U.S. Supreme Court: Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal in All 50 States!


People, people.

This is happening. It’s real.

I never thought I’d see this day arrive so soon.

God Bless Friday, June 26, 2015.



I camped out on scotusblog.com so I would be one of the first people in the country (if only by seconds) to know about the ruling.

This is probably the biggest ruling since Bush v Gore fifteen years ago. Congrats to those folks who can now marry the person they’d like to marry.

And psssssst…marriage isn’t easy! But it’s worth it if you find the right person.


A proud day to be an American.


I know some people who will be upset about this.


I’m just going to wait for the internet to get all angry about this.

It is bound to happen :unamused:


Haha I know a lot of people on both sides unfriending each other on FB. Let the cleansing begin.

Oh and I would recommend to people: actually read the majority opinion if you can set aside an hour or two this weekend.


Yay for civil rights!

Now gays all over the country get to be just as miserable as all the heterosexual married couples!


Yea a good thing too think of the increase of money spendings would be for marriages and the state good for them


Marriage photographer’s business is about to boom.


The internet?!

My money’s on Texas seceding and civil war 2 starting, then Putin attacks in the confusion. But uh… if that actually turns out to happen, just don’t burn me at a stake or anything… :astonished:



[In all seriousness this is wonderful! Still a long road ahead for true equality but hey, at least now we can all walk it with someone we love.]


That would be a first maybe I the long run their maybe the first marriage in space even if it would be same sex or first marriage


I respect if individuals wish to get married over there (from the UK myself) but as someone who is straight and from a Christian background I am slightly concerned over whether Priests who don’t not wish to marry single sex couples will be forced to do so. It might seem slightly petty but it is still important that if an individual feels uncomfortable in that position of authority to preform such a occasion that their personal feelings be respected, so long as they aren’t outright attacking them for being who they are.

That’s my fifty cents anyway.


No church or anybody will be forced to marry anybody they don’t want to. Many Catholic churches won’t marry someone if they’re not catholic, and others won’t marry couples if they’re of different race. But there’s no shortage of places that will be more than happy to marry anybody if they want.


Welcome to 2015 and the rest of the world, took ya long enough


Or “SCOTUSCare” hah.


The ruling says that the GOVERNMENT cannot refuse marriages. Individual priests, I imagine, can do whatever they like. Same thing with the first amendment - The GOVERNMENT can’t silence you. Individuals can choose not to listen to you.


-Wakes up drowsy and confused-
What… what?
-reads comments-
It finally happened.
I need to read the news.
Why is it that I never read the news.
I keep missing all this important stuff.

Anyway. :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:
Woot! Finally. :smiley: One step closer to not arbitrarily keeping rights away from people.


No one is being forced to marry anyone that they don’t want to.

I do think it’s a subject you should read up on before voicing that sort of views, because those arguments are used to deny some very basic human rights. Being a Christian shouldn’t be used as an excuse to discriminate against others.

Marriage comes with so many legal protections. It’s wrong to deny those over what’s personal feelings. I’ve read too many horror stories of what can happen to couples without the protections provided by marriage. Here’s hoping that the change in the law will be a huge step forward.


I feel like this was way too much work.
As in there shouldn’t have been this much opposition to gay marriage.
Then again I don’t go out much so I don’t know much about politics.