Two Player Gamebook

One of the sweet things about games in general is that they can be played with the people you love. In terms of gamebooks, there are a few experiments in this area coming from Great Britain (The Blood Sword Series, Clash of The Princes).

I know Hosted Games provides little restrictions on what is to be put out under the trademark, so there will be no problems with it.

My idea is, if the protagonist is supposed to have a partner throughout the adventure, why don’t make both of them playable? In the ideal case, a couple would gather together to play it. If not, a single reader could make the decisions on behalf of both characters.

The downsides? Well, it will no longer be a game in which YOU are the hero (which sounds good but it is rarely the case; please, don’t send the real ME to fight demons and vampires, please) but a couple of characters and it seems it must be written in third person (‘Lauren saw the dead body’, not ‘You saw the dead body’). Of course, there could be the usual level of customization that will increase replayability and you may be able to pretty much generate the character you want (choose whether Lauren should be a werewolf, a witch or a vampire).

Another - some of the decisions must be taken together. The one playing Lauren may decide whether she should turn into a werewolf but after the battle, both players should decide where to go together.

What would you guys say about it?

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This sounds awesome, but it might be very hard to execute. For example, what if one died and the other didn’t? What if one went left and the other went right? What if they didn’t want to have a relationship together? etc. Just something to think about it.

Well, the death of one of the characters would result in game over (and there should be a valid reason for this).

There might be parts in which the characters are separated but it would not be permanent. In other words, there are restrictions in every gamebook (I mean, you can only make decisions your defined by your character or by what the author thought about).

Yes, that’s true.