Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)


I am assuming the duelist won a duel against King Arthur and can we learn a bit on archer bow and ancestor?


hmm that sound interesting tho i would need to know more about space time continuum to actually think up how effective Abyss magic would be in combat. tho gravity could prob be used to make a railgun out of anything like pick up a rock and send it toward the enemy a superhigh speed with gravity manipulation.


to be honest, id pick dragon just for the hand of the puppeteer trick cause i love magic that cause you to control something or someone


Looks like the dragon mc will be overpowered in the future.


Well that could take longer than you might think, since you would have to find Mana first and convince her to teach you some of her personal skills. Though since she loves her family dearly (her older sister Lyra in particular) I’m relatively sure that it wouldn’t take that much to convince her.

Probably, but it will take some time till they manage to master their inherited powers. I mean, we are talking about the powers of one of the strongest supernatural creatures in existence.


So…what your saying is…friendship is magic.


I what way is friendship involved in this?

Sure. Would you like a short overview or a more detailed insight like the other ancestors?


A short overview would be nice


Alright then, here you go.

Soul Weapon: Tauropolos (a sleek jet black western-style longbow with a length of 170 cm)
Ancestor: Atalanta
Title: The chaste Huntress
Intel: A famous huntress from the Ancient Greek legends known for her swift feet and incredible aim, who became famous after being the first one to drive an arrow into the Calydonian Boar during its extermination. She was also a member of the “Argonauts” and fought alongside the legendary hero Jason.


So what the combat ranking of the D.S.R agents in our team that we’re gonna be working with primary?


You mean how strong each of them is?

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Alright then, but I need to explain a little first.

You see, in the world of my story exists a unique ranking system for Supernaturals and their powers, the so-called “Bismarck Scale”. The Bismarck Scale is the universal power ranking system used by most governments and agencies around the globe since its has been proven to be the most effective and relieable one. The Scale is based on the idea of creating a detailed profile of a Supernatural consisting of all the available informations about their capabilities (like their natural attributes, skills, experiences and former training). These profiles will then be assigned a number between Zero and Ten, where Zero stands for “more or less powerless”, while ten stands for “almost godlike”. These tiers are supposed to be a perfect representation of a Supernaturals capabilities, and will constantly be updated. So if a Supernatural gets stronger their tier will rise and vice versa will sink if they (for whatever reason) lose some of their powers. The scale is very important for agencies like the D.S.R. because it helps them to determine the possible thread level of a rogue supernatural. The scale is also important if a Supernatural intends on joining one of the various special agencies. Most of them have a minimum tier which all of their agents must meet. For example, if you want to join the D.S.R. as a Agent you must be at least tier two, while the U.S.T. has a required tier of eight.

Now, the tiers of the MC and their fellow agents based on the Bismarck Scale are as follows:

MC: Tier 4
Chris: Tier 4
Lena: Tier 4
Jayce: Tier 5
Alex: Tier 4
Nick: Tier 3
Mia: Tier 2

By the way, there are actually several more tiers above tier ten, but these ones are reserved for the most powerful supernatural beings, like the Eight Elder Dragon’s or the main deities of the various godly pantheons (like Zeus, Odin or Amaterasu)


So the Mc will be able to ranked up as the story progresses?

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Yes, the more you train and hone your skills and natural abilities throughout the course of the story the higher your tier/rank will become.

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Pff, oh my, how cute. XD


Yes. Poor little Mia just barely managed to meet the needed requirements.


i don’t know if this question has been asked but will all the mc’s be comparable in strength or will the dragon mc be the strongest


It can’t be that bad I’m sure she’ll grow… Eventually.

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The different MC’s are more or less equal in terms of strength and power. Also, while the MC might have inherited the powers of a powerful Supernatural doesn’t mean that they share the same capabilities. I mean, the MC is still very young (for supernatural standarts at least) and their different ancestors have centuries if not even millenia of experience and training on their side. Experiences the MC clearly lacks. It will probably take years before the MC’s even get close to the capabilities of their ancestors.

Oh, I’m sure about that, but it might probably take some time. Also, she would definitely appreciate it if her friends would be there for her and support her on her mission to get stronger.