Twisted Rise [WIP][UPDATE 03/09/2019]

Howdy dudes,

It’s my first game, so please excuse my lack of writing skills :sweat_smile:

Yes, you live in a world of Heroes, Vigilantes, and Villains. They are real. Many years ago a meteor beaming with cosmic energies crash landed on Earth, dissolving itself into it. Weeks later people started manifesting special abilities all over the globe. Now years later it is not uncommon to see super humans among average citizens. Around 35% of the population possesses abilities.

You are a 20 year old student, on their way to the Special Rise Hero Academy. This is where you will learn to control your power, and learn new skills. Make your way through the learning life, make friends, find love, or just reject it and be a lone wolf. Will you be able to keep the promise you once made? Or will you be seduced by Power?

He is still out there, waiting for his next prey. Will you hunt him down for what he did? Or will you be hunted by something bigger than you know?


Currently has prologue and around 40% of chapter 1.

  • Play as male or female
  • Be the Hero THEY always wanted, or be something more
  • Find friendship, romance or rivalry with your fellow mates
  • Kill those who oppose you, or show them mercy

Chris Barnes {Ember Blaze} :- Chris has been your friend since childhood. Together you two have been on many adventures, good and bad alike. He has joined the Special Rise Hero Academy with you as a hero in training. Standing at 6’3, lean muscular build with tan skin, cheerful hazel eyes, dark brown lumberjack beard and shoulder length messy dark brown hair. He is the most laid back person you know, funny, determined and a complete man child. He has the ability to create fire and bend it to his will.

Bryce Jones {Lightning Bolt} :- Bryce Jones is one of the more experienced Supers, due to her being 28 and has been doing this for a good couple of years. She stands at an average height of 5’7, hourglass curvy build, with light green eye, auburn shoulder length hair and pale skin. She is a registered Super, who is naturally very caring, kind and funny. She is a local hero, less popular as compared to other Supers. She can conjure lightning bolts from her hand and can fry the insides of a person by coursing lightning through their bodies.


Chapter 1 extended
Physical attributes now available.

2 RO Info added to the OP.

Chapter 1 Extended
Stats now available.
Name and gender available.

Demo Released!

What I want from you:

  • report any bugs
  • any suggestions
  • grammar mistakes

Love the name of the school “Special Rise Hero Academy” :0


Interesting ideas, curious to see where this goes.
Meanwhile, caught a few typos:

Weild godly weapons or creat them yourself,

Wield, create

A bead of sweat runs down the side of the Agents head,


But he can’t help feel that this maybe the last time he’ll every see that much cosmic energy again.

may be, ever

Zandix still grinnng replies, "Ofcourse, ofcourse, whatever you say Captain.

grinning, Of course, of course

Things weren’t always this exicitng.


it was gone, dissovled in the ground.


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I love it!


Waiting for his* next prey

there should stand “their way”*. Because if you can play as female, male or NB you should use neutral pronouncements when talking of the MC. Otherwise it could bother people who don’t play male.

“The chair a little small to perfectly fit he’s* huge muscular frame.”


I already like the premise. I love super heros, supernatural and School stuff.

I second @Rosencrantz. This has caught my certainly interest. In addition to they typos they caught, there’s also:

“lipping from one place to another”
Pretty sure you meant “leaping”.

I don’t think this could be called a demo quite yet. So far there are no stats and no choices for the player to make. I look forward to Twisted Rise being fleshed out.

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The Hero When you’re making this story make sure to focus on the small thing that would make someone a said hero. Yeah, big battle sequences are cool and fighting villains but that should be the icing on the cake. What truly makes someone a superhero is the good they do for the community, not just fighting the “bad” guy in the story.

The Villain As me and you have talked about. The Villain is not really a “bad” guy, just someone who makes bad decisions because he feels what he is doing is right. You want to do your best not to make your villain generic and give him proper motivation other than just being the “bad” guy of the story. A good villain makes a good superhero in a story.

Just as the hero goes on the hero journey, the villain also has his own hero journey that he must go on to. ex. Thanos.

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@Rosencrantz Thank you. I’ll amend them as soon as I can

@Bizimo Really appreciate it dude. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

@SamCornick Thank you for the feedback

@Jaylond_Figures You have been really helpful my friend

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are the characters we see in the prologue aliens?

@Jaylond_Figures Yes they are. They wanted the meteor, but couldn’t get it. Now they have to think of something.

big universe i see.

I like it can’t wait for more


Continuing the discussion from Twisted Rise [WIP] [27/05/2019]:

Love it can’t wait for a update :grinning:


I really like superhero school games.
What powers will we be able to have?
Its a bit difficult to read with the dialogue in the middle of paragraphs.


@DeeFlavored all I can say now is that, your “Hero” will have Gravity Manipulation powers, without spoiling anything.

And I’ll try to make the dialogues more readable :grin:

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I’m interested~ Can’t wait for the update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m interested


this definitely seems interesting, cant wait to see more

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This really give me an Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia vibe going on.


I did take inspiration from it for most parts