Twisted Scene (WIP), an 80s Liverpool Music Scene Story -- Chapter 4 Updated 06-15-23

Yeh, it can really spoil the mood. I did not want to give up this wip, tho, and luckily that new RO can replace G for me.

I will never understand blocking ROs for some readers in this way and forcing them to choose different MC’s gender if they want to romance RO.


While I understand your sentiment, I think in some cases it makes sense to limit a specific RO’s preference, especially when the game is set on a specific time period, keep in mind being gay had only been decriminalized by 1967 in the UK. I feel like it also helps with the overall immersiveness of each ROs romance. Weirdly enough I prefer a gender locked RO in some cases over a universal, but slightly shallower RO. I feel like, if done correctly id adds nuance and depth to each route, since RO’s general approach and attitude would be different according to MC’s gender. However, if the author can bring those serious topic without sacrivicing variety, I see no problem with having all ROs be pan/bi its just in most cases it is a load of work for the author.


How this helps with immersiveness? The other romances in TS promise to be interesting though ROs are not blocked because of sexual orientation.

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One of my favourite book ever. Everything is amazing… I romance Gia while listening to Cinema Paradiso OST and it made my whole week… Thank you so much…

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well i didn’t even read it the intro post before bc i got the link for the demo with a friend but THEN i came here and read it about gia. But as the other guy said it if wanted to be “rejected” by straight guys i would walk outside, it already sucks in real life, so imagine not being able to romance who you want in a fiction LMAO. But this IF is amazing anyways!! <33

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I think the same… i think i will never understand that not being possible an RO bc of your gender is more “immersiveness” and that it feels more “real”? its a Interactive Fiction, normally you would want people to INTERACT, not blocking them from this or that, idk just wondering.


Because the author wanted it, and they felt it was a part of their character. At the end of the day you should have just read the description first before reading. I don’t complain about not being able to romance a woman RO because shes lesbian because that’s her character, just find another RO you like and move on, and if you cant thats not the authors problem.


Very cool story.

why are you being rude? i was just exposing my opinion, i didn’t threat the author or forced them to do anything lmao, in the end this is THEIR story, i know that, but as you post your story to public, people will have things to say right? chill man.

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Me saying that’s how the author wanted it and to find another RO you like is not rude lol.


Oh my GOD. I didn’t know I wanted a CoG story like this until I saw that it exists. Keep this story rolling!


Just finished my first play through, and I think there was too much “flashback” content. While such scenes are fine for storytelling, they are frustrating for CYOAs because you know your decisions don’t affect what happens. Playing pre-fight scenes with Paula or talking to Gia pre-band split is just going through the motions. We know what will happen, and we know our decisions do nothing to change that. That’s not how people should feel, especially for such a significant portion of the experience.

Songwriting was…fantastic. At least I think it was. I’m not sure how I did. Once I went against personality to suit the song, but I mainly stayed true to character. I am looking forward to seeing how those decisions panned out, kinda reminds me of Hollywood Visionary.


I haven’t played a demo in years, but this one really hooked me. Your characters are really interesting-- I want to learn more about our sister. The personality system feels really vibrant! Idk, I just enjoyed it a lot. I’ll be playing again. Thank you!


Just dropping in and showing my love. Eagerly anticipating the next update!


I cannot believe I put off playing this for so long because “it wasn’t really for me”. What. A. Story!!! Ugh. Honestly completely for this Paul drama-- gonna be thinking about that angry gremlin a lot mate.


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