Twisted Gold (WIP)

Still reading, but I just got back to the Inn after having my coinpurse stolen, and Rhene and Rory approached me acting like it’s the first time I’ve met them, very similarly to when they met me before the bath the night before.


Thanks! ^~^, as of right now there isn’t a poly route planned, the only one I could see working is with Lyle and August and Mc, but I need more time to explore their dynamic before I make any decisions one way or the other.

Will fix these right away.

Had a few comments like this, I wanted to not have them react with too much familiarity, but I’ll add some changes to show more recognition especially for those who have spoken more in-depth as well as adjusting the capital question’s wording for those who have already touched on the topic.

Thanks so much for the feedback and reading!


chose to be charming/playful, but the polite part shows up

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Fixed lol

Question. Do you have any idea what the stats are gonna be or are you still working on that?

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I’m not remotely sure what I want stats to be outside of the current personality stats on display. I do not see much point in a combat/magic stat as the mc begins with a fairly impressive level of training and will see natural progression throughout the story. Aside from something like charisma and stealth I don’t see a whole lot of use and even with the aforementioned I don’t have anything planned that would make them necessary. Twisted Gold isn’t really a stat based game at the moment, but if anyone has ideas for some stats they might like to see in-game I’m certainly open to adding some.

Not having combat/magic stats is subject to change but unlikely due to the structure of the story.


I enjoyed it so far!!

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Great story so far
I just have a question.
What happens if you reject the siblings at the end?
Do they follow you without you knowing? or they’re not in the story anymore?

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Thanks! I’m happy to hear it! :grin:

You will see them again, fairly soon in fact. I do not have the wherewithal to have dismissible companions lol.


Im fine with keeping the magic/combat stats out as it’s mostly a cliche, where the MC is already experienced.

However, I’d like to advocate for a mental health stat, one where we see our progress as we continue through the story and choose option which can affect our mental health positively/negatively. Perhaps, when one strays to one extreme of said stat, you can employ a ‘mental state’ that unlocks, and which will force the MC to act according to the ‘mental state’ in certain situations based on the circumstances.


Ahhhhh I am really enjoying this! Just wanted to pop in and say GREAT JOB, really like the world and characters, can’t wait to read more! Cheers :heart:

Ps. I just noticed something, apologies if you are already aware…did you realize that saves get deleted if you leave the site then come back? I thought maybe you had updated while I was away and that’s why my save was erased, but it has happened a couple of times now.

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That’s a really great idea, I have something similar in place already With the panic attacks but a more indepth system for mental health would be an almost necessary step to giving players agency over how well the player learns to (or doesn’t) cope with their existing trauma and that which is yet to come. As for the last bit, I absolutely cannot offer comment at this time x.x

Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear and I’m really glad you enjoyed.

As for the saves, I have no control over them other than the line of code to enable them. I did update frequently with small fixes for a week or so after release but saves would only break upon changing variables (which I didn’t do). The only thing I could think of is if your browsers cookies were set to automatically delete as that’s where (i believe) the save data is stored.

On another note, I have mentioned that I am unhappy with the current state of a lot of the choices and want to implement a consistent basis for them. Currently almost all of them are in 2nd person, but I feel there are areas where that doesn’t work as well as first, and I feel that there are choices that wouldn’t work the same way in first.

So here’s a poll I guess. If it works lol.

  • Choices in first person perspective with no deviation
  • Choices in second person perspective with no deviation (current build)
  • Choices in first person with some deviation (choices such as the customization will remain as is)
  • Choices in second person with some deviation (unsure exactly how this will look, likely it will be the least professional with its switches)
  • Other Suggestion (comment on this post)

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Thanks again to those of you who have read and commented, I hope you enjoy and I’ll bring more as soon as I’m able.


This was well good, and super well written. I’m excited to see where this goes, and by God do I love our new friend that we made at the bandit camp.

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Thank you so much! Your praise is incredibly nice to hear. I’m happy you love the calasso and he loves you just as much!
–also if I could take only one quote to tell somebody; it would be “this was well good” ^~^

A bit of a progress report: I’m working away at the two main paths for the majority of chapter two and at my currents rate it should be somewhere between 20-30 days before it’s finished, I’ll take about a week to look it over and make changes and then it’ll be ready for release.

I’d like to thank everybody who has read for their interest in the story and hope I can deliver an even better experience through chapter two. If anybody has any suggestions or hopes for chapter two and beyond, as always I am more than happy to hear them!

Good day to everyone and I hope to see you soon.


Progress update: The bit I was working on as of previous post ended up getting quite a bit bigger than I expected it to, as such projected release for chapter two is now late-may to mid june. It should end up being about the same size a chapter one.

This is also the chapter where you meet the other two -three? >:) RO’s.


Awesome! This is one of my most enjoyed and anticipated WIPS! Looking forward to chapter 2!

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:flushed: thanks…