Tyrany on the forums


So, i had a few topics closed down becsuse they asked about an old game, the reason given was essentialy “its not polite to ask where something is…find it yourself and if.you cant tough luck we dont care”

Its really not that great of a way to treat anyone…just because this is a site for and by authors does not mean this sort of blatant dis regard for the feelings of anyone who isnt an author is warranted. Besides i would have been fine if someone just politely asked me to remove it as long as they could provide a legitimate reason for doing so other than what seems to be the norm here “because we said so…dont like it? Leave we dont care”


The legitimate reason is because it’s against the forum rules, which are some of the first things you get pointed at when you create an account. (Which I believe was mentioned in all those cases.) They can be found here. One of the main rules is to be polite, no matter the circumstances, and to not revive threads of old (and most of the times abandoned) Work in Progres’s (WiP’s for short).


Here’s a tip: there’s a search icon on the top right, which brings up a forum or topic-wide search bar, depending on your preference. Try and search for a topic before you make a new one.

The forum doesn’t like spam and clutter. Asking questions and making new topics for every different thing is clutter. The moderators don’t have to be polite if it goes against forum rules.

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The problem here is, that the forum has a pretty good search function.
So spamming the forum with new topics instead of trying to search on your own is indeed distrubtive. It’s not tyranny to ask you to use the functions the forum gives you first. And also not tyranny to close a topic when it is obsolete and/or ansewerd. Also I don’t think this forum has the possebility to just delete threads, so closing is the only way to get rid of them.

But it is impolite to ask others to do the work for you when you yourself could do the search on your own.


I believe that on the threads that were shut down, a link was provided and a keyword given to help you out.

EDIT: I’m not saying people should randomly create threads, then expect to be given concise directions where to look next.


Your threads were mostly about a topic that was already there. Putting it all together helps kill spam. It’s not tyranny when Mods shut down posts that already have threads for themselves. They are just trying to keep this place happy and healthy.

Also, shutting down threads is almost the only way to get rid of them, and if a WiP is shut down, the original author can ask a mod to reopen it whenever.

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I just had someone gripe that another poster and I were posting in a three year old thread (about the same thing - not a WIP thread but a “confused about CS” thread.)


I think he thought you were still replying to him. But it’s alright, actually.


Tyranny??? There are a beautiful rule to reading before joining a forum. People just make an account and spamming stuff like crazy. I usually report some spam bots advertising stuff like weird android games. and was worse some years ago.
If there are already a thread about that game why you would create one new for confuse people? And asking for games that are death for years is just stupid and derail from the front games actually in construction.
Asking for updates is forbidden because some time ago people just were directly harassing some authors with hundreds of.
So no tyranny at all you agreed with them when you accept conditions in the join process and nobody obliged you to join.

Edit: I tried to be sarcastic not angry or something. I could put emotes or winks to make it clearer but i was lazy, lol. I am just saying read forum rules before joining something… :wink: :imp:


Yeah. I saw that. The forum rules are sometimes confusing, but it’s worse to clog up the threads by posting new threads than by nerco-ing old ones. Learned that the hard way :wink:.


Here is a solution that I saw a mod recommend:

If you really want to know if a wip is still being made just PM the author.


Oh man I knew this would be a negative and misunderstood topic from the moment I read the title :disappointed:

  1. The idea of finding something out yourself is to prevent clutter which can be a troublesome issue if the mods don’t keep a close eye onto it. Creating unnecessary clutter is against forum rules.

  2. Simple keywords will help you find the topic you need. Always look before you create a topic, somebody might have beaten you to the punch. Even the locked topics are still readable.

  3. Tyranny is a very strong word. The mods and admits are just people doing their job. They don’t mean or want to sound harsh, they’re just keeping order within the forum and after witnessing the flow of the forum for so long, you start to see that the direct and blunt approach is the best approach and gets the message across faster. Don’t take it personally, it’s just business.

I do hope this clears the air.


@Jaskn_King ty for asking though, this really helps shine the light on forum clutter and stuff.

But hey don’t beat yourself up we would still love to have you on the forums :blush:


First, because this didn’t get addressed:[quote=“Hanon_Ondricek, post:7, topic:15744”]
I just had someone gripe that another poster and I were posting in a three year old thread (about the same thing - not a WIP thread but a “confused about CS” thread.)
The don’t bring up old WIPs rule, only applies to old WIPs. Additionally, throwing the rules at someone is itself against the rules (to prevent the obvious, obnoxious and overly common ‘no you’re breaking the rules and I’m following them’ arguments which still alway happens).

If someone posts to say ‘don’t post in old threads’ in response to the obvious, that is also against the rules for many (but not all of) the same reasons posting in old WIPs is, as already covered above by other people, (i.e. clutter being the big one). If someone does it in something other than a WIP, they’re breaking the rules and they’re wrong, so go ahead and flag that.


[quote=“Nathan_Faxon, post:12, topic:15744”]
Tyranny is a very strong word. The mods and admits are just people doing their job.
[/quote]Job is a very strong word here. Remember, the mods aren’t employees of CoG, we’re just community members that have shown we have views roughly in line with CoG, the competency to do the necessary stuff, and ability to remain (relatively) polite while doing so. That said, the rest of your post is on point. We deal with the whole forum, from the regulars, to the complainers, to the one post accounts, to the sock puppets, to the spambots.

I (and the rest of the mods, although we each have our own way of handling things to some extent) try to remain as polite as I can be, while being certain that the point is understood, and not confused with extra information (because including too much information also makes people go weird). (No seriously, if I just flat explain things either I’d spend a week on each post, or someone reads something into/out of it that just isn’t right and something goes off worst than before.)

Additionally, whenever I post things about rules and what not, it’s for the community at large, and is generally not tailored to speak to any one individual (not even the individual that broke the rules). Unless I @ someone, play this on loop when reading anything that seems moderatory from me. (And even sometimes when I do @ someone.)

Now to what’s at hand, @Jaskn_King the forums tracks and tells me who has, and had not looked at the rules. Read them before you complain about them, and once you’ve read them, you should know not the break them. Not only that, you can even skim them because all the rules that aren’t just ‘don’t be a dick/no seriously don’t be a dick’ are in large bolded text.

As for your specific case: 1) Your first thread got closed because, as already mentioned there, here and like a couple other places: It’s against the rules, and it’s against the rules because of clutter, and while that really shouldn’t need explaining, I know someone isn’t going to understand, so to cut off the whole ‘I don’t get it’ ‘what don’t you get’ back and forth: Every time something old is at the top of the forum (i.e. a WIP not being worked on), something new isn’t (i.e. a WIP that is being worked on). We want the something new on the top, and the only way to do that is not let the something old be there. (yada yada, something borrowed, something blue, sorry, if I take this too seriously the annoyance of answering this for the umpteenth millionth time will get to me). (Plus, that’s only one side of the why, there’s a couple of other reasons for the same rule that didn’t even get mentioned.)

As for your second thread, its posts are now moved to the correct place (you titled the first one wrong and that’s what threw me). You need to work out your google-fu. Which actually is pretty much the answer to this whole thing, seriously work on your google-fu. I mean seriously your first title’s thread pulled up the right game on like the third one down. Use the search function. (And that’s why you should be playing this, because while applicable here, there’s a lot of users that need to be reminded of this.)

And Finally, Tyrany!? Srsly wot?
*Looks at delete thread, hide thread, flag thread, official warning, alter account privileges, and banhammer options.*

Oh and @poison_mara about what you were talking about sarcastic posting, this is where we remember our get out of jail free card: /jk

aka j.k. / j/k / ʞ/ɾ \ j̕/͝ķ / o͝h̦͈̱̦̭̖́ ̵̘g̲̺o̷̙̳͔̠̰d̶̖s̞̳̹ͅ ̶̹Í ͍̙͟t҉̹̤̟͉̮h͍̳͓̠i̢̹n̞̟̳̗̫k̼͍̣̙̰̩͎̀ ̰̞͕̩̫̻̙I̢ ͖͎̱b̷͖̖̼r̛͖ok̛̯͈̱̦̗̣͚e̸ ̳̗̰̳͟i͍̤̫̞t̬̩͙̘ͅ.̮