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Ok then, here we go. I think this might quite interesting to watch.

Let’s start with some basic informations about Laurence. If there would be one word, that would describe Laurence the most, it would be chivalrous. He is polite, versed and a true Gentleman, who even enjoys a good cup of tea from time to time. He always treats other with respect, even his enemies, which made him to one of the strongest and most respected fighter in the entire Hunter Organization. If you would start a romance or simply spend time with him, you would see all those aspects of his personality sooner or later.

Though there is also one tiny little part that comes with a relation with Laurence. To be more precisely, this part comes in form of a special person. Someone who is “connected” to Laurence in a quite unique way. If you would spend time with Laurence you would meet this “special someone” sooner or later, even if he would try his best to avoid it.

Here is a little overview to give a idea about this “Special Someone”.

Gender: Female
Age: 15 (physically)
Species: Soulhunter
Affiliation: Hunter Forces
Occupation: “Member” of Hunter Unit Alpha
Body Height: 146 cm
Appearance: She has a youthful appearance with a slim and petite body, fair skin, thigh long red hair, which is mostly tied into twintails, as well as dark brown eyes.
Personality: Laura possessess a quite authoritarian personality, as well as good leadership qualities and she often tries to represent herself with as much dignity as possible. She is also very polite and versed. However, even with all of her eloberate personal traits she still has certain personal weaknesses. Laura easily gets flustered or embarrased, especially if others mention her height or cute appearance and she does have, more or less unwillingly, moments where she behaves like a young girl would. She is also perpetually taunted at by her enemies or allies for being a “little girl". This can sometimes even have an effect on Laura’s confidence in battles and might leave her quite vulnerable in some situations.
Abilities: Even if others don’t take her serious, they would at least start to respect her once they see her in action. Laura possesses some quite unusual abilities and skills, especially in regard of her appearance and short frame. She possesses abilites like high tactical expertice, excellent handling with various firearms and combat weapons as well as some decent knowlegde in close ranged combat. She is also incredible strong for someone with such a short body.
However, her most unique abilties lie in her enhanced powers. Laura is a so-called “Soulhunter”, a human who went through a row of complicated enhancements, to gain the ability to use the power of their souls, which basically allows her to use magic or other supernatural skills. Thanks to her enhancements, Laura is able to use magical arts of the field of fire almost freely. She can also use her Soul energy to create so-called “Soul Equipment”. Similar to the Soulmancer, she can shape the raw energy of her soul into the form of a weapon as well as armor, which she would use in most of her fights.

These are all the Information that I would give you. At least until now. Any idea what their connection might be?


Oviously twin sister identical


Can every human become enhanced if they went through enhancements or it’s quite rare? Are they dangerous?
Oh and by the way you don’t mind all these questions right? I was thinking you might be delayed in writing the game due to all these lore information posts but you seem to write them anyway :fox_face:


Let me guess she’s ‘inside’ of him


Theoretically, every human could go through the countless procedures to become enhanced. However, not everyone would survive the ordeal. Soul Enhancements put a extrem strain on the human body and those who are physically weak would die because of the pressure. That’s why there are some certain requirements, for those who consider these enhancements. You have to be completely healthy, physically fit and you also need to have a natural affininty for supernatural powers. However, even those who possess all those characteristics, have no guarantee to survive the enhancements, since the enhancements aren’t entirely safe.

Laurence went as well through this line of enhancements. He managed to survive the entire ordeal without “much” trouble, though the results of his enhancement process were sadly far from what he had expected.

Don’t worry about it. I like to answer all of your questions. I also don’t mind the little extra work of posting lore related Content, since I really like to share my ideas with you.

I only hope that you aren’t annoyed by my frequent posts. I only want provide you with a Little bit of Intel about my game, while I work on the demo. Though, if you don’t like these bits of informations I would of course stop to post them.


Why we would be annoyed? It’s awesome to see all the extra lore and imo helps to be more immersed


Oh so it’s like Witcher mutations in the Witcher series. They aren’t that painful and dangerous though right (Witcher mutations have a death rate of around 70%)? Do mutated humans get discriminated there too and become sterile?
And I didn’t mean I was annoyed, I meant it as if it’s not too much work for you to both write the game and post lore at the same time. The lore is actually really interesting.


Yes, Soul Enhancements are a little like the Witcher Mutation. They are the only way for humans to be able to use Magic. Humans have by nature a weak Connection to their Soul, which enables them to use Magic. The Soul Enhancements would basically change that. Those enhancements would also turn a human into a non-human.
Sadly, the entire procedure is extremly painful and also very dangerous. First it puts a extreme pressure and strain on the human, which would already kill those who aren’t resilient enough. Than there is also the danger of the procedur itself. If something would went wrong during the procedure, there is a extreme high Chance, that the connection between the subject and their Soul could be completely cut or destroyed, which would lead to their immediate death.
Also, only the Hunter Organization has the needed resources to succesfully undertake Soul Enhancements. They always try to further improve the entire procedure by using new methods. Sadly the effects of those advanced methods contain, at least partly, some unusual side effects. Something that brought especially Laurence a large row of problems.

Well, partly. Enhanced humans would still keep their former appearance, as well as all their characteristics and they are almost indistinguishable from normal humans in terms of appearance. However, like most non-humans they emit some kind of Aura, caused by their Soul, which still puts them apart from normal humans. However, this Aura can only be sensed by other non-humans. Sadly, some non-humans don’t accept them, since for them they are nothing more than human hybrids.
For the other part of your question, no enhanced humans don’t become sterile or infertile.


Why would you do this if it’s so dangerous then? It doesn’t seem really worth it


Do the Soulmancer-MC’s weapons have something to do with the ancestors?


Well, there are various reasons why some People would go through the entire procedure of Soul Enhancements. Maybe they simply want to become stronger or to be able to use Powers that lie far above the understanding of thr humans. Everyone had it’s own Motivation. Laurence for example went through the ordeal of the Soul Enhancements to be able to protect others.
Also, as I said in my previous post, the Hunter Organisation is always searching for new methods to make the entire procedure less dangerous. With the help of the Arkus Corporation they are constantly working on new advanced methods, which led to various Test procedures and methods, which were tested on various Hunters. As I already mentioned, Laurence was as well a test subjects for one of those new procedures.


Yes, the Soulmancer-MC’s weapons are connected to their ancestors.


How big are the DSR and the Hunters? Do they have like billions of dollars and are the size of the CIA or something? They seem to have a lot of influence and power in your world.
Also how do humans get to join the Hunters and do these enhancements? I thought most of them don’t even know about supernaturals and magic


The D.S.R. is similar to the Homeland Security of the United States in terms of size and operative range. They only operate within the United States, with a Department in each of the fifty states.

The Hunters on the other hand are a worldwide operating organization. They are funded by countless countries around the globe and get direct support from the Arkus Corporation, as well as other weapon manufacturers. The Hunter Organization employs hundreds of Researchers, Technicians, Medical Experts and other Specialist. However, the most vital part of the Hunter Organization are the famous Hunter Units, Elite Units consisting of the most skilled fighters from around the globe. The Hunter Units take care of threats both of supernatural and non-supernatural origin, to protect both humans and non-humans alike.

Well you see, I only said that most humans are unaware of the existence of supernatural powers and non-humans, but not all of them. Some humans possess a natural affinity for supernatural and paranormal powers. They still aren’t able to use Magic, but they can feel the supernatural energy around them. They can even feel the supernatural energy of non-humans. Some Special cases possess even a ability that is called the Sight. This ability let’s them actually see the unnatural and supernatural powers around them. They can even see the supernatural Aura, which most non-humans emit.
The Hunter Organization is always looking for humans with these abilities, especially for those with the Sight, since that is a extremly rare ability. Normally humans within the Hunter Organization would work as Reasearchers or Technicians. However those who would be compatible with the procedure of the Soul Enhancement would get the chance to undertake the enhancements and to join one of the Hunter Units.

Laurence was hired by the Hunter Organization, because of his remarkable skills and achievements as a Soldier, but also because he possessed a natural high affinity for supernatural powers.


Are the world leaders (like presidents, prime ministers etc) humans or some are non-human too?