Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)

Thank you so much for the story I am glad to see that there appears to be at least one person who can be a match to a elder dragon.

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Will there be any changes in the seasons in the story that would have the mc change clothes?

Well, against Feng at least. If Wukong would have fought against Darius or Lyra things might have probably taken a different turn.

Also, besides Wukong there were also other mythical creatures and heroes who managed to be an actual challenge for some of the Eight.

Yes. As the whole story progresses there will be a few changes of seasons as well, which will give your character the option to choose more matching clothing and outfits for the specific season.

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@BrachydiosX Here are some badass pics of zombie man from one punch man to get a better inspiration on how on Christina Kawakami fight in battles and might look after she eventually wins. Since she is my romance option

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Thank you for the suggestions, though I already have a concept for Chris’s fighting behaviour.

Chris’s fighting style will be strongly center around fast and agile movements paired with the use of two types of combat weapons (a Kama and several Kunai) and several unique gadgets (like smoke bombs or a grapling hook). She will also make extensive use of the various martial arts she learned during her childhood.
So with all these Points combined you could say that Chris is basically a Zombie Ninja.


This is probably a dumb question, but what is a Kama ?
And can you shed some light on what the other members’ weapons are or will we find out during the story ?

A Kama is a Japanese weapon that is basically a mini scythe or a sickle if you will.
Hope that helps


Ah thanks for clearing that up

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Lena: She relies mainly on her tail for combat, though she also carries a Glock 19 loaded with quicksilver bullets

Mia: Since Mia is not a big fan of violence she concentrades mainly on her duty as the teams medic and to support her friends in combat from the side lines. Though in case things get dangerous for her she carries a arc-tech stun gun with her that is strong enough to knock-out most supernaturals or at least stun them

Alex: He relies entirely on his Soul Weapon and (thanks to his soulmanipulative powers) has no need for additional weapons.

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@BrachydiosX how detailed will combat and choices be?. For example if the player is a gunslinger will we be able to choose different trick shots and using the environment based on skills (The player has enough perception to see that the floorboard is loose allowing them to step on it and send the enemy stumbling before using their marksmanship skill to fire a bullet which ricochets and hit them in a blind spot for a kill or wound shot) or will it be a simple you shoot the dragon god and he dies super fast becomes your gun skill is 100.

Will we need to worry about beings like the titans from Greek mythology? More specifically Typhon

And I am also curious which of the 8 dragons had the fun job taking down the Hinduism gods? Cause that would have been probably harder then almost any other gods other then maybe the Aztec gods.

Combat will heavily focus on the skills and abilities your character possesses, mainly the natural powers and abilities of your choosen race. However, there will also be a certain focus on things like Magic or possible skills you acquired as an D.S.R. Agent. All these skills, talents and abilities can be found in a detailed profile in the stats screen, so you can always take a look at them.

Now to combat itself. In combat situations you will be given a number of options that will be specially tailored for the powers of your choosen race (and which will only be available for this race) along a number of options that orient themself on your other skills. Based on your proficiency in the specific area will also give you more possibilities for combat. Basically, the more you train and hone your skills and abilities the more options you will get in combat situations. Though, it is important to note that not all the available options will have the same outcome. In combat you will have to think and adapt to the situation and your opponent to be able to pick the options that will most likely have the best outcomes.

Nah, the Titans aren’t that bad anymore nor are they interested in taking over the world. Well, at least not since the Dragon’s took over. They know that if they try to pull any of their old schemes they will probably get curbstomed into oblivion by Darius, Lyra and Co. . Also, they are actually on good Terms with the Dragon’s. You see, the Titans were the very first higher supernaturals who sided with the Dragon’s after they discovered their intentions of ridding the world from the other gods and deities. Especially the prospect of them destroying Olympus (what actually happened thanks to Feng), was enough for the Titans to join the eight in their war.

Aurelia and Mana were the ones who had the joy to deal with the Hindu Deities. Though, the Twins are extremly powerful if they fight together and are basically unstoppable, so they actually hadn’t that much of a trouble to deal with the deities.


If I may pose a question, do the different supernatural races have unique forms of government or do the species have a more nationalistic approach?

Umm, I’m sorry but I can’t fully understand what you are trying ask. Could you maybe try to rephrase your question a little?

I think the question he’s asking is, whether or not every race have their own type of government or do they all follow the same one?

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Sorry, allow me to clarify. For example do the Kitsune have a system of government different from Soulmancers or do the species operate like the real world in which inhabitants of a specific region have their own government?

So what you’re basically asking is:
Is the governments species based or regional based?

Yes, sorry if I’ve poorly phrased the question.

Don’t worry About it. I just needed a little clarification. But now to your question.

In the world of my story exist two forms of government. The first form are all the normal and known governments from around the globe. These governments are mainly led by human politicians, though in the last couple of decades supernatural politicians also managed to establish their presence in the political world. For example, the president of the United States in my story, Elana Whitmore, is a supernatural, a Lhoran to be more precisely.
The second governmental form though is a bit more unique. You see, there are several supernatural communities, dynasties and factions that reach partly back into the ancient centuries. Even in our modern times most of these factions still hold quite a lot of influence both in the supernatural as well as the human world. There are several diversive reasons for their still present influence, like unique forms of industry, trading monopolies or widely valued goods like clothing or food. Because of this the United Nations usually try to keep the relations between them and the various supernatural factions affable. To ensure this most of the supernatural factions have a representative who represents them and their interests before the UN.


Thanks for the info. :grinning: