humans and supernatural beings, which made it much easier for the Hunter Organization to recruit him. They offered Laurence a position within one of their Hunter Units as well as powers that would be on par with some of the most powerful supernatural beings. All they wanted in exchange was that he would become the test subject for the Soul Hunter Programm. Of course, Laurence wasn’t very thrilled by the offer at first, but as he realized, that he could safe humans and non-humans all around the globe from threatening dangers he ultimately accepted.

This brings us to the last part and the creation of Laurence little “identity crisis”. First let’s go to Laurence soul enhancement process. Because of Laurence Background as a soldier, they decided to inject him the “Striker-Serum”, a Serum that is induced with the blood of the elder Dragon Feng and which would give him incredibly powers within the field of fire, as well as light armor and weaponry, that would be perfectly match with his highly trained attributes. However, before they started, they told him that the process might lightly change his appearance. At first he was worried about this revelation, but he relaxed as he heard, that the only thing that would change would be his hair color. They told him that the serum would change his hair color from brown to red, but that would be all, or at least so they thought. They injected him the Serum and started to expose him to controlled quantity of “Soul-Rays”. At first everthing went well, but than it came to unexpected complications. Suddenly Laurence vital parameters went crazy and his body started to change, in a way that the Researchers definitely hadn’t expected. The pressure on Laurence body was even so severe that he passed out.

Days later “he” woke up within the medical wing of the Headquarter of the Hunter Organization in New York. Of course he immediately wondered if the enhancement process was a success, when he realized, that there was something strange about his body. He noticed that he was much shorter than before and that his hair was suprisingly long and fiery red. However the part that definitely surprised him the most, was that he suddenly had breasts and that the part between his legs felt strangely empty. Of course he immediately ran to a mirror to see what exactly was wrong, though what he saw shocked him probably more than every shocking event in his entire life combined. He saw that he was turned into a Girl. A suprisingly cute Girl.

The question is, what exactly went wrong? Well, that’s a interesting question. Well you see, because of the complicated structure of the “Striker-Serum”, there were actually two versions of the Serum. One for male subjects and one for female subjects. However because of a servere mistake on side of the Researchers, they mixed up the Serums and accidentally injected Laurence the wrong Serum. The injected Serum was supposed to work only on female subjects and this mistake should have theoretically killed Laurence. However instead of killing him the Serum did something unexpected. The Serum adjusted Laurence body, so that the powers could still be implemented. It changed his former muscular athletic body into that of young petite girl.

The Researchers were extremly suprised by this turn of Events. Mainly because they had never expected an outcome like that. Of Course, they immediately tried to repair the changes and to turn Laurence back to his former self. Sadly, that turned out to be impossible. To adjust his body, the Serum had altered Laurence DNA, making the changes irreversible and turning him permanently into a girl. Of Course he didn’t liked the idea of staying a girl for the rest of his life. Luckily, the Researchers of the Hunter Organization could help him at least with that, even if it was only partial. They gave him a Special bracelet, which contained a powerful Transmutation spell. The bracelet could turn him back into his former self and as long as he would wear the bracelet he could stay in his old form. However, the bracelet runs on some Kind of magical powersource, which needs to be recharged from time to time. That means that, as long as the bracelet recharges, he has to stay in his female form. Also, the bracelet stops working if he uses his powers or his Equipment. So everytime he would use one of his powers he would automatically turn back into his female form.

Lastly, the mistake during the Soul Enhancement Process, led ultimately to the creation of Laura, Laurence’s alter ego.


Here is the rest of the informations.

It should probably be no surprise, but Laurence is extremly embarrased about his alter ego Laura. Not only is he embarrased about her short frame and cute appearance, but also about the fact that his personality would change as well with his form. As Laurence he would act chivalrous and like a Gentleman, while always being polite and versed. However this changes quite drastically in his female form. As Laura he would still keep some of his former personal characteristics, but he also gains a few new ones.
Laura easily gets flustered or embarrased, especially if others mention her height or cute appearance and she does have, more or less unwillingly, moments where she (he) behaves like a young girl would. She is also perpetually taunted at by her enemies or allies for being a “little girl”. This can sometimes even have an effect on Laura’s confidence in battles.

Laurence tries his best to always stay in his male form and to never let others see him in his alter ego form. He despises the idea of others making fun of him because of his embarrasing cute appearance as a girl.

If you would start a romance with Laurence or even spend time with him you would of course see him in his alter ego Laura sooner or later. For the romance however, I would let you choose to either romance Laurence or Laura. Who knows, maybe you can even convince him to accept his alter ego and to stay as Laura for the rest of his or her life.

Since I talked so much already about Laurence alter ego Laura, I thought I could give you a little idea of how she actually looks like.

Laura would look like this:

Now to something else. While Laurence Soul Enhancement Process had a unexpected Twist to it, it was still a full success. Laurence gained incredibly strong fire based powers, as well as the ability to summon his special Equipment whenever he wants. Of Course he still has to be in his female form if he wants to use his powers. Also, another interesting part is, that his eyes would change it’s color and that his hair would change it’s colorscheme everytime he would use his powers. If he uses his powers his (her) hair would burn into a fiery orange as it makes its way down her body and his (her) eyes would take on a red color.
But let’s talk about the Equipment. First her weapons. Laura’s weapons of choice are two soul-based great swords which can be induced with fire to strengthen her attacks and to turn every single hit into a fiery Inferno. She can also heat up the blades of her swords to the point where she could cut through almost all materials and objects.
Than there is her (his) armor, which consists of a black and white swim-suit like centerpiece, with two metal ribbons, which are connected to her hips. There are also smaller versions of these ribbons in her hair, which splits it into twintails. On her arms she wears long black and red gloves, which are covered with red metal cuffs. On her legs she wears black thigh high socks that are red at the top and over her socks she wears long metal boots that are red, black, and white. The centerpiece, the gloves and the socks are made out of a extremly resilient and stretchy material, which blocks off almost all kinds of magical spells and supernatural powers.

Here are a few pictures to give you a idea about Laurence/Laura’s Equipment. Or at least to see how she looks with her armor on.


Lastly, just out of fun, a line of Pictures that Show how it might have looked like as Laurence woke up after his Enhancement and noticed his new predictment.



Sidenote: All the shown Pictures are or contain characters from the anime “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu”.


Favourite RO confirmed
I hope o can convince him to stay as laura


Sophia the reaper :thinking:

Oh, I will definitely try…I wonder what would happen if we try to seduce death :thinking: hahah


Yep, it is Sophia.

Hmm :thinking:, yes that might be actually quite interesting to watch.


I like the anime you got the pictures from

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu


Yep, I like the anime as well. That’s why I choose these pictures.


Note to self, if I can’t convince him to stay as Laura, hide or destroy the bracelet.:smiling_imp:


I hope it will work {20 devilish characters}


That’s the spirit! (20 characters)


But honestly, you wouldn’t be the first one who came up with the idea of hiding Laurence bracelet. A certain someone did the exact same thing, to take a little advantage of Laura and her unique characteristics.


If you romanced Laurence will Lara like you too or they are different people?
And this anime seems really weird (an obsession with twintails? o.o) but kinda interesting too, maybe I’ll try to watch it.


Laurence and Laura might have different personalities, but they are basically still the same person with the same feelings. That means, if Laurence likes you Laura will naturally like you as well.

It may be a little bit weird, but it is still worth to watch. At least in my opinion.


That’s why I have the destroy option. Though I hope I won’t have to resort to such methods and can keep Laura out by persuasion. You have great character building skills. This is one of the very few games where I want and will romance all the females. Most have one, maybe two I like, the rest not my type. Keep up the fantastic work.


Thank you for your kind words :blush:. It’s good to know, that you like my ideas and characters.